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Compromising Too Much In Your Relationship Is Bad For You

Let’s start by saying that communication and compromise are the two most essential and unavoidable elements in any relationship. These two items should be at the core of the foundation for a fruitful and loving relationship. But there’s a big difference between compromising yourself to make your significant other love you more and fully changing yourself into someone else all together.

When you’re dating or in a relationship, we all have to compromise at times such as missing your favorite game to meet up with your sister, or spending time with your girlfriend instead of hanging out at the bar with your childhood friends. We all sometimes, give up your preferences for those you love and care about. It’s also the same when it comes to romantic relationships, but there must be a balance. But what happens when a simple compromise negatively affects who you are and what makes you – YOU?

We find other people interesting because they’re different. Your uniqueness is what makes you fun and exciting. And while looking for a girlfriend, this is exactly what a lot of men are looking for. They want to date someone who will challenge them and encourage them to get out from their comfort zones and do something beyond their everyday tasks. In a healthy, committed relationship, every man and woman should be and feel open to explore the interests of their partners. It shows their real devotion to that person, and actively demonstrating that you love and care for them. It means reading her favorite book, cooking her favorite food, or going to a concert or a restaurant of her choice, and just doing all the usual things in life together.

If you realize that your significant other isn’t fully supportive of your own hobbies or interests; take it as a big red flag in your relationship. Sure, she might not like photography or shopping as much as you do, but if she genuinely loves you, she’ll support those passions, regardless. She understands that these passions are what give you life, makes you feel alive and happy. So, she won’t take it away from you, nor will she make any attempts to change them.

Pause for a few moments and think how much you’ve changed for her compared to what she’s sacrificed for you. Do believe that you’ve compromised more than her? If yes, get out and fast. Your love interest should be falling in love with you. You shouldn’t turn into someone that she wants you to be. In situations like these, it's easy to make up excuses and say things like she would come hiking with me, or that’s really not her thing, but she didn’t spend time with you over the weekend.

Of course, there might be some very legitimate reasons like she was busy working that weekend or was visiting her parents. Nonetheless, it’s up to you to determine where things are crossing the line too often. For instance, if you dislike spicy food, don't force yourself eating it on the weekends just because your girlfriend enjoys eating it or is her favorite food. If you feel uncomfortable hanging out with her girlfriends in a bar or club setting, don't feel pressured to be there. These are some examples, but you get the idea.

In dating and relationships, not every love is meant to be. If your girlfriend doesn’t desire you the way you are and in entirety, let her go. She wasn’t yours anyway.

The Psychology Behind How To Get A Girl To Like You

Apart from traditional stereotypes, women, after all, aren’t that complicated. Things become surprisingly simple if you know the psychology behind it. The psychology of attracting women has long been said to be something difficult, if not impossible to decode. Ladies, sooner or later, change their minds frequently. This is easily noticeable as they say one thing one minute and then something different after a while. Most men treat women like enigmas. We feel perplexed by their actions.

Nonetheless, the psychology of attracting women is rather simple. And there is two simple things you need to do: A) How to get inside their heads; B) Pay attention.

The Thought Process of Women
The way women think is different from men is because many of their actions are driven by their innate desire never to get or be hurt. This way of thinking, sometimes, causes them to act or behave irrationally or make assumptions that might seem unfair to many. But, unfortunately, this is part of the dating game. Nevertheless, the primary psychology of attracting girls isn’t complicated as we have been all our lives. The reason is that women aren't as complicated as previously conceived. And that’s the truth. When you get to know women at a deeper level, you will see most women want the same five simple things. These are:

    1. 1. Women want adventure.


    1. 2. Women want respect.


    1. 3. Women want commitment.


    1. 4. Women want the freedom of choice – this includes they want to make their choices like watching a movie they like or career options.


    5. Women want to be equals — they want to be partners, not parents.

Two Things That Are Unattractive To Women
If you want to understand the psychology of attracting women, you should know what doesn’t attract them. This step is mostly important on your first date. If your first date sucks, it’s highly likely that you won’t have the second date. Also, most first dates fail because guys are oblivious that three things which they think are attractive are big turnoffs for most young and mature women. So, the next you’re on a date, stay away from them:

We understand you want to impress your date, but if you overly brag to a woman, she will think that you’re either arrogant or insecure. Both are a major turnoff for the ladies. But, that doesn’t mean you can't tell your date that you were a valedictorian or that you've been the employee of the month for six months straight.

Being High and Mighty and sexist: You may be rich, talented, and successful, but this doesn't give the right to treat others like somehow they’re beneath you. They aren’t beneath you. You date will surely pay attention to how you treat the waiters when you take her for a dinner date. If you are rude to them or leave a crappy tip, remember your date will notice it. And that’s not a good sign. Another thing that offends a lot of women is when they find that the man they’re dating is sexist. So, if you want to be attracted to a woman, don’t be a true chauvinist.

Confidence Is Key
While looking for a partner, the last thing you need to know about the psychology of attracting women is confidence. Confidence is the key to make or break a relationship. The reason for this is because women want a guy who isn't afraid to take control and make important decisions in the relationship.

The Main Reason Why You Weren’t In A Healthy Relationship Until Now

So, you’re in a relationship, and you still seem to be wondering about the status of your relationship. If you think that you aren’t in a healthy relationship, we would like to ask you the following questions “Are you happy with yourself? Are you displeased, dissatisfied, or uncomfortable with your partner?” If yes, then it’s time to put your dating life on hold for a while, and take crucial steps to ensure that your next romantic relationship is the happiest, healthiest, and most satisfying one you’ve ever had.

You might be asking what might be the reason. The reason is simple; if you don’t have productive or positive feelings about yourself and the relationship as a whole, dating becomes dull, fruitless, futile, and somewhat dangerous to your health and well-being. This isn’t some relationship theory or speculation; it’s a scientific truth. At some point in your relationship, if you’ve had an epiphany where you realized that your perception of yourself is not positive, it’s for the best that you avoid dating altogether and focus entirely on yourself.

So, the question is how long you will be to wait before you start dating again? How can you focus on yourself? Fortunately, if you make focusing on yourself a priority, you don’t have to wait for a long time at all to get serious about dating again.

Begin by pausing for a moment, and ask yourself: “Am I happy? How can I be happier?” Some of your possible responses might be, “I’ll be happy if I lose 30 pounds”, or, “I’ll be happy if I get that new job,” or, “I’ll be happy if I get that promotion.” This may sound like it will make you happy, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The main thing is happiness doesn’t come from anything that’s outside of you, including a relationship. Your happiness and joy come from within. All of those external, materialistic elements can be gone or taken away at the snap of a finger. And when that happens, we hope it doesn’t; what you’re left with? It’s only YOU. Just you!

Therefore, think for a moment, and ask yourself, whether you enough to make yourself happy? If no, then we can safely tell you that nothing else will work for you. Listen carefully, at certain times, you might feel overwhelmed by the weight of your struggles and pain, and this is totally normal. This is what most people don’t realize. When you don’t make “peace” with it, you tend to seek refuge from those struggles and pain through external things. But, in the end, you’ll realize that it’s only an illusion. You actually never escaped or managed to resolve them. This can be particularly toxic if you’re trying to fill that void in your life with a relationship. This is one of the reasons why we can’t help ourselves from dating people who are in the similar situation like us.

While looking for a partner, your mind will unconsciously always seek out a partner who will mirror and affirms to negative and fruitless feelings. And consciously, we feel “comfortable” around that person, but not in true sense. We think they’ll make us happy, but in the real world, this kind of relationships will only make the hole in your life to get bigger and bigger. But, the good news is; once you work to be happy with yourself, you’ll only attract men and women who will make you happier in the future.

Do Not Treat Your Wife or Girlfriend As Your Equal. Here’s Why

If you’re in a relationship or married for a while, you probably said things like, “Why can’t she just understand how irrational she’s being?”, “How could she do that to me?”, “Why can’t she just tell me what she wants?” and so on and so forth. Statements like these are pretty common, and they’re good indicators of the typical mistakes most men make. Let’s make one thing very clear: Your wife or girlfriend is not your equal and expecting her to be your equal will only make your relationship miserable.

So, what’s wrong with asking your partner to be as your “equal”?

First, let’s clear up a common concern. We’re in no way talking about equality. There is nothing debatable about the equality of any two individuals. The thing is a woman’s personal experience at every phase of her growth is different than a man. Her social, societal priorities and parental values are different. There is no disagreement that men and women are equal, but they are not the same. Equalness and sameness aren’t synonymous. Women are different in the way they process facts, thoughts or emotions.

If you’re looking to developing a romantic relationship with a woman, the only logical approach you’re left is to understand her. But instead, most men make the mistake of opting to either compete with her or fix her. Often when we find a frustrated man who can’t connect with his girlfriend or wife, in most cases we find he’s trying to resolve the issue using his own perspective. He decides to discard everything his partner says or does, and tries his own views of how people should work. He believes she should be different, see things his way, and also react to things a certain way that he likes. And we all know subsequently what happens when we force people to say or act in a certain way.

If this is how a man treats his spouse, you’ll face some significant problems in your relationship. If you try to make someone accountable to be something they aren’t, not only will they resist any change, they’ll also move away from us. To these people, the implied pressure of unrealistic expectations, judgment, and disappointment is simply too much for them to bear. And the only way they can find relief is by distancing themselves from you. For most guys, this distancing act feels like anger, resentment, detachment, coldness, and disrespect. By continuing imposing your rules on your significant other on how she should view the world, how she should feel for you, and how should she think and express her feelings, you’ll only create more emotional disruption and emotional distance in your relationship or marriage. Sometimes, the emotional pain becomes so overwhelming that it can be registered as physical pain. Later, the feelings of shame, desperation, anger, and resentment sets in. Nothing good will come from here.

So, what’s the solution?
When you’re married or in a relationship and want your partner to be your “equal,” first you need realize that what are you doing and why. Then you need to change your perspective. You’ve had to accept that your girlfriend or wife is not the same as you are and never will be. You need to address your insecurities and achieve the required emotional maturity, and intellectual clarity. Learn to accept others for who they are without changing them or winning an argument.

Don’t Know How To Talk To Your Crush? Here Are Some Great Tips!

Did you have a crush on someone? Are you in love with someone but don't know or find the courage on how to talk to your crush? How can you that you like so much fall in love with you? It’s perfectly okay of the thought of initiating a conversation with your crush making you a little bit anxious. However, if you take things slow and focus on how to do it in the way; you’ll realize that it is not as challenging as you initially thought.

Below are some tips to help you get your crush notice you and like you back.

1. Ask For Support
An easy for your crush to notice you is to ask your crush for help when you see her nearby. Just pretend like you are looking for something like a person or a book. Try to look impatient and dramatic. It will make her think that you’re panicking as you’re already late for something. Then, all of a sudden, look at the eyes of your crush and ask her, “Did you see any book lying around here?” And when your crush responds to your question, keep looking around the place for a few more seconds, and then smile nod and walk away like you’re busy or flustered. Bear in mind not to have a conversation at this moment. Otherwise, you crush will think that you’re faking the whole thing.

2. Drop Something Accidentally
If you want to talk with your crush and notice you, drop something accidentally a little value such as a pen or your keys while walking in front of that person. Your crush will see it, and they’ll take it as an excuse to have a real conversation with you. And, if your crush doesn’t notice what you just did, then move on. You’ve nothing to lose.

3. Use Social Media
If your crush is on Facebook, comment on something that they also commented on. But you can only do this when the two of you have a mutual friend. At this, you don’t need to chat with them directly, just try to make them notice you. If they like you, they might check out your Facebook page and will try to collect more information about you. The trick here is to make your crush fall for you and make them curious about you. Later if both have been exchanging those flirty glances on the streets for some time, commenting on the same posts on Facebook, consider sending her a friend’s request. Chatting on Facebook can help you to gain the confidence for a face-to-face conversation with your crush.

4. Smile While Walking Past Your Love Interest
Smile fleetingly when walking past your crush. You can say, “Hi” or “Hello”, while walking past them. However, make sure that there isn’t anyone around them. Remember, not to stop and have a conversation with your crush at that time, only say hello and walk away. This will slowly build up the chemistry, and they would be waiting to talk to you the next time when you both of you bump into one another. And when you do bump into each other, keep the conversation brief at this first time. However, don’t be jealous or rude when you see your crush talking with someone else. Avoid doing this at all cost as you’re dating or in a relationship with her.

Make Tough Conversations In Your Relationship Easier By Following These Tips

Effective communication is crucial for a happy, long-lasting relationship. Whether the topic is sex, relationship secrets, money, or something else, you still need to have those difficult conversations. And if you find yourself mulling things over and over again and getting anxious about a conversation you never had yet, then it becomes even more necessary. If you withhold having these difficult conversations for long, because you don’t know how to start, there is a high possibility that it can hurt your relationship or worse.

Below are five things you will help to have those tough conversations in an easier and smoother way:

Timing Is Everything
Always have serious conversations with your partner when you’re focused, rested and attentive to each other. Timing is everything is having a meaningful and fruitful conversation about any topic with your spouse. Don’t talk when your partner when she just comes home from work or when she’s in a 2-hour commute. The best time to talk is when you’re alone at home, and you’re fully focused on her. Another thing that is worth mentioning is to be aware of your mood while talking. Don’t talk or carry on with the conversation if you’re angry, scared, distracted, or confused. This will only send mixed signals and make him or her to get more confused. Find a time to talk that you will work for both of you. Be kind, be supportive, be clear and composed, and think about how much you love or have loved your girlfriend.

Tell Your Lover Everything
The past brings nothing but resentment, pain and it only builds walls between you. Sure, at times you do need to share your previous failed relationships and misunderstandings. However, you bring things from your past; you need to have successful discussions that didn’t result in a huge blowup. When you can have a few conversations without a massive angry outburst, you’ll have the confidence and be able to have more challenging or delicate discussions that have been lingering in your relationship for a while. Small yet successful conversations like these will help you gain confidence and trust for yourself as well as for your spouse. This will pave the way for you and your partner to have a meaningful positive discussion about without blame and hurt that has been bothering you for long. When you begin the conversation, try keeping it current and talk about recent experiences, not something from five years ago.

Focus On Your Body Language
Your facial expressions, your body position, your body language when you talk immediately gets picked up subconsciously by your significant other or anyone so to speak. So, focus on your arms, your posture, and your facial expressions! Keep in mind people can judge your attitude from your body language even before you speak.

Be Truthful And Honest
When you’re in a relationship, honesty and truthfulness can take your relationship a long way. So, while having a conversation with your girlfriend always speak truthfully with kindness. You deserve to hear the truth, right? The same applies to her, too. So, if you’ve something to share, be truthful and honest about it and fast. The more you delay and avoid the issues in your relationship, the more awkward and uncomfortable it will become lately.

Are You Dating A Hopeless Romantic Woman?

All guys are in favor of dating a good woman. And when you ask what type of woman a man would like to see as his girlfriend, it's a no-brainer. If a man wants to have a loving, long-lasting relationship, he should always date a woman with a romantic side. A hopelessly romantic soul is hidden deep down inside every woman. But, she won’t let anyone see that side of her unless she wants you. It's a gateway to her body, her mind, and everything else in between.

Being in love with a hopelessly romantic woman isn’t for the faint-hearted. But, if you’re guy looking for an adventure of a lifetime, below are eight reasons for why dating a romantic woman is a fantastic idea:

1. A romantic wants to experience everything with her boyfriend. That’s her only wish. She loves to fall in love with her over and over again. At certain moments, she doesn’t reveal her romantic side. And she doesn’t like it because she secretly wants her lover to expose that private side of her. She does this because she truly understands that real men want to pursue and win over his woman's heart.

2. A romantic woman loves to spend time with you. And here’s a catch – the less expensive the moment is, the more memorable and meaningful the experience is. Just imagine, walking with your girlfriend on the beach while holding hands and watching the sunset. A kiss on the forehead and a hug during the sunset. There are some feelings money can’t buy – its love.

3. A hopelessly romantic woman loves surprises. If she realizes that she’s being appreciated for who she is as a person, she’ll surprise you in bed and out. Keep in mind that romance not only triggers the woman’s emotional side but also unveils her wild and sexy side, too. So, if you want to see your girl with only her panties on, romance that girl.

4. A romantic woman wants her emotional side respected. She also wants it to be cherished, too. She’s the girl who will remember exactly how your mother made your favorite pasta, or how you like to be kissed after a long, hard day. She remembers these things because she wants to use her love to reconnect with you.

5. She'll text you “I love you” even during having important meetings or when she’s busy. It brings her joy and pleasure when she knows that she made you smile, and particularly if she realizes that she turned you on.

6. She supports during the hard times. Sometimes, for a woman, it takes a lot of love and courage to stand by their man when things get rough and challenging. Tough moments make a woman feel insecure. Stress and anxiety, sometimes, can make a woman forget or think less about love, but a romantic lady, she’ll gladly remember it.

7. A romantic woman cherishes you when you help her with the chores. She adores seeing her man do the things that she would normally do by herself, and feels appreciated that you spend your time and effort to carry that burden.

8. If you’re in a relationship with a hopelessly romantic woman, you’ll find her talking all day with her colleagues and other people around her. But, don’t get all grumpy here. She’s doing it because she has to. But, when she gets a break, she takes all the time to talk to you. And you’ll realize that when she does it, it’s not like that because she's talking to you because she wants to. Remember that, a hopeless romantic woman has a tough exterior and professional power suit.

Lying To Her Can Actually Save Your Relationship

Despite, honesty being the cornerstone of a healthy relationship, telling little white lies can actually be good for your relationship. We understand that lying is an automatic deal breaker for many people looking for a partner, but should it be? Is there any possibility that relationships sometimes need small doses of dishonesty to thrive?

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, sometimes we need to think of the greater good. Love is the greater good. We need to tell lies to our boyfriends or girlfriends for the greater good. Lies are essential to a partnership. So, if you want to experience love and be happy in your relationship, then you better be prepared to tell some lies from time to time and to believe some lies. But, just lying blatantly won’t make your relationship better. You should know what kind of lies are okay, and which lies can be toxic to a romantic relationship?

While Lies And Bigger Lies
Small white lies, such as, “you’re not disturbing me,” or “you look sexy in that dress,” or “I don’t think you put on any weight,” etc. are usually considered to be important. After all, you don’t want to hurt your significant other’s feelings and create unwanted hostility and resentment between the two of you. These white lies are called ‘compassionate offerings’ and often acknowledged to keep relationships healthy and thriving. On the other hand, bigger or toxic lies can be harmful. You’re telling a big lie to your spouse by telling her that you were working late when you were actually having a hot time with a colleague. This types of lies fall into a whole different category, and it isn’t that hard to tell the difference.

The Sin Of Omission
There is a variant on white lies called the “sin of omission.” This is basically when you neglect to tell your partner something that might create some tension in the relationship if it gets exposed. For example; you not telling your current girlfriend or wife that you ran into your ex-lover and later having an innocent cup of coffee together. Like white lies, lies of omission can sometimes be useful in maintaining the peace in a relationship. A recent study by Texas Woman’s University reported that white lies and lies of omission are common in relationships and most people preferred to lie than be lied to. So, for a moment it might seem like a good idea to you to deceive your partner, keep in mind that they won’t feel good as much as you did while telling a lie, when and if the truth gets exposed. Moreover, the study also revealed that more lies equated with less happiness. So be careful, if you’re someone who is habituated in telling lies to your partner, be careful.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
Most people think telling lies becomes an obligation when you’re in a relationship or married. Because being completely honest and always speaking the truth can actually be destructive to a relationship. It’s true you feel better, but your significant won’t. Words have power; so, it is for the best you use them sparsely. Besides, a little mystery can do wonders for a relationship.

Sexless Marriages or Relationships Aren’t Always Relationship Killer

Apart from what’s been told by various relationships experts and written in articles and websites, sex isn't the most important part of a relationship. We’re always being exposed to the greatest and latest ways to improve things in the bedroom, not merely because sex is fun and healthy, but because it’s vital for a strong, healthy and long-term romantic relationship. Right?

Well, that’s the common assumption, but the reality is different. So, what’s a sexless marriage or relationship anyway? Well, “sexless” marriage or relationship is defined as couples having sex ten times or less per year. You might want to ask so are those couples for whom sex isn't their high priority, miserable and in unhealthy relationships? Should they break up? What’s actually happening in their relationships?

A sex-free marriage can work if both partners are comfortable with the arrangement. If one partner wants to have more sex than his/her partner, or more than he/she is comfortable with, then practicing an alternative relationship approach such as polyamory can be an option. With consent from each other, he/she can also consider having an open relationship that includes sex or maintains sexual relationships with outside partners. It's imperative to note that penetrative intercourse isn't a requirement for a couple to be happy and have a great sex life. It’s possible for people to experience fantastic sex with sex toys, hands, mouths as well.

To explain this better here’s what real women, who happen to have little to no sex and yet are happy, loving and in love, have to say about what it's like to be in a satisfying, sexless relationship.

Example#1: Affection Is Key
Candice, 52, who is married for 11 years, didn't realize she was in a sex-free marriage until her husband talked to her about it. To give you some pretext, she hasn't had sex in the five months. Well, there are some real reasons for it such she and her partner’s our work schedules have gotten different, he worked in the morning while she worked as a nurse in the evening. So, the time both come home, all they do is sleep. Candice, however, reiterates that despite the lack of sex, their relationship still feels healthy. They still feel like close friends; they support each other’s jobs, they touch, kiss and cuddle, whenever they can. She said she still feels the same way about her husband like the way she felt on her honeymoon, this despite the fact, the last time they did the deed was eight months ago.

Example# 2: Sex On The Side
Rose H., 44, says her sex-free marriage is different from others. She stated that her marriage isn’t sexless, at least she isn’t. She and her husband have agreed to with each other to see others outside of their marriage – an open marriage, if you say so. Rose H. and her husband agreed to this because of certain circumstances and also they this was the best alternative for them. She said that they decided to opt for this option because they got married young and after being married for 20 years together, they started to have second thoughts they would have been better off if they didn’t marry each other or be in a relationship with other and remained friends. Both also thought of getting divorced, but they did go for any of that as she and her husband were both unsure about what they truly want. The main thing here is a sexless marriage, or a relationship can only work if both partners are on the same page.

4 Unsexy Things Guys Do That Feels Really Sexy To Girls

It’s not always sexy, but it’s hot, nonetheless. Guys, sometimes, do the strangest, unsexy things, that somehow appear very sexy to the ladies. Call it unconditional love, love at first sight, or even pheromones, but it is true. Girls, if you are reading this, you probably know what we are talking about.

Here are four non-sexy things men do that turns on a woman and makes her incredibly attracted to them.

1. Forgetting To Put On Deodorant
Sure, you’re stinking. You’ve forgotten to put on deodorant. But don’t worry, you’re still sexy. Science tells us our bodies are naturally attracted to our partner’s body scent. You might be looking ripe, but the smell of your sweat will definitely make her feel a little angry. But, we have seen women snuggling up to their boyfriends after a long, rigorous, and sweaty gym session. Meanwhile, skip showers whenever you can, but not at the expense of your personal hygiene. Why? Apparently, ladies feel attracted to a man when his hair is greasy and taking fewer showers enhances a man’s natural scent. Weird, but it’s true.

2. When Lifting Heavy Stuff For Her
Women aren’t weak or less strong than men. But, sometimes women need a man to lift things for them or get them something from the top shelf at the supermarket or in the kitchen that they just can’t manage to get to. Keep in mind that this doesn’t in any way make girls less amazing. But, ladies feel very attracted to a man who helps them do some furniture lifting or helping them move or pack things. There isn’t anything macho or manly about it. It’s more about the fact that man cares and feels courteous enough to do it in the first place.

3. When You Listen To Her
A real man will love to listen to his girlfriend about her day. He will want to know how are feeling today, about your office dramas, he wants to know how your girlfriend is coping with her breakup, etc. Nothing feels sexier than a man who is willing to give up his precious time to listen to his partner. By the way, we are talking about really listening to her, not pretending. And she will be even more attracted to you when realizes that you want to listen to her, not because you have to. So, if you want to make your girlfriend feel happier and love you more, start listening to her. By the way, a woman finds it sexy, when her boyfriend talks about something that he feels very passionate about her, which she knows nothing about herself. So, talk about stocks, bonds, basketball strategies with her, it will not make her drop her panties, but will make you sexier!

4. When You Takes Her To The Doctor When She’s Sick
Being sick isn’t sexy – guess you already know that. When you find your girlfriend is sick, insist her on taking her to doctor. Trust me; girls become turned on when their boyfriends or husbands take them to the doctor, takes care of them, and makes them feel secure.
So, when you’re in a relationship and see that your partner is unwell, be there for her, and tell her how wonderful, beautiful and perfect she is, no matter how gross she is. It’s sexy and will turn her on. Take our word, if you do this your woman will be with you through thick and thin, even after everything starts crumbling around you. Now, that’s love.