Get Spartan Abs with the Gerard Butler Supplements

PIOP- It's been a while since Gerard Butler and his men stood up against the Persian Empire as King Leonidas in 300, but we all remember the chiseled, flawless body the Spartan Warrior King and every single one of his soldiers had. There were a bunch of rumors speculating how the Spartan Actors got so ripped so quickly, so we decided to do a bit of investigating. In order to find out the inside scoop about what secrets Gerard Butler was keeping to himself we…[+]

Daniel Craig Workout Plan for James Bond Spectre

Daniel Craig, most known as James Bond, has become a fitness symbol all around the world.  None of the other 007's have ever been able to keep a lean fit body like Daniel Craig has. To build a muscular physique Daniel Craig had to push himself to the limits.  A daily routine was setup and a variety of exercises were inserted everyday.  At the beginning of the workout sessions he would do warm up exercises such as rowing to help…[+]

Hugh Jackman Workout Plan for Wolverine

Hugh Jackman got his body and strength to another level at an age that most men are slowing down. PIOP asked him what happened and he was kind enough to answer. Wolverine is a badass.  There's no doubt about that.  The only person possibly to play the role of a badass like that is Hugh Jackman.  And he only got better as time went on.  He is a picture of him at 31 and then at 44. Can't forget to mention…[+]

NFL Is Taking a Closer Look at the Russell Wilson Supplements Seattle Seahawks Star Uses to Bulk During the Off-Season

We all wish we had the body of a professional athlete.  They are lean, strong, and of course athletic.  Super Bowl winning Quarterback Russell Wilson is all of that and more, but after recent photos surfaced of the Seattle Seahawks Star looking JACKED at training camp, there has been some suspicion into his use of performance enhancing supplements. We caught up with Russell after practice last week and he put an end to all the speculation stating, "You can test…[+]
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Chris Pratt Workout Plan for Guardians of the Galaxy

Growing up Chris Pratt was the marshmallowy kind of actor.  Very soft, easily intimidated type.  Now we are seeing him in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy.  What changed?  He got shredded. The most eye shocking transformation was losing 60bs of fat in such a short period of time.  He calculated a healthy strict diet, stacked two all-natural supplements, and put together an intense training regimen that obviously chiseled his body into an amazing physique. Chris Pratt's athleticism was greater than expected,…[+]