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4 Steps to Feel More Confident on First Dates

Most of lack high self-esteem and confidence while going on dates, and yet these qualities are the most sought after by most men and women when looking for dates. Many of us lack confidence and self-depreciate because we are scared of getting rejected. They’re afraid that they would remain alone and no one will fall in love with them. Consequently, we find ourselves not enjoying our dates and the whole thing turns awkward.

But, there is a way to feel more confident on dates and overcoming our fears of getting rejected. Here are four simple ways:

Step one; visualize a part of your life where you feel the most confident and not afraid of rejection. It can be your career where you can sell anyone anything they want, or maybe it’s your creative side, where your artworks get sold out within a few minutes. Some men and women feel more confident in the gym or while playing a sport, where they can easily tell what type of exercise will be most useful for them or which game plan will make them win matches. Think about all areas of your life that you feel the most confident. Now while going to your date, close your eyes and visualize yourself in those places in your mind that you’re the most confident.

Step Two: now that you’ve thought about all the places that make you confident ask yourself why do you feel so confident in those areas? Most will tell that you believe in the product or service you’re selling or advertising, you believe in your talent or in the ideas or knowledge you possess. You actually think that your talent, your products, your services, your ideas, or knowledge will have a positive impact on someone and change his or her life.

Step Three: you know what areas in your life you feel most confident and why, now ask yourself, how do you feel when you get rejected in that or those areas? If you get rejected in that part of your life, you don’t think of it as a loss or a failure. You somehow start to think that maybe that product, service or experience wasn’t appropriate for him or her, or it’s simply not right for them. You think that the rejection doesn’t reflect who you really are. It’s never a reflection of you. Ultimately, you will fail if you don’t try it or you’re simply afraid to give it another chance thinking that you’ll fail or get rejected again.

Step Four: Now that you all of thoughts and fears figured out, apply that belief to yourself before heading to your date. While you’re on your way to your date, think about all the parts or areas of your life that you feel the most alive and confident, and turn those beliefs inwards. Think about all the positive effects you can have on that’s man or woman’s life. Be confident and start believing in yourself that this date will change your and the others person’s life. This may sound a little bold, but it’s true nonetheless. The other person with you in date can become your partner, and this can change both of your lives, simply because there was no fear.

Lack of confidence and fear is the main reason why we have bad dates, rejection and relationship problems. So, if you want to find someone new, flirt with someone, or just want to make your partner happy in the bed and the relationship, be more confident and let go of the fear.

5 Actions That Tell Your Man Loves You

If you want to understand men, you need to see their actions. Unlike women who mainly rely on words, you can read a man by his actions. If you really want to know if this is the man you want to have a relationship and get married, his actions will indicate that he is surely in LOVE with you. No matter how hard he tries to conceal his words, the actions speak out in the end.

Here are five actions of a man that says that he loves you:

1. He listens. At the initial days of dating, being a good listener is an attractive and important quality to have, and it becomes even more important and serious if you’re a man. A guy who is interested in you will listen to all you say about your life, family, and friends, and makes sure that he can remember and make references is incredibly appealing to a woman. Besides, by paying attention to you when you speak, shows that he respects and loves you.

2. He is caring. When a man is in love with a woman he likes, he will take care of her. He will fix things around your home or apartment, bring dinner or do shopping for you if you’re sick, take you to dinner or the movies if you’re bored, and so on. All these actions validate that you’re very important to him and he’s trying his best to prove it you by his actions. His efforts to make feel safe and comfortable is clear evidence that he has feelings for you and shows that he can do the same things for you in the future.

3. He has included you in his future plans. If a man loves you, crazy for you, he will talk to you about it and will include you in his future plans, whatever that maybe. It can be realistic long-term plans like inviting you to be his date for his friend’s wedding months away from now and making serious plans to marry you and buy a home for you and your future kids. In other words, he will include you in his daily and future plans, and it all shows that he wants you to be by his side all the time.

4. He introduces you to his family and friends. If a guy is serious about you and he won’t keep you waiting to tell about it to the people he loves, his friends and family members. Come on, if he thinks he has no future with you, why would he make an effort to make you meet his parents. When a man gets you acquainted with his close friends and family, he’s not only feeling proud and happy to show you off to the folks close to him; he also hopes that they too will love you as much he does.

5. When he says something, he means it. Keep all the actions aside for a moment and determine if a man really loves you, when he says the words, ‘I love you' he means it. If a man truly and deeply in love with you and wants you, he won’t be able to keep it in himself. He always says it to you and will make sure he means it!

Actions speak louder than words. When a man truly and madly loves a woman, he will jump leaps and bounds to please a woman, make her feel comfortable, secure and happy physically, emotionally and mentally.

Try These New Year Dating Resolutions To End Your Single Life

Often people tell that New Year resolutions are meaningless and silly. But notice that it’s these pessimistic folks who have made them in the past and failed to honor them. If you’re someone who is organized in making a list and put the effort in achieving them, you’re probably one of those people who get things done efficiently and timely. If you’re single, it is important that you set your dating goals and get to work on your love life, and what’s better to start at the beginning of a new year.

We will discuss three resolutions here; we hope you give at least one a try. So, read on:

First, date at least one new person for the first three months of the year. If you’re still looking for someone, but just don’t have the drive to do it, maybe this will give you some inspiration. If you date at least one person every month, it means that you can date twelve people a year, and hopefully, you’ll find your match there. However, just for any goals or resolutions, it’s better to keep it realistic. What’s the point of keeping promises which you can’t keep? Anyways, we will recommend you stick with dating at least one new person for the first three months of the year. This target is necessary as it keeps you motivated for dating and meeting new people.

Second, have a date with someone at any month of the year, who isn’t your usual type. Suppose, you like tall and blonde women. Just for change go out with a lady who is a brunette, yet not very tall. We understand why most men and women always like to date people who are their type or can relate to. But, it’s important that you expand your “types” category. Dating only individuals who abide by your strict types and preferences will make it harder for you to find a match. Many couples have settled for partners who aren’t their original types because they couldn’t meet someone that fitted their inflexible type codes. So, if you’re still single and looking for a partner, looking for someone that will be a perfect match and type is the last thing you should be doing. The best thing you can do for yourself is to expand your options and to give someone else a shot to be your significant another.

Third, consider adding one new activity or interest into your usual dating schedule. Meeting or hanging out over a cup of coffee or a beer is not bad, but it’s not exciting either. Instead, try doing something different this year. If you’re active and full of energy, do something active and exhilarating that sitting at a coffee table with someone you don’t know. If you’re already dating or in a relationship, doing something active or exciting like a bike ride, skydiving or hiking, will make your relationship fun and successful. And if you had an active date, yet failed to score a relationship, well, you didn’t lose anything.

Going on dates at the beginning of a new year can be a really exciting. So, take some risks, try new things and be kind to yourself. But, for the moment, flirt with women, flirt with men, and get surprised to see the results.

Good Online Dating Profile Photos May Get You More Matches

Online dating has grown in popularity than ever before. It’s just not young men and women looking to find their dates online, even veterans too, have started looking for love. However, people get frustrated when they don’t get much response after setting up their online dating profile, and in some cases, they quit.

But, did you ever think that whether if your bad profile pictures are the main reasons your potential suitors aren't interested in your profile? Having a lovable and decent profile picture is a must if you want to successful in getting attention from people online. Whether they check your profile or not, people are going to make judgments on your online profile based on your photos. Here are few tips that you should remember when uploading your online dating profile photo.

1. Don’t upload blurry, dark or oversaturated photos. Also, don’t upload flash-induced ‘red eye’ pictures of you or with your eyes closed. Don’t post pictures that have the time stamped on them. Don’t post extremely close-up photos or selfies, or with your tongue sticking out. It’s terrible.

2. Never post a profile photo while wearing a costume. It may seem funny to you, but for someone looking for you, it may look utterly strange and awkward.

3. Don’t post profile photos while wearing sunglasses. It’s okay if you upload a few pictures of yourself with shades, but not all of them. If you show off a picture of yourself wearing sunglasses on the beach, it’s cool. Remember, your matches also want to see your eyes.

4. Posting party shots are bad. You don’t want your matches to see you enjoying yourself with your friends with martini glasses or beer cans in your hand. After seeing your party shot images, your match might make the assumption that partying is a big part of your life.

5. Avoid sharing photos you took with an opposite sex without any explanation. A lot of people have online dating profile picture with someone of the opposite sex. They even post a text on the picture which is the person on that particular photo. It makes your match wonder who the other person in the picture is. Mostly think it’s their ex. And you don’t your matches to assume that one.

6. Don’t post images where it can clearly be seen that someone cut or removed their faces out using programs like Photoshop. These types of pictures are pretty common to find on most online dating sites.

7. Don’t post photos that you’ve taken in your car or bathroom. No one is interested in the interiors of your car or bathroom.

8. Never upload hunting pictures, shots of you holding weapons, or posing next to a dead animal you killed. This isn’t only scary, and it makes people uncomfortable and gives them an impression that you like kill birds and animals for fun.

If you decided to have relationship and looking for a woman or man online, please put some effort, time and thought in your photos, because they’re very important. Ask your close friends to take some beautiful, attractive and appealing pictures of yourself. Use the headshot or medium shot as your main cover photo. Also, don’t forget to include a full-length body photo as well.

Happy dating!

Seven Things Single People Are Fed Up of Hearing

It appears that people who are in relationships are very much interested in the lives of their single friends more than their own lives. So, it’s no surprise their single friends are annoyed and tired of their nosy questions and comments such, ‘why are you still single,' or ‘why aren’t you dating anyone?’ And so on. When your reply them in a negative tone, they get all judgmental and make you feel less worthy than them.

Okay, let me tell one thing, there is nothing wrong with you being single. So, don’t let your friends make you feel less. Secondly, when someone asks you these types of questions, it’s okay to make them feel guilty. Here are some questions all those single folks are tired of hearing and how to respond to them in a sarcastic and witty way.

1. You will find love when you least expect it

Well not exactly. You need to put some effort to locate the person you need to fall in love with. If your pals tell you this, let them know that it’s up to you on how to live your life and look for the right person to have a relationship.

2. You get lonely sometimes, right?

Yes, single people sometimes get lonely. But, it is even worse when you feel lonely and miserable despite being in a relationship. Why do you ask? It’s because being married or being in a relationship with a man or woman is one of the worst things to happen to a person’s life as neither can satisfy or fulfill each other’s physical, mental and emotional needs.

3. Are you anxious that you can’t have children?

Women are having babies at their 40s. So, there is a better chance that you too will have kids. Tell your overly caring girlfriend that it’s your body, and it’s your choice when to become a mother.

4. Try online dating, it’s great

Tell your friend to buzz off, when he or she got all excited and cheered up when they tell you to try online dating. We all have tried online dating. Some like it, some have good experiences using it if it’s working for them significantly. Some don’t like it. So, its better you don’t remind them of it.

5. There are plenty of fish in the sea

Just because there are plenty of fish in the sea, don’t always give you a chance to catch one. It takes around ten dates to get one date, with who most men and women will consider going for a second date.

6. You’re still single because you’re just too picky

There is a big difference when it comes to looking what you want to see in a person that will be right for you to be in a healthy relationship. Then there is nitpicking; here you’re trying to find something wrong with someone.

7. Let me set you up with someone

Blind dates work out; sometimes they go wrong. It’s all about being creative and how can you handle the situation. We suggest your friend bring along your blind date, so he or she can meet in a group setting to avoid anything awkward.

Always keep a positive outlook when you’re single, and have faith in yourself that one day you will meet a girl who will be willing to accept who you are and want to be your partner.

Four Body Language Signs That Says a Man Is Interested In You

Sometimes you don’t need someone to verbally tell you they’re attracted or interested in you, particularly when it comes to men. We all know that unlike women, men like to convey their feelings and thoughts by acting on it. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Here are four of a man’s body language that easily tells that he is interested in you and is looking forward for the magical word, ‘yes’ from you. Read on to check it out:

Eye Contact

If a guy is into you, he will make sheepish and an almost awkward eye contact with you. If you catch him red-handed staring at you and if he quickly looks somewhere else it indicates that he surely is interested in you. When you get close to his face, you’ll notice his pupils are dilated, which usually happens if we look at someone we like! If a man is attracted to you, he will make direct eye contact with you. Guys who have high self-esteem and confidence will make a serious eye contact, and when these men are interested in you and made you their mission, it’s a sign that he wants to take the relationship to the next level. However, we would like to advise the ladies to notice if this eye contact is lusty or if he wants to get to know you better and intends to be in a relationship with you.

A Good Listener

When a guy is interested in you, he will pay attention and listen to you while having a conversation. He will lean towards you when you talk. He will make eye contact with you when you’re speaking. A guy will also physically turn his body to towards you. This is nothing but a flirtatious move by him, and it’s great. Sometimes if a guy is interested in you will wander off, but doesn’t mean that he’s not interested, he’s just readjusting his attention.

He Never Looks At His Phone

These days most of us are programmed to respond to things like phone calls, text messages, emails, tweets, and so forth. Most men and women place their smartphones on the tables so they never miss a notification while on dates. It's a bad dating etiquette. But, if a guy switched off his phone, or turned his phone into “Silent Mode,” or left his phone in his pocket, and never looked at it once, just to have an undisturbed date with you, then it can only mean one thing! He likes you and dreams to have a relationship with you.

His Body Position

If a man is interested in you, he will get to know you better. He will square his shoulders towards you, which is a sign that he’s interested. He will also point his feet towards you, and spread his leg slightly, and he’ll certainly face you. He will adjust his belt, watch, tie or restyle his hair. He does it to try to get you to look at his face subconsciously.

The bottom line is that if a man is interested in a woman, he will do all sort of things, verbally or gives hints with his body or flirt with her to lure her or grab her attention. If he’s lusting for you or is in love with you, that’s a whole different thing.

How To Bring Back The Heat In Your Relationship?

Whoever is dating or in a relationship, they all want the same thing – a romantic relationship that is sizzling hot! However, most of us who are in a long-term relationship can deny the harsh truth the spark in the relationship tends to fizzle out over time. This can detrimental for the relationship and in worse case, anger, frustration and resentment shows its ugly head in the relationship.

However, the good news is there are some simple ways you can reignite the flames in your relationship. Read on find out:


Love Letters. Back in the old days, when there was no smartphones, computers, and internet, people used to communicate using letters. Professing love to your special someone was considered an art. If you really want to bring back the romance in your relationship, stop using your smartphones and computers for a few minutes, take a pen and write a heartfelt, loving letter to your partner. You don’t have a write like Shakespeare; just say what you feel about your partner in your heart. Now, post that letter using an envelope. Giving the fact the writing love letters is almost dead; receiving one in this day and age will surely make a beautiful impression.


Spending Quality Time with Your Partner. Taking long walks together; walking side by side with no particular location or place is more like a romantic meditation. Taking long walks with our partners helps to settle our feelings, thoughts and encourages us to be more open to our partners. These days we get easily distracted while dating due to loud music, traffic jams, crowds, noisy restaurants, etc. and this makes us hard to focus on our partners exclusively. Dating isn’t about how many things you can juggle at one time and still focus on your date. The primary purpose of dating and spending quality time with each other is to focus all of your attention to him or her, tell them who you really are, what your life plans are and what you want in life, and in a life partner.


Homemade Dinners. Bringing two people close to each other over a candlelit homemade dinner is has turned into a lost art. There are reasons for as couples don’t want to invest their efforts into this romantic gesture to spice up their marriage or relationship as there are plenty of alternative options. You can get ready-made dinners from the supermarkets or order takeout restaurants which are at every other corner. But, there is inherently something seductive in enjoying a homemade meal prepared with love in mind. It’s the loving effort, time and creativity that can reignite the flame in a stale relationship.


Creative Gift Giving. If your want to present your spouse with a thoughtful gift, it has to be imaginative, meaningful and unique. The gift should mean what you feel and love about your partner. To give such commands observation, attention and the utmost effort to make it truly emotional and right. For example, you just can’t gift your wife a book. Buy them the book written by the author she loves and is her favorite. If you see that her favorite perfume bottle is empty, go and grab a new one, before she notices.

There are many ways you can bring back the spark in your relationship. You can surprise her with amazing vacation, try a new technique to satisfy her physically and emotionally, but it’s the reinforcement of the emotional aspects of the relationship discussed above that will truly spice up your relationship.

Is It A Good Idea To Change Yourself For Someone Else?

When it comes to dating, is it a good idea to reinvent yourself or change into someone else to be befitting to your new partner? Read on to find out if you are changing yourself for the better or changing into someone else to get someone love you back.

Being passionate about finding love

Folks say that you will always find love when you least look for it or maybe they never told you to set up a profile on an online dating site. Be proactive when looking for love. Go to dinner parties, social events, ask your friends to introduce to their friends (male or female), take cooking or rock climbing classes, etc. It’s a great way to meet and know other people, where you can easily find someone who shares common interests with you.

Get in shape

High self-esteem and confidence is the key to finding and attracting a perfect mate, especially when you’re still single. See, it’s understandable to see people who are in a long-term relationship being lazy and not taking too much care” of their physical looks. If you’re looking for love, it’s imperative that you get physically active, change your diet and get healthy. Getting in shape won’t only make you appear physically appealing; it will also make you feel confident.

Update yourself about your responsibilities you will have in your relationship

When you’re in a long-term relationship, the roles you usually take in the relationship change over time. It can be as easy as taking your partner for the occasional dinner or go on a vacation, or it can be dramatic and harsh when your partner doesn’t want to take on dates, buy your gifts and don’t like to spend some alne time together. For example, he wants you to organize a vacation, and you’re concerned that he won’t get good deals on the hotels. Whatever you do, discuss it with your partner about it and make the decision together, which will make your relationship even better.

So, when do you realize that you started to change too much?

If you’re taking the concept of reinventing yourself too seriously, there is a possibility that you might start losing your identity. There is a chance that if you change too much, you might lose some friends and even family members. It is okay to make your boyfriend or girlfriend your top priority here, but it’s only critical that you maintain a sense of yourself and who you are. Don’t discard your hobbies, interests, and passions just to make your partner love you or make him or her happy. And keep in mind, if they expect or ask you to do, then maybe he or she isn’t the right person for you.

Always keep your views, feelings, and thoughts to yourself, especially if you’re in an exclusive relationship or married. This is often the case with women as the society implies them that if they expressed their thoughts and feelings verbally, their partners might leave the relationship. We would recommend women not to voice their opinions in an aggressive manner. But, it is also necessary to ensure that your partner respects your feelings when you express them without feeling intimidated or judged.

The bottom line is sometimes it is helpful to change or reinvent yourself to some extend to accommodate your partner, particularly when you’re in a new relationship. To raise the bar of your intimacy, you can find this loving technique very helpful. But don’t change too much in which you lose your identity and later regret when the relationship ends.

Not in A Relationship? Celebrate Being Single, Instead!

On Valentine’s Day, it comes evident, half of the world as in relationships, while the other half are singles. But, that shouldn’t stop you from being happy. At least for some time, there are so many reasons why being single can be a good experience. Here are some of the valuable perks of being single:

1. You Don’t Have Anyone Nagging You

Relationships are nagging are synonymous to some degree. If your partner keeps nagging at you always, it can kill the loving feelings in the relationship. And the last thing you want to hear after your partner nags at you and says, “I love you.” Nagging is serious as its one of the main reasons relationships break up. Luckily for you, you are single. So, don’t worry about it.

2. Being single allows you to be spontaneous

We understand that singles are tempted to romanticise relationships as they aren’t in one. Most single men and women romanticise that they can hardly wait to meet their soul mates and take them to all romantic vacations all over the world, which they’ve been fantasising all along. But in reality, being in a relationship can put all your romantic plans awry. To put this in context, your boyfriend has just joined a new job, while your girlfriend can’t get a vacation at work. The truth is being spontaneous and travelling is very hard when you’re in a relationship. Now, that you’re still single, preparing for a solo trip all the places you wanted to visit.

3. Social Time with Friends

Remember that old friend whom you loved to hang out and share a drink. Well, you won’t be seeing him anymore now that he or she’s in a relationship. You’ll be lucky if you can see him or her couple of time in a month or two. The reasons that couples have to stop meeting their friends now and then is that the person has to cater, in most cases, to certain social needs of their romantic partner. What’s more disheartening is that as the couples reach their late 30s or 40s, they see their friends even less. The benefits of being single are that you keep hanging out with friends that match the various parts of your personality, while if you’re in a relationship, you’ll be habituated with people that match some certain aspects of your personality.

4. Your Lust Is Alive

No doubt, being in a relationship has a bunch of benefits, but one part most couples lose in a long-term relationship is the loss of lust. When two people are in a relationship for some time, may have reported that the sparks have dissipated over time, requiring couples to work on their relationships to keep the excitement and intimacy flowing again. If you are a single, you don’t have to worry about the excitement when you go out, because it’s still flowing!

Overall, all single men and women, do your best to cherish your relationship-free life. Eventually, you guys won’t be single forever, most of you will find yourselves in relationships, and when that moment arrives, you’ll be more committed and responsible than even than your past single life.

4 New Dating Rules Everyone Should Follow – Well Sort Of!

We all tend to be idealistic sometimes, but it would be great if there were a new set of absolute dating rules that everyone should adhere to – sort of. There are always new rules for traffic, driving, sport, so why dating should be left out? The dating experience would be more enjoyable to everyone if they followed some general guideless, particularly kindness.

So, here are the proposed four new rules of dating:

#1 When You Speak Be Impeccable

This quality itself will tremendously transform the way we date with someone. If you find someone who is truthful and honest about what they say and do, and mindful about, it’s very attractive. Also if people spoke honestly and thoughtfully, and realize that their words can have consequences, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, very few relationships would have broken up.

#2 Don’t Make Anything Personal

This one is crucial. Rejection is a part of the dating process, and the less importance we pay to rejection while dating, and not taking it personally. It will be a real blessing. If we like someone, go on a date, and the next day, when we hear he or she doesn’t want to see you again, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. There is nothing wrong with your date and yourself either. The date didn’t click because there wasn’t any real chemistry between the two of you. Period. So, get over it, move on, and take the whole thing as a learning experience that can come in handy for your next date. And please don’t punish yourself up for it. Instead, be kind to yourself and love yourself.

#3 Don’t Make Any Assumptions

We all make presumptions whether it’s right or wrong. We do this while we are dating too. Most men and women while looking for someone to date always make assumptions about a person’s behaviors, actions or personality, without even knowing them. And, in most cases, they’re wrong. What’s more frustrating is that they don’t learn from it, and keeps on repeating this unwanted habit over and over again. So, what’s the best thing you should do? Try not to sit around and waste your time and mental effort of speculating of what he or she meant when they said something or why did she say that, or why he or she hasn’t called or texted. Invest your time and energy on something more productive, like spending quality time with close friends and family.

#4 Always Do Your Best

This one is really encouraging. Be the best of yourself every moment and every day. Always striving to do your best will make you more hopeful and drive you sorrows and regrets away. You’ll enjoy your life better and be happier if you be honorable and act accordingly.

Relationships should be all about bringing the best within us. Being honest, committed, and respectful to each other is the bedrock of any relationship to last and thrive in the long-term. Following these new guidelines will help to prepare yourself so that you can meet someone who values to be in a long-term relationship.