How To Find That Person You Want To Have An Exclusive Relationship With

Seeing reality TV shows such as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette still going strong, as a culture, we have turned the search for true love into a competition, entertainment, and a game. But, what really we need to know about what actually happened after the two people found each other. We need to follow the stories and examples of other successful couples of what it takes to make love last in the long-term.  We need to know how they stay…[+]

Get Out From Your Relationship If You See These 3 Signs

Most people have a sense of what a toxic or dysfunctional relationship feels like. But, sometimes it can be challenging to recognize those signs when they surface in your relationship for the first time, even for couples who have already been in romantic relationships in the past. In any relationship, there are two main components, physical attraction, and chemistry. But, a romantic relationship is more than just physical attraction and chemistry. Real and sincere relationships inspire joy and are everlasting.…[+]

9 Worst Lies Women Ever Told Their Husbands

We all tell lies, even the very best of us. If someone says that they are 100 percent honest in their relationships or marriages, they are lying 100 percent of the time. We can’t be saints, and sometimes telling lies is beneficial for the relationship. Just like women also lie in their relationships. We asked some women to tell us what the worst lies they told to their husbands are. Here are nine of the worst and in some cases,…[+]

Myths About Intimacy That Keep You From Being Close To Her

When people talk about intimacy in a romantic relationship most of us think is intimacy in your life is all about finding someone with whom we can have a close relationship with. What if we tell that couples have not been able to have intimacy in their relationship despite the fact that they have found the right lover, partner, or spouse? What if we tell you to establish real intimacy in your relationship, you have to be intimate with yourself…[+]

What Makes A Woman Attractive To Men Besides Her Looks?

Let’s make one thing clear: looks matter. If a guy says that he doesn’t care much about a woman’s looks while looking for a partner, he’s lying. They all do, and some care way more about them than they should. However, it’s not always about looks for men. Believe it or not, men do care about things other than looks. In fact, some of the sexiest and beautiful women are single because they have failed to keep a man interested…[+]