LEAKED: Joe Rogan Supplements – From Host to Fighter, But Will This New Product Be Banned by the UFC?

Posted By: on May 22,2016
(PIOP) - 44 year old Joe Rogan is proving fear is no factor for him as he revealed he will be stepping into the Octagon at UFC 200 - only this time he will be fighting! Despite training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai for a decade, critics have legitimate concerns about the 44 year old 5'8", 190-pound Rogan. The UFC has changed dramatically since 46-year-old Couture stunned Tim Sylvia to win the UFC heavyweight championship. Rogan will have a…[+]

14 Signs a Girl is Interested in You

Posted By: on May 21,2016
For most men, girls are elusive creatures and figuring out if a girl is interested seems impossible. Does she really want you? Is she just being polite? Or is she just teasing you? But girls actually give off some pretty surefire signs they are interested in you. By decoding these signs of attraction, you will be able to pick up any girl and decide which girls are worth pursuing. Learning the Signs a Girl is Interested The signs of attraction…[+]
Tom Hardy diet plan

HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: A Deeper look into the Tom Hardy Supplements he Uses to get Jacked Fast for Movie Roles

Posted By: on May 21,2016
(PIOP) - Tom Hardy is a THE MAN. There's no denying it. He may have got in MMA fighter-shape for Warrior, and bulked up to play Batman's arch nemesis Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, but British actor Tom Hardy's latest role was arguably his most challenging yet – taking on the iconic title role in Mad Max: Fury Road. In order to prepare for the role Hardy hired Celebrity fitness trainer David Kingsbury. We recently got the chance to…[+]

REVEALED Blake Shelton Supplements: Gwen Stefani and her New Man Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other, but it Wasn’t Always That Way…

Posted By: on May 21,2016
(PIOP) - We always wondered how Blake Shelton managed to lock up one of the sexiest women in Hollywood Gwen Stefani and now we know! Gwen recently admitted that the pair clicked the moment they met, but she wasn't really attracted to the overweight country star physically. Blake took the news to heart and hired celebrity fitness trainer David Kingsbury to help him get back in shape. 4 weeks later, Blake had lost over 30 pounds that's to a trick…[+]

What Your Favorite Beard Says About You, Because Scruff And Mountain Man Beards Mean Totally Different Things

Posted By: on May 17,2016
Beards have started to have a life and their own personality just like as much as a handbag or a pair of shoes. Let's think a bit about it: would you ever mix up your Adidas with your Manolos? Or confuse your YSL for your Balenciaga? I don't think so. That's why when we talk about beards, and the men and women who love them, we have to differentiate. Have you ever thought about what your favorite beard says about…[+]