Tao of Badass Review – Updated 2014

Posted By: on May 02,2014
What is Tao of Badass? You may be saying, “What in the world is Tao of Badass?” In this review we’ll break it down for you. We’ll tell you about this program, designed by Joshua Pellicer, and we’ll provide you with the information to decide whether or not Tao of Badass is the key to transforming your relationships with women--and your entire life. First, ask yourself these two…[+] Read More »

How to Define the Relationship – DTR

You’ve been seeing a girl for a week.  Then you bump into a group of her friends and she casually introduces you as her “boyfriend.” What!?!  When did you become her boyfriend?  And, what is expected of you now that she considers you her boyfriend? These scary situations can be avoided if you DTR – define the relationship. (more…)[+] Read More »

How to Set Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

When we talk about healthy relationships, we tend to talk about aspects like love, respect, communication, and working together. None of these things are possible without setting boundaries in a relationship. (more…)[+] Read More »

Why You Can’t Get a Girlfriend: The Sad Truth

One of the biggest complaints questions we hear from men is “why can’t I get a girlfriend.” Trust us: it isn’t the girls – It is you.   If you can’t get a girlfriend, then one or all of the following reasons probably apply. (more…)[+] Read More »

Are You Stuck in a Cycle of Unhealthy Relationships?

It may be difficult to define what is a healthy relationship, but we can usually see the signs of unhealthy relationships. They are the relationships that literally feel like they are sucking the life out of you, make you feel guilty and resentful, and don’t allow room for personal growth. Even when you realize you are in an unhealthy relationships, you somehow find yourself stuck. You might break off the current unhealthy relationship, but just enter into another toxic relationship…[+] Read More »

How to Make a Girl Cum with Your Mouth

A lot of guys think that oral sex on women – aka cunnilingus or eating pussy -- involves nothing more than plunging your tongue into her vagina and wiggling it around a bit. But, if you want to make a girl cum with oral sex, it takes some skill. Oral sex is actually a much more consistent way of making a girl cum than your dick. This is because your cock only touches inside of her, and the most sensitive…[+] Read More »