Tao of Badass Review – Updated 2014

Posted By: on May 02,2014
What is Tao of Badass? You may be saying, “What in the world is Tao of Badass?” In this review we’ll break it down for you. We’ll tell you about this program, designed by Joshua Pellicer, and we’ll provide you with the information to decide whether or not Tao of Badass is the key to transforming your relationships with women--and your entire life. First, ask yourself these two…[+] Read More »

Married and Flirting: Harmless Fun or Recipe for Disaster?

The issue of flirting while you are married is pretty controversial. Some relationship coaches say that people who are married and flirting are disrespecting their partner and stealing attention from their spouse. Others say that married flirting is harmless fun that can even help a marriage thrive and boost self esteem. (more…)[+] Read More »

14 Signs a Girl is Interested in You

For most men, girls are elusive creatures and figuring out if a girl is interested seems impossible. Does she really want you? Is she just being polite? Or is she just teasing you? But girls actually give off some pretty surefire signs they are interested in you. By decoding these signs of attraction, you will be able to pick up any girl and decide which girls are worth pursuing. (more…)[+] Read More »

How to Meet Girls in a New City

Moving to a new city is stressful, disorienting, and a bit lonely. To solve these problems, you’ll want to meet some cute local girls. Who better to keep you company while showing you the sites? Here is everything you need to know to meet girls in a new city. (more…)[+] Read More »

Breakup Advice for Guys: Get Over Her and Get On with Your Life

Breakups suck. Even if you were the one who initiated the breakup, it can still be agonizing, incredibly lonely, and flip your world upside down.  What’s worse is that we men are supposed to be steely-eyed and emotionless, so you can’t even show your grief without getting some sarcastic reply or being told to “man up.” (more…)[+] Read More »

Dating in New York: Facts and Figures Every Woman Needs to Know

Here in New York City, we do things a bit differently and play by our own rules. The same applies to dating in New York, where the rules of the games are so complex and ever-changing that an entire hit TV series was spawned based on the topic. Unfortunately, dating in New York isn’t always as entertaining or glamorous as Carrie Bradshaw made it seem. If you are a woman, alone, and frustrated with the dating scene, just keep these…[+] Read More »