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What Is Conor McGregor’s Net Worth?

Everyone knows Conor McGregor for his aggressive style of fighting. After being awarded the nickname “The Notorious”, this versatile fighter has managed to bring two important titles under his belt: the lightweight and feather fighter championships. Conor has built his fortune gradually, and now he can be proud with a fortune made out of fighting.

How Much Is Conor McGregor Worth?

In a recent top, Conor McGregor's value has been established at about $22 million. This amount is split between two major categories: $18 million come from the salary and winnings, while the rest represents the sponsorship value. When Forbes created the “Top 100 list of best earners in the world”, Conor had his place in it. Actually, he was the only UFC fighter to be included in this top.

Just as a simple comparison, Nate Diaz who was lucky to beat McGregor once, has a net worth 10 times lower, of just $3 million. This amount comes mainly from endorsements and earnings. Therefore, there cannot be any comparison between the two even though Diaz managed to win over Conor once.

Which Is Conor McGregor Richest Fight?

Even though Diaz won one game against McGregor, the latter didn't accept the defeat so easy. Therefore, he challenged Nate for a rematch. This was the richest fight that Conor has had so far. He earned $3 million after this fight. Everyone has expected McGregor to take revenge after Diaz had beaten him 5 months earlier and so the fight became extremely interesting in terms of money.

Conor did not disappoint his fans and he defeated Diaz. He obtained a points victory, that filled also his accounts with some important millions.

In December 2015, he obtained another record. He became the first UFC fighter to hit the $500,000 purse mark. This happened during the match wth Jose Aldo. He beat Aldo in just 13 seconds with a fabulous knockout.

How Much Does McGregor Win From Sponsorship Deals?

Each year brings around $2 million into Conor's accounts. Reebok, Monster Energy, Volvo or Bud Light are some of the companies that signed important sponsorship deals with the Irish fighter.

McGregor is very exigent when he accepts to collaborate with a company. He wants to associate his image with brands that have a clean reputation and that would never put in danger his name. This is why he started also the collaboration with the one of the best nutrition brands, BSN. The reason he accepted to collaborate with them was because he takes nutrition very seriously. Therefore, he chose to associate himself with a top brand in terms of nutrition and supplements and become a model for those who want to follow his steps.

How Does McGregor Spend His Money?

When your name is worth million of dollars, you think of investing them wisely. Therefore, McGregor decided that one safe investment would be buying homes. He recently spent $2 million on a new mansion in Ireland. He won enough during his fight with Aldo to buy himself a present like this.

Moreover, one of his major passions is owning the fastest and most luxurious cars. He is known for being a “petrolhead” and rumors say that he already owns eight cards. For example, he owns a White BMW i9 or a Cadillac Escalade. Great tastes, we would say!

In conclusion, Conor's path to success is just at the beginning and he still has a lot to demonstrate. He will continue fighting many other fighters in the future that will increase his net worth bringing him more millions and fame.



How To Get Someone To Reciprocate Your Love?

Is there anything worse than loving someone and not getting the same response in return? Falling in love and being loved are the feelings which can neither be controlled nor dictated.

But, do you want someone to return your love? The only thing that you can do when someone doesn’t reciprocate your love is either to move forward or to show them that side of yours with which they are unfamiliar as yet.

Love just happens. There is no way that you can switch off the feeling. If you fall in love and feel that there does exist a chemistry between you two, then follow the following ways to peak their interest:

Finding connections

When you two are together, try to make out special connections and relate these connections to their world. Soon, they will start enjoying having you around more than they have thought about it.

Try to change your outlook

Your appearance counts a lot when it comes to feelings, attraction and long-term relationships. If lately, you have not been putting any efforts to look good then it is the time for a quick makeover. Update your look. Consult a hairdresser to transform you from average to just remarkable. Plan a workout to tone up your body to show a healthier and fresh look to him/her.

Better yourself

It is not only your appearance that matters; your inner self is equally important. Dig deep into your personality and find something that attracts the person you love. They might be looking for the qualities like honesty, generosity, politeness, kindness, etc. If you are low on these qualities, then you need to pay special attention to make an improvement in these areas.

Finding someone else

Nothing in the world is more attractive than being unattainable.  It is human nature that they want what they can’t have. By doing so, it will make them wonder that why you did not respond at the very first place. Moreover, they will be worried when their phone stops blowing up with your phone calls.

Take up a role of a friend

Be friends with them at the first place and figure out what they want from the relationship. After getting a clear idea, you may put in efforts to earn their love.

Try pulling yourself away from them

The thing we cannot have becomes our greatest desire. Show them that you can live without them by creating space between you two.  Step forward and move on. This will make them think twice that what place you hold in their lives and that nobody can replace your presence.

Do not make assumptions

One of the most important points is to stop making assumptions. If you have never confronted and have been honest about your feelings then basically you have never given them the opportunity to express what they feel about you. Therefore, stop assuming that they do not love you. You never know, the moment you express your feelings they confess about their own which they might not have conveyed because they were too insecure to say.

Nothing can be more painful than not being loved in response. You can have it in two ways. Either wait and wish that your love will be returned one day or step ahead to move on in the quest of changing their minds.

How To Find The Woman Of Your Dreams AKA Ms. Right!

Just get yourself out there, be the best you can be, and in no time, you’ll meet the woman of your dreams. Sound simple, right? Well, that’s what most folks say. But, the reality is much more complicated. The key here you need to make yourself attractive to attract potential partners. It can be done by making a list of what makes you special and unique, what you’ll bring in the relationship, and what do you want to see in your potential girlfriends.

Assess your past
Before you embark on a new relationship, it’s imperative that you take some off of your normal dating schedule, and use to evaluate your previous relationships. Ask yourself what went wrong and what worked in your relationships. It’s also advised that you ask your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend to give in their takes on the matter. Recall your past relationships, and determine in which relationships you felt the happiest, and which of your exes brought out the best in you.

You can’t meet Ms. Right until you love yourself
If you’ve think that you’ve no sense of stability of yourself, and have poor self-esteem, it better you address these issues first before you start a new relationship. Otherwise, the potential effects of being involved in a relationship in this situation can be detrimental. If this takes place, much of your happiness and self-worth will be derived from external sources, in this case, it’s the woman you’re dating. Keep in mind that real happiness and true self-esteem comes from within. Besides, spending time with your significant other, it’s essential that you figure out some activities or hobbies that interest you and like doing it. Use it to develop a new realm around your life. When you feel good and happy about what you do, naturally you feel good and happy about yourself. If you’ve reached this stage, we can say you’ve started looking for a relationship with a great foundation.

Determine what you want to see in Ms. Right
A healthy relationship consists of partners who are compatible with each other. Take some time to make a wish list of all the qualities, values and characteristics you would want to see in your girlfriend.
This list should include items you will not change your stance such as whether she wants to get married, have kids, is religious or is a nonsmoker. When dating, be persistent in asking yourself, if your life goals, values, views, personal beliefs, and interests are in alignment with your potential partners. You should never compromise these items in a right person, no matter what the circumstances are.

When you meet Ms. Right, hold her tight and don’t let her disappear.
Sitting in a corner, won’t help you find Ms. Right. You have to look for her. When you’ve done your due diligence, assessed your past, determined what your ideal girlfriend should have and shouldn’t have, and straightened your feelings and emotions and self-worth in place, you’re prepared to meet that special someone. Get out from your safe space or comfort zone, ask your friends or family to set you up with someone or update your online dating profile. Remember, it’s you, who have to make the first move in finding the woman of your dreams. You will find someone great and perfect to fall in love with, if you’re determined to have a good relationship and won’t compromise on the qualities, you would want your girlfriend to have.

Two Major Dating Suggestions You Should Avoid

In dating and relationships, many men and women have adopted techniques that not only disappointed to find love but also failed them. It has also left them feeling less confident and depleted.

Below are two typical dating approaches peoples should stop following at all costs if you want to have a loving and healthy relationship.

1. Choosing A Boyfriend/Girlfriend Into A Contest
Simply thinking about it will make anyone stressed out! Like it or not, these days most men and women think of dating as a contest, that they will either win or lose. Women, in particular, consider themselves as a failure even when they didn’t like the men! We aren’t surprised by these thoughts of women given the fact popular culture and the media persistently and still to this day portrays successful women to be self-assured, confident, perky, energetic, high self-esteem, beautiful, picture-perfect, and so on. When you fall for this story, think about it for a second time before you acknowledge it. Dating was never about who will win or lose. So, what are going to do? First, you need to make a drastic change in your mindset.

Dating is all about getting to know each other better, looking for a fit of shared values, interests, opinions, goals and lifestyle. A good dating experience should bring the best of each other and complement each other. So, the next time you get to meet someone new, think about what both of you guys have in common and how can both be a fit together. Is he or she right for you? Always maintain a positive attitude and things will change for the better.

2. Waiting for Prince Charming
On the one hand, we don’t like dating because we feel like we’re being judged. On the flipside, people judge us because we have unrealistic expectations of what we want to see with our boyfriends or girlfriends. Even though we aren’t big fans of arranged marriages, it’s been found that divorce rates amongst arranged marriages are far less than those romantic unions. How is this relevant you may ask? The thing is it has all to do with expectations.

To put this in context, let’s say Danielle is a successful lawyer, who leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She also maintains a strong social life with long-standing friends and travels regularly. But, she’s still single. She looks at her friends who are married and happily settled. Sometimes, Danielle thinks that some of her friends have partners who aren’t successful or educated like them, but after taking to them and paying close attention, she came to realize that her buddies are all really happy with their married lives and it never occurred to them that they’ve settled. Keep in mind that the most successful and long-lasting relationships are built on mutual understanding, attraction and trust that is bonded in friendship and shared values and interest. Flexibility is essential here.

The bottom line is while looking for someone to be in a relationship; it’s crucial that we let go of self-judgment and rather look for the best fit and compatibility while choosing partners. If you keep your expectations flexible and realistic, it’s imperative that your boyfriend or girlfriend also keep his or her expectations gentle and realistic.

What A Guy Needs To Feel When Dating A Woman

If you want a man to get to know you better and ultimately to have a loving and committed relationship with you, you will need to build a positive experience first. This positive experience will subsequently make him impossible to resist and imagine life without you. If you’re able to do it, you’ll eventually have a healthy, loving and long-lasting relationship with him and you don’t have to anxious again of him getting away from you.

Here’s how:

1. Have Control Over Your Emotions
How you communicate your emotions has tremendous power over a man. They will help you to connect you with a man instantly, and they also have the power to push him away in no time. If you want to have a healthy, loving relationship with a man, and want to enjoy that wonderful feeling that comes with it by being close and intimate with him, even during the hard times, then you must know how to control your emotions. You should be aware how to convey your feelings with a man, and communicate in such a way that uses their power to benefit you and your relationship. If you rush, it will make the relationship crumble. So, take the time to process your emotions, and put them in perspective. Then your emotions and feelings will have a different effect on a man. Therefore, spare some time for your emotions to settle, before you express them to a man. Also, express your emotions calmly and passionately to a man, and he’ll surely have a positive experience overall.

2. Always Expect The Best Possible Outcome
When it comes to relationships, most men and women always expect the worse outcome. Let’s talk about a situation to put this into context. Say, your man didn’t call you even after he said he would. You quickly start to wonder where he is, who is he with, what is he doing, etc., and all sorts of negative thoughts. You start imagining in your head, having fun with other women, enjoying without you, and so forth. You get upset. Eventually, this creates negative tension and distance between both of you.

How can you deal with this? First, begin by visualizing your ideal outcome; and then create a positive meaning from the result by yourself. If he doesn’t call you, it's probably he is busy with work, forgot to call you, or just making himself free to call you. You’ll notice that your man will be more interested in talking to you as he has a lot of catching up to do. If he tells you that he isn’t ready to be in a serious relationship with you, you might freak out, and this will push him away without giving the relationship a second try. Instead, think of it this way – that is he really likes you, but he wants to think about the relationship deeply as his feelings for you are intense and adamant. You can get incredible results when you spin things positively. It will make you attractive and desirable to other men who are committed to being in a relationship, if not to him.

In dating and relationship, if you keep a positive mindset and have fun, it will create positive and intimate experiences in the relationship. Your partner will soon see you as positive and significant part of his or her life.

Out of Ideas – Try These Conversation Starters!

At some point in our lives, we do face a situation in which we need to talk to the other person, but we do not know exactly where to start from.

It's hard to start a meaningful conversation by walking up to the person whom you don’t know and with whom you have never had any interaction. In fact, meaningful conversations are always between two people who know each other.

Conversation starters are said to be hard but not impossible. You may find it difficult at the start, but you can begin a great conversation even with the strangers as long as you have got some good conversation starters.

Before jumping on to the conversation starters, let us first discuss the tips for making a great conversation.

  • Have a look at the surroundings. A lot of time the surroundings are very helpful in creating an environment for you to start a conversation. It can be anything like the shirt they are wearing or what they are watching on the TV, etc.
  • You need to pay attention to their body language. If the person is facing you and listening carefully with an eye contact then he/she must be enjoying your conversation while the individual who doesn’t seem interested in what you are saying will look away.
  • You are advised to go slow at the beginning. No need to rush up to ask about their greatest fears. Start a conversation with a lighter mood.

Great Conversation Starters when you can’t think straight:

Here are some conversation starters that will help you to initiate the perfect discussion:

Have you read any good book lately?

This not only gives you the insight of the person’s interests but also an overview of the entire book with loads of information to talk about.

What’s the best thing about you which you never want to change?

The conversations should always start and end on the positive notes. So, ask this question and get to know about the best thing they would never like to change in them.

What do you like to do?

This question is something which has an endless answer as every person loves to discuss their favorite things or interests and the conversation goes on and on.

Is your job something that you enjoy?

Asking about the job will lead to the answers of many relevant questions like what is their job type? What do they like or dislike about it? How do they get there?

Tell me about your most strange habit:

Everyone does have one, and it is also necessary for you two to have a little funny conversation in the start.

Do you come here often?

This is a sort of question which can open the door to a long conversation. If they say ‘yes,' then you can discuss this place, and if they say ‘no,' then you can ask them that why they are here.

Who do you know here?

If you have been invited by someone on this event then by asking this question can immediately lead you to some mutual interest and eventually to more discussions.

These are the simple tips when your tongue is all tied up in front of your crush and will let you know them at a deeper level.

Is Dating a Co-Worker Good or A Disaster Waiting to Happen?

There is nothing unusual people telling that they’ve fallen in love with that cute lady or that handsome guy at work. But is dating a coworker a lucky thing or just a call for disaster? Consider the pros and cons of such relationships before you make such a decision.

Dating someone from work has some benefits. As both of you are working in the same, you most likely know about his/her strengths and weaknesses. You have seen how he/she handles stress and treats her peers and colleagues. Even better, as you both work for the same employer, you two will have the working hours, days and holidays. Both of you’ll have the same values, friends and coworkers. But, all isn’t rosy here. Think whether your relationship will become a topic of office gossip? Will your other co-workers conspire with you? Will they become resentful and jealous towards you? Will you be treated differently by your boss, supervisors or coworkers after they come to know that you’re dating someone at work?

Then there’s the question whether your office romance will affect your productivity at work? There is a chance that you’ll get distracted by your new love interest, at least during the initial stages, and if the relationship breaks down, will you become less efficient in carrying out your job duties? After all, you’re responsible for accomplishing certain tasks by your company. If you think that dating a coworker, will make it harder for you to keep your love life and professional life separate, or it might make you less productive, then having a relationship with a coworker isn’t a right decision.

You should also take into account the financial impacts if the relationship ends. Would you feel comfortable working with him/her at proximity post-breakup? If not, is there any option that you’ll be relocated to another department or location? Or, will you need to look for a new job somewhere else?

Nonetheless, if you’re still interested to date someone at work, the following guidelines will make the whole experience a lot smoother.

Follow the rules of your company or organization. If your company forbids you from dating your coworkers, follow it. Some companies allow it after disclosing it to your boss or supervisors. Don’t date someone who directly answers to you or you answer to them, such your boss or supervisors. You must need to avoid any chances of favoritism, abuse of power, conflicts of interests or gossips from your coworkers.

Maintain clear boundaries between your personal and professional lives. While on the job, focus on it 100 percent. What you do at your workplace is your employer’s business, and what you do outside of work is your personal business.

Keep your romantic behavior discreet. Don’t make your colleagues feel uncomfortable by showing affection to your coworker when things are good, or grief when things go awry. Besides, don’t use any office phone or emails for personal communication as it can interfere with your privacy.

Love can find you anytime, anywhere. Despite all the problems, it’s still possible for singles to date their co-workers and have loving, lasting relationships with them. After all, this is where most people spend almost half of their days.

How to Deal If Someone Gives Mixed Messages

One of the most common complaints couples have to deal with their partners is when one of the potential partners sending out mixed signals. For example, you had a great date, and he said he would call you soon, but it turned out that he didn’t. You had a growing relationship, but all of a sudden, it turned cold, and he started to act distant. Sound familiar?

Here are eleven ways to deal with your potential partner, when he or she begins to send mixed signals. So, the next time you see yourself in a situation like this, try to recall the following:

1. Don’t predict anything or reach to conclusions. We, as humans, try to find out or read into anything that we find concerning or curious about. But, we can’t be sure what going on a person’s head or what he or she is thinking about. Therefore, don’t waste too much energy on wondering what is happening on other person’s head. When the time is right, you’ll know.

2. Don’t take mixed signals personally. Your date sending out mixed signals has nothing to do at a personal level. So, try to resist the urge to blame yourself when things do go as expected.

3. Don’t force or keep nagging your date when he or she gives out mixed signals. Back off and give some breathing space.

4. Believe what you’re told. Unless your intuition tells you something else, believe what your potential partner said. Allow your partner to experience the doubt and show trust – until the trust is no longer there.

5. Realize that the other person may have some personal issues to deal with. Your partner is confused because he or she might be dealing with pains from past relationships, fears, insecurities, or other life circumstances.

6. Don’t be demanding. It’s one of the bad habits you need manage if you want your relationship to last. So, when your partner didn’t call you, don’t call him back angrily and asking him questions like, ‘why did you call or what took you so long to text,' etc. This can contribute to the push-pull phenomenon, which is common in relationships; the more your partner for answers, the far he or she will go away.

7. Try to get a second opinion. If your date is sending out mixed signals, ask your friend to see what’s actually going on might be helpful.

8. Ensure your confusions aren’t contributing to the problem. If you feel vulnerable, it’s likely that you too may be sending out mixed signals. It’s this is the case; things can get even more complicated.

9. Be direct. Ask straightforward questions and don’t be pushy. If you’ve doubts, a few right questions may clear things quickly.

10. Remember, you’re responsible for you. Sure, you can’t control what your partner conveys to you, but you can control the way you react to them.

11. Boost your self-confidence. A high sense of self-assurance and confidence will help you to navigate all the ups and downs of your life. It will also make you look attractive and desirable to your future potential dates, in case your current one breaks up with you.

The bottom line is if you’re seeing someone new, and your date gives out mixed signals, try to talk about it. If the mixed messages persist, think if you can live with them, and decide when to walk away.

Five Signs You’re Suffering Exhaustion In Your Relationship

Typically most of us are acquainted with the term ‘exhaustion.' Burnout happens when you’re working too hard for the results that are being produced. Exhaustion can also be seen in a relationship. When we feel burned out, we lose enjoyment, frustrated, and depressed. If we’re working too hard to make our relationship work and it still fails, we become upset and begin to think that being single would have been better than staying in a dysfunctional and unhappy relationship.

So, how can we tell that we’re tired and burned out in our relationship? Here are five ways to explain it:

1. You start to resent dating. Some people after a breakup get all prepped up to get into the dating, while other seem disinterested or indifferent to dating. These are all somewhat positive indications of wanting to be single again. But, if you’ve decided not to date for a significant period after a breakup or a divorce, it points that you’re tired of being in relationships.

2. You don’t have much enjoyment while meeting potential partners. Most men and women find looking for a date as a stressful activity, but about when you’re meeting one or dating someone you met at work or introduced by a friend? If you feel less excited about these prospects, then we can conclude that you won’t get over your relationship exhaustion anytime soon.

3. Your emotional energy is almost empty. Most folks are depressed and feel exhausted after a breakup or after a final divorce proceeding. There another consequence of a relationship burnout – the lack of emotional energy. If you’ve depleted all of your emotional energy, you won’t feel any emotional reaction even in simple things such as jokes and laughter.

4. You remember only the bad moments. Usually, whenever someone leaves a job and found an opportunity or excited to pursue their passion, they keep reminiscing all the good and bad times about their past jobs holistically. If someone feels grateful to quit a bad job or a relationship, they will only remember all the bad and stressful times they had during that period. You can only recall the fights and arguments with your ex, rather than reminiscing all the good time you both during the early days of the relationship that brought you close to each other.

5. You feel pessimistic or cynical about love. You don’t get into a new relationship because you think sooner or later it will fail. You always think of people who are in love or relationships as fools. You always keep telling bad things about the concept of love and relationship like lies, illusions, etc. If this is all you can think about love, then it’s an unfortunate outcome of relationship exhaustion.

To make this critical period of your life easier and get over it, try to understand what lessons you've learned from your previous relationship so that you can heal and prepare yourself for your next relationship. Even you meet someone interesting, and he or she likes to date you, be straightforward with and tell them you aren’t interested at the moment. If you’ve lost your spark, try to cultivate it again by focusing your interest and passion in other parts of your life.

Five Big Turn-Offs for Men While Dating

Despite the fact that things have changed over the years, most women still follow an old set of rules when it comes to dating men. These may have worked in our earlier generations, but many of these old dating rules no longer work while attracting men to have a healthy relationship. Some are, in fact, total turn-offs. Here are five major turn-offs for men while looking for ‘The One.' Read on to find more:

1. Expressing your feelings while being desperate. There is a big difference when it comes to open communication and being desperate. During the initial days of dating, it is okay for you looking forward to spending more of your time with your man and expressing your feelings without any moderation. But after a few dates, this kind of behavior might make appear as desperate, clingy, obsessive and overly dependent on your partner. It’s better not to rush and wait for some time before expressing your feelings in full force.

2. Downplaying your intelligence and personality. Often women were taught to be timid and reserved. Most women even think that expressing their views, opinions, and intelligence as unfeminine characteristics that would keep their potential partner at bay. Even though women have more rights than ever before, they still think to consider suppressing their real personalities to look cute, submissive and appealing to men. However, a good guy will seek to have a loving, long-term relationship with a woman who has her own opinions and views and with a strong and confident personality.

3. Making him jealous or envious. Openly flirting with other men or talking with your ex is intended to make your partner jealous or envious of you, so that he would love you more, will have an opposite effect on your relationship. This risky behavior isn’t only immature on your part, but it will also hurt his feelings. Keep in mind, if a man is interested in you, he doesn’t want to play games with you. So, if you’re thinking of inviting your ex to the dinner party to make your guy jealous, think again. Instead, focus all your energy towards finding out what made your instincts to come with such as insidious idea in the first place.

4. Being overly caring to him. There is nothing wrong to care for your partner, but whatever you do, don’t try to become his mother. It might have worked well in the old days, where girlfriends and wives had more functional roles to play. But it’s very displeasing and overbearing to men today. Don’t interfere and push your opinions when he’s trying to make a decision. He is an adult, not a kid.

5. Don’t play hard with him, instead interact with him frequently. Playing games and sending our hints or mixed signals don’t work in today’s relationships. While small challenges can sometimes be fun and exciting to men, too much of it can appear to be silly and immature and can be detrimental. It can make you less alluring to him.

Unlike women, men rely more on actions than words. If a man interested in a woman, he will flirt with her, make eye contact, take her to vacations, send her gifts and so on. Therefore, when a man realizes that your actions, gestures, and behaviors are desperate, clingy and overly caring, it will make you less appealing and attractive to him.