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Not in A Relationship? Celebrate Being Single, Instead!

On Valentine’s Day, it comes evident, half of the world as in relationships, while the other half are singles. But, that shouldn’t stop you from being happy. At least for some time, there are so many reasons why being single can be a good experience. Here are some of the valuable perks of being single:

1. You Don’t Have Anyone Nagging You

Relationships are nagging are synonymous to some degree. If your partner keeps nagging at you always, it can kill the loving feelings in the relationship. And the last thing you want to hear after your partner nags at you and says, “I love you.” Nagging is serious as its one of the main reasons relationships break up. Luckily for you, you are single. So, don’t worry about it.

2. Being single allows you to be spontaneous

We understand that singles are tempted to romanticise relationships as they aren’t in one. Most single men and women romanticise that they can hardly wait to meet their soul mates and take them to all romantic vacations all over the world, which they’ve been fantasising all along. But in reality, being in a relationship can put all your romantic plans awry. To put this in context, your boyfriend has just joined a new job, while your girlfriend can’t get a vacation at work. The truth is being spontaneous and travelling is very hard when you’re in a relationship. Now, that you’re still single, preparing for a solo trip all the places you wanted to visit.

3. Social Time with Friends

Remember that old friend whom you loved to hang out and share a drink. Well, you won’t be seeing him anymore now that he or she’s in a relationship. You’ll be lucky if you can see him or her couple of time in a month or two. The reasons that couples have to stop meeting their friends now and then is that the person has to cater, in most cases, to certain social needs of their romantic partner. What’s more disheartening is that as the couples reach their late 30s or 40s, they see their friends even less. The benefits of being single are that you keep hanging out with friends that match the various parts of your personality, while if you’re in a relationship, you’ll be habituated with people that match some certain aspects of your personality.

4. Your Lust Is Alive

No doubt, being in a relationship has a bunch of benefits, but one part most couples lose in a long-term relationship is the loss of lust. When two people are in a relationship for some time, may have reported that the sparks have dissipated over time, requiring couples to work on their relationships to keep the excitement and intimacy flowing again. If you are a single, you don’t have to worry about the excitement when you go out, because it’s still flowing!

Overall, all single men and women, do your best to cherish your relationship-free life. Eventually, you guys won’t be single forever, most of you will find yourselves in relationships, and when that moment arrives, you’ll be more committed and responsible than even than your past single life.

4 New Dating Rules Everyone Should Follow – Well Sort Of!

We all tend to be idealistic sometimes, but it would be great if there were a new set of absolute dating rules that everyone should adhere to – sort of. There are always new rules for traffic, driving, sport, so why dating should be left out? The dating experience would be more enjoyable to everyone if they followed some general guideless, particularly kindness.

So, here are the proposed four new rules of dating:

#1 When You Speak Be Impeccable

This quality itself will tremendously transform the way we date with someone. If you find someone who is truthful and honest about what they say and do, and mindful about, it’s very attractive. Also if people spoke honestly and thoughtfully, and realize that their words can have consequences, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, very few relationships would have broken up.

#2 Don’t Make Anything Personal

This one is crucial. Rejection is a part of the dating process, and the less importance we pay to rejection while dating, and not taking it personally. It will be a real blessing. If we like someone, go on a date, and the next day, when we hear he or she doesn’t want to see you again, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. There is nothing wrong with your date and yourself either. The date didn’t click because there wasn’t any real chemistry between the two of you. Period. So, get over it, move on, and take the whole thing as a learning experience that can come in handy for your next date. And please don’t punish yourself up for it. Instead, be kind to yourself and love yourself.

#3 Don’t Make Any Assumptions

We all make presumptions whether it’s right or wrong. We do this while we are dating too. Most men and women while looking for someone to date always make assumptions about a person’s behaviors, actions or personality, without even knowing them. And, in most cases, they’re wrong. What’s more frustrating is that they don’t learn from it, and keeps on repeating this unwanted habit over and over again. So, what’s the best thing you should do? Try not to sit around and waste your time and mental effort of speculating of what he or she meant when they said something or why did she say that, or why he or she hasn’t called or texted. Invest your time and energy on something more productive, like spending quality time with close friends and family.

#4 Always Do Your Best

This one is really encouraging. Be the best of yourself every moment and every day. Always striving to do your best will make you more hopeful and drive you sorrows and regrets away. You’ll enjoy your life better and be happier if you be honorable and act accordingly.

Relationships should be all about bringing the best within us. Being honest, committed, and respectful to each other is the bedrock of any relationship to last and thrive in the long-term. Following these new guidelines will help to prepare yourself so that you can meet someone who values to be in a long-term relationship.

3 Tips On Meeting And Dating People In A New City

As more and more jobs are becoming home-based, a lot of folks are finding it hard to meet prospective dates at work. If you've moved to a new area, it’s highly likely that you’ve to work from home or work in a small office, or that most men and women in your workplace are married. You’ll find it hard to find people with the relationship status single, no doubt.

If you’re new in the city, the first thing you’ve to do is to establish connections. Don’t focus on finding a date at the moment when you’re in a new place, but it will help if you start making new friends. The underlying benefit here is that your new friends will invite you to join their social circles, where you can meet new people and in the process find someone new to date. So, how can you do it? What if you don’t have the necessary energy or interest in putting yourself in the dating scene, and be uncomfortable meeting and getting to know new people, or start dating one of them?

The simple solution is you have to suck it up and deal with it. Think of your situation like a professional networking event. You don’t like to meet people, but you do it anyways because, at the end of the day, you’ll find someone who is looking for you.

Here are three on meeting and dating people in a new city:

1. Meet people who live close to you

This may sound annoying, scary and downright creepy to some of you, but nonetheless useful. If you’re staying in a house or an apartment, your first mission should be to introduce yourself to your neighbors and get familiar with them. A good way of doing that you can pay them a visit with some edible treat. If you cook or bake, then prepare a tasty Italian pasta or bake some delicious cupcakes, and drop them in person. If you think cooking or baking is too hard for you, then buy a couple of bottles of the best wine, and have a friendly conversation with your neighbors over a few glasses of wine.

2. Carefully study the social scene at the gyms

I know the gym isn’t like the restaurant or a bar, where people get to see other or be noticed by other people. But, in reality, the gym is the place where a large group meets up in one space, just like a bar or a restaurant. They socialize and start forming relationships. If you’re looking forward to meeting new people, we suggest not to go the nearest or the cheapest one. Instead, check out several gyms in your locality and see which type of people frequent these places and get together.

3. Try Online Dating As An Option

People have so little free time to socialize and meet new people that online dating will only continue to grow in popularity. Online dating is simply a great place where you can get to meet new people with related ease.

It’s hard to get adjusted to a new city or town, and even harder to meet and date new people. But by following these tips, you’ll find it easier to meet people you might be interested to date.

5 Things To Look In A Partner If You’re An Anxious Person

Dating a good person will help become the person you wanted to be. A loving partner can reveal the best and the beautiful nature in you. If you’re an anxious person and looking for someone to have a lasting relationship, but don’t know what to look for in a person, below are five traits you need to consider. However, let me remind you this just a rough guideline, nothing absolute.

1. Secure and mature. These people are capable of being emotionally close, are comfortable with themselves, and they have personal interests. Such people also want to have their personal goals and interests. The live their lives in an open and emotionally connected way. This empowers them to acknowledge their mistakes and limitations and their partners as well and is ready to forgive them.

2. A good communicator. People who are good at sharing and listening make good partners. It helps them to develop and maintain close relationships. They’re also good at solving disagreements and problems. They’re also great at identifying and managing their emotions, which is important if you want to connect to a person and have an intimate and emotional relationship.

3. Appreciative behavior. Only falling in love doesn’t always result in a long-term relationship. Your relationship will only last, if your partner respects and values you, and express his or her feelings about you in some way. Your partner must show an interest to know you better and explore your personal interests and goals.

4. The right fit. Part of being in a relationship is enjoying spending time together. And it can only be worthwhile if the two of you share some common interests or activities that you can enjoy doing together. It can be anything like reading, watching romantic flicks, cooking or even having engaging and deep conversations. Sharing and respecting each other values and personal interests in also necessary for a committed, long-term relationship. The more of those values play in your daily life, the more valuable it becomes to share it with your partner. For example, if one partner wants to have kids and the partner totally opposes, then it’s a disaster. Or, if one partner is determined to have a relaxed or nomadic career or lifestyle – like a traveling reporter or an artist – the relationship will only see a happy ending if the other person is supportive of his or her’s partners choice.

5. Mature and ready to be in a relationship. You partner should be determined to make his or her relationship a priority. It means dedicating time and attention to it when you’re physically together and far way. It also includes sex and emotional intimacy as a vital aspect of an intimate relationship that compliments each other. Lastly, a potentially good partner will believe that both people are responsible for each other’s happiness.

Don’t pass a date which is your opinion has a nice but boring personality. Most people when they’re nervous often, rush things and equate their anxiety with being in love. So, it’s highly possible that the “nice but boring” person might actually be the right person for you, even though they don’t “excite” you in the first date.

Matthew McConaughey Tells Everything About His Workout Routine

Matthew McConaughey doesn't need too much presentation because everyone knows how a good actor he is. But he is also appreciated for his physique. He even received the title of the sexiest man in 2005 from the People's magazine. So there is no doubt that he managed to impress everyone with his sculptured abs and fit physique. Actually, Matthew has always had a fitness routine because he always tried to take care of the way he looked. This is why he included in his schedule, the regular Cardio routine that involves, believe it or not, five-mile beach run.

When he trained for the role he received in Magic Mike, Matthew's trainers recommended him a workout routine that included two circuit-training sessions, 6 days a week. But McCounaughey didn't have a problem with it because he was already in a good shape. So it didn't seem to be an effort for him. In addition, he is using Matthew McConaughey Supplements that keep him energetic and help him burn fat whenever he needs to do it in a very short period.

“I have always taken care of the way I was looking and this seems to bring many roles that I am proud of. My purpose when working out is not to focus on building bulk but to get my body in a good shape. I concentrate on putting on lean muscles. I listen carefully to what my trainers recommend me and I also count on an amazing combination of supplements that help me stay energetic and burn fat.”


  • Set 1

Decline Dumbbell Fly – 2 sets x 8 reps, no rest

Incline Bench Press – 2 sets x 8 reps, 1 min rest

  • Set 2

Weighted Swiss Ball Crunch – 2 sets x 8 reps, 1 min rest

Crossover Chin-up – 2 sets x 10 reps, 1 min rest

Elliptical Trainer – 2 minutes

  • Set 3

Bench Dip – 2 sets x 8 reps, no rest

Overhead Rope Tricep Extension – 2 sets x 8 reps, 1 min rest

  • Set 4

Side Lunge – 2 sets x 8 reps, 1 min rest

Medicine Ball Slam – 2 sets x10 reps, 1 min rest

Jump Rope – 2 sets, for 1 min

  • Set 5

Barbell Jump Squat – 2 sets x 8 reps, no rest

Swiss Ball Dumbbell Military Press – 2 sets x 8 reps, 1 min rest

  • Set 6

Medicine Ball Squat to Raise – 2 sets x10 reps, 1 min rest

Stationary Bicycling – 2 minutes, no rest

Stair Stepper – 5 minutes, 1 rest



Best Way’s to Improve Your Overall Appearance

Want to appeal others and look attractive is a serious worry of every human. It is not only the outside but also the inside of you that needs special attention to get best and long term results when you are trying to improve your appearance. You may look good, but if you lose self-confidence, then your lovely features and perfect hairdo will not be enough to impress others. To gain satisfying and long lasting results you need to focus on everything you possess internally as well as externally.

Read the following tips to make yourself presentable and confident enough to walk in this society with heads high up and a perfect smile on your face:

Looking Inwards

The first step is to recognize what you want to do? Are you changing your appearance for yourself or somebody else? If for anyone else then be true to yourself and them as well.

  • Identify what you most like and what you dislike about your appearance. Usually, we can quickly identify things which are bad, but it is important to look for what is best for you and then work on it.
  • Moreover, if you decide to plan a workout for your appearance then be gentle and realistic with yourself. Exercise to the limit which you can do easily. Do not over exert yourself.

Getting Healthy

A healthy diet is essential to keep you strong, healthy and fresh.

  • Take a well-balanced diet. You need to eat plenty of proteins (chicken, fish, dairy products, etc.), carbohydrates, fresh fruits and green vegetables. Unsaturated fats in moderation are also helpful in keeping you healthy.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. It will improve your skin and keeps you energetic and focused.
  • When we do not take enough sleep, it appears in our mood, body language, and skin. It is advised to take the proper rest of about at least 8 hours. When you go to bed, close your eyes and take deep breaths. While doing so, focus on your body. Tense your muscles and then release them. Also, aim to be consistent about your bed time.

Improve your complexion

For improving your skin, you need to follow simple tips mentioned below:

  • Buy face wash following your skin type i.e. oily or dry.
  • Wash your face twice a day and be gentle about it. Avoid scrubbing hard as this may irritate your skin.
  • After cleansing apply skin toner with a cotton pad.
  • Apply moisturizer after cleansing and toning your face.
  • Prefer exfoliating once a week
  • If you are facing acne problems, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Apply sunscreen before leaving your house.

Smelling fantastic

Keeping yourself clean and smelling good is a must thing to improve your appearance.

  • Unless you have any skin problem, take a shower daily. Clean yourself thoroughly especially sweaty areas.
  • Keep your breath fresh. Brush your teeth twice a day. Moreover, consider popping a couple of mints to keep your breath fresh.
  • Wear deodorant.
  • Wear perfumes or cologne.
  • Wash your clothes.

Dress Well

Dress with what suits you.

  • Define your style.
  • Figure out your body. Dress according to your body figure.
  • Wear colors that compliment your skin tone.
  • Add up accessories like sunglasses, watch, necklace, etc.

Work out on your confidence

Even if you look good, lack of confidence will make you look less attractive.

  • Practice positive self-talk
  • Work on your posture.
  • Use positive body language
  • Make eye contact
  • Speak with a strong voice
  • Have a great smile

Guys Never Underestimate The Power Of Words

As much as we love to say that online dating is easy because you don’t have to face the awkwardness in communication. You even get the time to think of a good response and then write, but still, online dating can be confusing as well. Sometimes, we underestimate the sensitivity of it and say things which should have definitely not been said. In all this, you must particularly be careful in not conveying a bad image of yourself to the other person. Online dating usually starts with the two telling about themselves to each other. Guys are never cautious about what they say which is why they tend to mess things a lot. This article is going to about few of the words which guys should prefer using when describing themselves to the other person as it will possibly convey an attractive image.

#1 Physically fit

There would be no women who would not appreciate the physical fitness of a guy. Sure, they don’t want fitness freaks but having a good physique is always a plus point. A majority of the women are looking for guys that care for themselves too and are in a good and presentable shape.

#2 Ambitious

This will give the impression that you are a mature man who knows exactly what he is doing with his life. She will be aware that you are a self-sufficient guy who is no longer dependent on his parents and definitely not surviving on the pocket money given by parents.

#3 Perceptive

Perceptive means that the guy is smart, and not like dumb people who don’t use their mind at all. She will know that you are sensitive as well as observant and she should expect an intellectual conversation with you.

#4 Passionate

Going to work and doing a job is not what should be present in you. At some point in time, that will get somewhat boring. You need to show that you are passionate about your life and that you look for spice in different things. Girls love guys who go deep into certain things other than work. This increases the chances of getting more attention from your online date.

#5 Optimistic

This will give the impression that you are not a cry baby. She will want to be around you more because she would be expecting positive vibes from you which are not that easy to get these days from people.

#6 Funny

Now, this is something all girls look for in guys. A good sense of humor has become a rare thing these days. The guy who is able to make a girl laugh has the best chances with her. Therefore giving her the impression that you are a fun person to be around with, is always going to work.

#7 Thoughtful

Most guys are not at all emotionally intelligent, and they cannot relate to the feelings of girls. Being thoughtful means that you will take care of her preferences and then try to please her in those ways, this will ultimately attract her towards you.

Inner Beauty Always Outweighs Outer Beauty

Inner beauty is something which we definitely cannot see, but we feel it through someone’s personality and their character. Inner beauty is what enhances your appeal and makes you a lovable person. Outer beauty is definitely important because that catches the eye initially, but as soon as a person gets to know you, your inner beauty is what will actually make them like you. Also, no matter how pretty or perfect you are if you are not pretty from the inside then none of it will matter, and instead it will camouflage your outer beauty.

So, what really makes a person that attractive? Apart from their appearance, a major part is played by their inner self. If we look at some of the most fancied personalities of the world like Oprah, Mother Teresa or Tom Hanks, then we will notice that they are not the prettiest of people. The reason why they still have earned that much love is because of their personality and how they act with other people.

When you know that you are a kind person from within, you will feel confident while interacting with other people because you are sure that they will only get good vibes from you. Having positive intentions gives you a good feeling from within, and you are able to enjoy every moment of life in better way. If you are only negative, then everything will feel bad about the best things in life too.

People normally say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but I think it is pretty much within our own selves. Others will see what we want them to see. If you feel beautiful from the inside, then others will see that being reflected in your personality. The way you treat people is something that really affects people’s judgments of you. They will love you if you are kind and nice to them.

Inner beauty is what overcomes your physical flaws. For instance, you’re too overweight, or you don’t have a good height, but if you are a nice person, then all of that will be ignored by individuals. Ever see couples in which one of them is all perfect with great looks and the other one may seem a little too fat or isn’t as pretty, that is because the inner beauty has made them that attractive that their loved one looks beyond all those imperfections.

If you ask someone about a person, they will describe his/her personality and then the physical appearance. This is because our behavior and character have a lasting impact on everyone and this is how they remember us.

Beauty is only a matter of some years, youth stays for a very short time but what is carried on for life is how you are from the inside. When you are 60 or 70 years old, and your face is full of wrinkles, your inner beauty is what will still keep the charm alive in you and people will still want to spend their time around you.

How To Be Sure That She is Interested in You?

It sometimes gets really tricky to tell what a girl thinks of you, and this very reason becomes a great hurdle in you making the move of asking her out. Obviously, you don’t want to embarrass yourself and get rejected by her. Therefore, it is important that you are sure if she is interested in you as well. This article is going to talk about the few signs that will help you understand the hints that girls give to tell the guys that they are interested in them.

#1 She makes an effort to be around you

Despite her busy schedule and hectic routine, she somehow manages to take some time out and texts you to meet up during that. If you find her around you most of the time then this is a clear sign that there is something special that she has for you.

#2 She touches you

This is a big hint because girls usually like to maintain their physical distance with a guy. But, if a girl shows that she is comfortable around you by either hugging you or keeping her arm around you, then all this signals her interest in you.

#3 She buys you gifts

Girls are not the type that they will buy gifts for a guy that they are not sure of. Girls are usually thoughtful with their gifts and surprises, so whenever they make an effort, it is understood that you have a special place in her heart.

#4 She compliments you

Complimenting definitely, means that she likes you. In fact, it further gives the surety that it is not just your personality but also your physical appearance that she is fond of.

#5 She asks questions

Asking questions is another way of showing interest. She will show care towards your life, and all that happens with you. Being more considerate, she might even ask questions about your family and friends which means that she has a good amount of interest in you and everything that relates to you.

#6 She flirts with you

This is probably the most distinct signal, and you will be a fool not to understand it. If at any point in time a girl tries to get flirty then you should definitely ask her out, if not on a proper date then definitely for a drink pronto.

#7 She flirts with other guys

This may seem like cheating, but it is not. Not at all! She is just trying to get your attention and in fact, make you jealous. This again means that she wants you to get close to her and be all possessive about her because yes, she is interested in you.

#8 She has made it clear that she in single

This is like giving a green signal loud and clear. No girl would want to unveil her relationship status of being single to another guy unless and until they want him to approach them. So act smart, put all the puzzle pieces together and pop the question of taking her out on a date.

3 Ways To Respond If Your Date Is Rude Towards You

How would you respond if you’re on a first or second date with someone new and he or she makes an insulting remark to you? In the early days in a relationship, everyone is anxious and experimenting, and people may tell something that can be rude and disrespectful without them even realizing it. I would say that don’t tolerate if anyone is shutting you down, being rude, and shooting insulting comments towards you, particularly if they know you for a few days. Here are a few ways to deal with your date if he or she has been offensive and rude towards you.

Take a bathroom break

Excuse yourself by going to the bathroom or restroom is the simplest way to handle a situation when a new date made a rude remark. Going to the bathroom isn’t only a good way to not to react in a bad temper, but a way to access the situation in private. Once you’re alone, you can take a good look in the mirror, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself how you will respond to it and what possible outcomes will result from it.

Avoid responding to the insults and switch the topic

If your new date has made a derogatory comment to you, and you don’t want to remove yourself from the situation physically, consider doing this instead. Look at your watch or phone, wait for five minutes, organize your feelings and then decide if you want to respond to his or her rude remarks. Switch the topic by asking your date a question. It will get your date talking, and instead of paying attention, you can now focus on that insulting comment, what did he or she say it, why is it bothering me and what is the best possible way to respond to it. Decide if you want to tell your date that you’re not interested in it now, or just wrap up the date, and talk to a friend about the subject later. Not reacting to the insult instantly, and thinking about it later, will help you to understand the issue in a new perspective.

Deal with it NOW, if you’re angry!

If a rude comment from your date made you angry, tell him or her that you’re upset about it. Don’t tolerate it. Tell that his or her rude behavior has hurt your feelings. Another approach is to mark your boundary. Remember, you’re in charge for your relationship. So be clear and nice about your expectations and preferences. Once you made it crystal clear what upset you, give your date a chance to explain it, and finally tell him or her, that you don’t want them to say anything like again. Keep in mind that, your date may become defensive if you made these statements with punishing or angry tone. So, avoid doing it, and say it in a soft and friendly voice instead.

If you’ve just gone for a first few dates with someone new, and your date said something that made you angry or upset, if could very well be an isolated incident. But, if this keeps on happening, then, then it’s very likely that your date is trying to upset you on a regular basis as long as you keep on dating him or her. So, to protect yourself from your date’s nasty insults and behavior, address the issue directly and ask the person to stop doing it. And if your date still keeps on doing it, then it’s probably in your best interests to abandon your date and look for someone more respectful.