EXPOSED: Kevin Hart Supplements are 2-Step Shortcut that Shockingly Transforms Fat into Muscle

At 5'4" Kevin Hart knows what it feels like to be made fun of because of his size.  People cracked jokes about him behind his back and to his face because he was unable to defend himself.  Although he walked around with a smile on his face, he wasn't comfortable in his own skin. That is until the Superstar added a cool 20 pounds of lean muscle to his body. "Alright, Alright, Alright guys, I think its funny that everyone…[+]

Triple H Supplements Changed the WWE FOREVER and It Can Change Your Life Forever Too

Triple H has won over 23 championships in WWE. He appeared in movies including Pacific Blue, Blade Trinity, and Inside and Out looking fit, but during the past 2 years, Triple H has added 125 pounds to his bench press, 220 pounds to his box squat, 22 inches to his box jump and become more healthier ever before. But how does a professional athlete get become bigger, stronger, and more cut pushing 50 years old than he ever was during his 20's and 30's?…[+]

Push Your Body to it’s Peak with LL Cool J Supplements

LL Cool J is one of the most athletic and toned rappers around, and knocking on 50's door, he is proof that it's easier than ever to stay in shape as you get older - that is, with a little help of course. LL Cool J stands for “Ladies Love Cool James” and he certainly ensures that he keeps the ladies interested by looking muscular and toned. Being one of the most successful and famous entertainers in the game today,…[+]

Should the Ronda Rousey Supplements Be BANNED? Or Are They Just Really Good?

Posted By: on July 12,2016
(PIOP) -- UFC's Ronda Rousey gave a confusing response Sunday when asked to explain allegations that a clinic sent UFC-banned performance-enhancing drugs to her house, first calling the reports "complete trash" and then going on to explain the supplements she did use. While denying using HGH, she's admitting to using supplements that the UFC is considering adding to the list of prohibited substances starting next year. Find Out More About Ronda Rousey Supplements: ‘Growth Factors’ Boost Muscle Growth 600% vs.…[+]
Posted By: on July 11,2016
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