Tao of Badass Review – Updated 2014

Posted By: on May 02,2014
What is Tao of Badass? You may be saying, “What in the world is Tao of Badass?” In this review we’ll break it down for you. We’ll tell you about this program, designed by Joshua Pellicer, and we’ll provide you with the information to decide whether or not Tao of Badass is the key to transforming your relationships with women--and your entire life. First, ask yourself these two…[+] Read More »

The Underlying Theme of the Best Dating Questions for a First Date

Posted By: on March 16,2015
There's no doubt that dating can be very stressful, especially the first date. Anxiety is totally normal to experience prior to a first date with someone that you've taken interest in, as the outcome is never really certain. It could end up going very well and be the start of a new great thing, or it could end pretty poorly. One thing is for certain though, if you equip yourself with some solid dating knowledge and tips, the likelihood of…[+] Read More »

Creative Anniversary Ideas and Love Advice for Men

Posted By: on March 10,2015
The anniversary is the time in which a couple, whether married or dating, ultimately celebrates their relationship. For most people, this entails the usual dinner and a movie, and some exchanging of gifts. This year you may be looking to do something different however and want to really impress your woman with a creative anniversary celebration. This article will shine some light on creative anniversary ideas that will certainly ignite the spark in your relationship. If you want some real…[+] Read More »

Succeed In Dating a Beautiful Woman with These Creative First Date Ideas

Posted By: on March 04,2015
The key to dating a beautiful woman and winning her over is being a little creative in the planning process. Most men don't go beyond the typical "dinner and a movie" approach to the first date, and while that can be fun and all, if you really want to woo the girl you like, show her something new! You want to separate yourself from all the other guys out there. This list will help you consider some less-common dating ideas…[+] Read More »

A Game For Falling In Love: The Love Game

Can a game help us fall in love? You’d be shocked by the results people are getting by playing The Love Game. Initially designed to help people fall in love, it is also a pretty good way to get to know someone on an intimate level that would normally take years to do. Turn your clumsy, exhausting conversation into a life-changing discussion. Get the other person you're playing with to start to fall in love with you, deeper & faster.…[+] Read More »

Relationship Advice for Guys Looking to Brush up on Their Dating Skills

That first date can be pretty stressful when you're not too sure of what you're doing. Any worthwhile relationship advice for guys should take into account the dating process, which is the critical point at which you and a girl really get to know each other, and see if you're compatible. Some men feel like girls are too mysterious and hard to figure out, or tough to please; The truth is, with a little know-how and some planning, you'll find…[+] Read More »