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Try These New Year Dating Resolutions To End Your Single Life

Often people tell that New Year resolutions are meaningless and silly. But notice that it’s these pessimistic folks who have made them in the past and failed to honor them. If you’re someone who is organized in making a list and put the effort in achieving them, you’re probably one of those people who get things done efficiently and timely. If you’re single, it is important that you set your dating goals and get to work on your love life, and what’s better to start at the beginning of a new year.

We will discuss three resolutions here; we hope you give at least one a try. So, read on:

First, date at least one new person for the first three months of the year. If you’re still looking for someone, but just don’t have the drive to do it, maybe this will give you some inspiration. If you date at least one person every month, it means that you can date twelve people a year, and hopefully, you’ll find your match there. However, just for any goals or resolutions, it’s better to keep it realistic. What’s the point of keeping promises which you can’t keep? Anyways, we will recommend you stick with dating at least one new person for the first three months of the year. This target is necessary as it keeps you motivated for dating and meeting new people.

Second, have a date with someone at any month of the year, who isn’t your usual type. Suppose, you like tall and blonde women. Just for change go out with a lady who is a brunette, yet not very tall. We understand why most men and women always like to date people who are their type or can relate to. But, it’s important that you expand your “types” category. Dating only individuals who abide by your strict types and preferences will make it harder for you to find a match. Many couples have settled for partners who aren’t their original types because they couldn’t meet someone that fitted their inflexible type codes. So, if you’re still single and looking for a partner, looking for someone that will be a perfect match and type is the last thing you should be doing. The best thing you can do for yourself is to expand your options and to give someone else a shot to be your significant another.

Third, consider adding one new activity or interest into your usual dating schedule. Meeting or hanging out over a cup of coffee or a beer is not bad, but it’s not exciting either. Instead, try doing something different this year. If you’re active and full of energy, do something active and exhilarating that sitting at a coffee table with someone you don’t know. If you’re already dating or in a relationship, doing something active or exciting like a bike ride, skydiving or hiking, will make your relationship fun and successful. And if you had an active date, yet failed to score a relationship, well, you didn’t lose anything.

Going on dates at the beginning of a new year can be a really exciting. So, take some risks, try new things and be kind to yourself. But, for the moment, flirt with women, flirt with men, and get surprised to see the results.

Think Before Saying ‘I Love You’

In relationships, who do you is more likely to say, “I love you”? Men or women? Who’s first? Most people will probably say, women. Well, it’s true the ladies were first to confess to their partners that they love them. A study done by Ackerman, Griskevicius, & Li found that 64 percent of women are likely to tell their partners, “I love you,” within two months of being in a relationship. The study reiterates the stereotype that the ladies are more interested in love and relationships than men, so that’s why women are more likely to confess their feelings quickly.

That doesn't mean that men aren’t interested in professing their love to their partners. When it comes to real relationships, it's men who are more likely to declare their feelings first! It’s also been found that men take around three months to profess their love to their partners, while women start thinking about saying their partners they love after dating for five months. Researchers suggest this happens because of women’s physiological and evolutionary characteristics such as childbearing, nurturing abilities, etc. are more valuable. Therefore, women have no issues to wait to confess their love to their partners. Also, women are choosier about whom they like to date and who they like to physically intimate.

Now, let’s move on sexual intimacy and love. Researchers told that men felt more happiness and emotionally positive if their partners said they love them before having sex. They also felt that the confessions were more honest and heartfelt if said before sexual intimacy. These findings were especially true for guys who are looking for casual or short-term sexual relationships rather than committed and long-term relationships. To these people, hearing the words, “I love you” meant more to them emotionally before sex indicating that their partners were also interested in having sex with them.

For women, it’s the opposite. Women felt more happiness and emotionally positive if their partners told they love them after having sex. This feeling of happiness and satisfaction is related with romantic excitement, particularly, for people who are looking for committed and long-term relationships than casual or short-term sexual relationships. Women think that if their partners told them they love them before being physically intimate with them, they assume that the man is less sincere and trustworthy.

For relationships where couples have already engaged in sexual activity, both men and women believed that the best time to declare their feelings and love for each was between three to six months. Meanwhile, if men and women are dating and they still haven’t had sex, they thought the appropriate time to profess their love to their partners would be a month earlier into the relationship given the same time frame.

Love and relationships can be messy and confusing sometimes. Whether you’re looking a casual sexual relationships or a long-term relationship, saying “I love you,” to the person you love is an individual decision that depends on many factors including relationship goals, timing, personal feelings, and so on. So, think long and hard before you say, “I love you!”

You’re Never Too Late To Be In Love, Here’s Why!

Regardless of how old you are, how many wrong decisions you’ve made in the past, or how much you’ve waited to be in a relationship – being in love is your birthright. Often people say that there is a certain age to fall in love or you can’t be in love after a certain age, or you’re just too old to be in love! These comments aren’t only hurtful; they’re lies.

All the time folks say that we should be lucky to have found each other. That might be true to some people given the fact we all mistakes while dating and in relationships, and unless for ‘luck,' our partners won’t have stayed with us, and we would have been miserable and alone. If you want to love just for the sake of it, let me say love isn’t about who you are, but who you’ve been in this world. Instead of looking for the perfect men or women, who aren’t superficial or chasing you for your money, focus on yourself. Try to understand what you really want, what’s going inside of you, and how it’s affecting the decisions that you make in your daily life.

Here are some tips to follow that will help you create love at any age in your life:

Forget the Past

If you’ve bad experience with your past relationships or broken up with your ex, and always have a space for him or her to fill, you won’t find love quickly. Keep in mind that your former lovers can only get into that space if there’s one for him or her. So, that space should be removed. If you haven’t still got over your ex or reminiscing about your past relationships, it will only make it difficult for you to move one and find someone new. So, forget the past, forgive yourself, forgive your exes, and move on.

Envision Your Ideal Relationship

You can get what your desire if you don’t know what you want. You much have a clear vision of how a relationship works and how you feel if you’re with this person. We are referring to the emotional connection between two people in a relationship, not how tall he is, what his career is, how much money he has, etc. Take a good look at the list of the qualities and values that drives and motivates you in a relationship and see if it relates to the kind of relationship you desire.

Take Different Actions

If you want something you never had before, you’ve to do something you haven’t done before. Try online dating for a change, go to parties and events where singles hang out, take some cooking classes, join a gym, etc.

Finally, age doesn’t matter at all when you’re looking for a woman to love. If you believe in yourself that you have a chance to meet someone and start a relationship, you can do it. You have the desire to be in love because your heart isn’t fulfilled by it. So, get out there and find someone to love!

10 Ways To Make Your Lady Fall In Love With You

Men and women who are dating or recently have experienced a break up know very well that there are no shortcuts when it comes to making someone fall in love with you.

However, if you have a special woman in your life, you can easily sweep off her feet by following these ten easy tips.

1. Listen to your lady. At the end of the day, women like to talk and work on their problems. You don’t need always to solve her problems. All she wants is to listen to her when she vents, muses or just explains her issues.

2. Compliment her. Most women put on a lot of effort to look perfect for their dates. So, it’s only fair that you compliment her. This will not only flatter her but also make her feel happy that you noticed her.

3. Support her. Be a cheerleader for her. Support her opinions, views, choices, successes and failures, and she will become your biggest fan. Hands down!

4. Be chivalrous. Chivalry isn’t dead, no matter what people tell you. Chivalry is hot and very attractive to ladies. Hold the door, pull the chair, and wait for her to seated, before you sit. Send her flowers for no reason at all. Even better, send flowers to her at work to her feel beautiful and dedicated. Remember, treating her like a lady is never going out of style.

5. Focus on Her. Gazing on your lady is boring and rude. Instead, focus on her and pay attention in a way that looks like you are interested in her.

6. Tidy up. Women don’t like to date messy guys. So, keep your rooms and stuff clean and organized. Don’t stuff your toilet or kitchen with wet towels or dirty napkins or nail clipping on your basin. You don’t want her to end things with you in a disgusting way.

7. Family is important. If you’re a man and really love your date, you will introduce her to your family and friends. It will make her think that she’s important to you and you also want your family to like her too. Also, be good friends with her buddies and be kind to her family members. Trust me you need her friends and family to like you. Otherwise, she won’t be yours forever.

8. Surprise her. Women like to be spontaneous. Surprise her with unexpected gifts or dinner dates, or take her somewhere new. Send her a flirty voicemail at work and slip her lunch on her bag while leaving for work. Crack up jokes when she feels down and bored. Encourage her to feel easy, comfortable, and be silly.

9. Ask her for advice. Ask her for her advice and feedback on matters even if you don’t need to. Consulting her on important things will make her feel appreciated and valuable.

10. Leave a Message. Regardless, if you’re meeting your special lady for the first time or taking her for the seventh date, don’t forget to text her telling her how much you enjoyed your time with her. Send her flirty and loving texts throughout the day. Also, be appreciative of her efforts to spend time with you and end by asserting that you can hardly wait to see her again. Timing is everything, so never be late for a date. If for some reason, you can’t be there on late or forget something, send her a message and let her know.

How to Overcome Fear And Find the One You Deserve

Fear is natural. We all have fears. We all get scared. For some, fear is evident and is easily seen, while others hide it within their own conscience. All of our hidden fears get exposed when we’re in a relationship. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with fear when falling in love, and most of the time we fail to see it.

When fears get entangled with our relationships, it will prevent us from connecting with a man and keep us away from love. If you’re having a tough time sustaining long-term relationships or being in relationships with the wrong men, it’s highly likely that your fears are engulfing you. The more vicious our fears are, the more power they have to prevent us from having healthy and loving relationships.

Some common unseen fears most of us have are; the fear of not be enough for man, the fear of being unlovable, and the fear of always being wrong. These fears come up because real love requires us to be insecure and vulnerable, and this can make us very uncomfortable. Intimacy and vulnerability go hand in hand, and most get afraid about it. So, our fears will attempt to take control of the situation and put on the defensive, and we don’t know that it’s happening! Being defensive is a human’s natural response to protect ourselves. Our defenses have kept us secure since birth and are a must if we want to survive. How we respond to fears, have become of our personalities and what makes us as a person.

Here’s an example.

Have you been in a situation when you were overreacting when you're criticized by your partner? Let’s assume that your guy doesn’t like the way you dress or complains about your behavior while having dinner at the restaurant? Our fears take over immediately, we feel attacked, and we respond defensively, even before considering even if it’s right or wrong. We view criticism as an invasion to our personality and identity, and we fight back. We only calm down when we can prove that he’s not right. We have become so obsessed with defending ourselves, that we have totally forgotten the fact what we’re actually feeling is fear.

Unless we recognize the fears that trigger our defensive traits, we won’t be able to feel secure in our relationships. We’ll always be in a state of alert, delusional, and unable to feel any comfort and be relaxed. If we can identify our fears and prove them baseless, only then we can stop ourselves from getting defensive and have successful and lasting relationships. We need work deep within our conscience that will enable us to believe in our worth as women. We should start thinking that we can be wrong sometimes and none of us are perfect. We should be in love and in relationships that none can take it away from us and destroy it.

Overall, if we challenge our hidden fears, they’ll lose their power and influence over us. As our fears decimate, we will have love, kindness, and acceptance – the things we always wanted to have in our relationships.

4 Dating Tips for Those Who Are Shy

If you’re a shy man or a woman, you probably know very well that you have an inclination to overthink in social situations, like a date. Shy people are often said to be interesting and dynamic folks, partly because of their thoughtful behavior. But when it comes to dating, shy people find a hard time being comfortable with someone new. So, if you’re someone who is shy, how can you relax and have a great time with your date? Here are four tips to help with that:

1. Wear clothes or accessories that are distracting

If you’re shy, the first dates may be very hard. Heck, first dates are awkward for all of us. On the first date, wear clothes or put on accessories that will act as a conversation starter for both of you. This will distract you from what you’re thinking about, or what your date is thinking about you. The primary purpose here is to take some pressure off you, help you relax and get the two of you to start talking. Wearing a shirt with your favorite team or your college, or wearing an interesting bracelet or a watch, or putting on a funky and weird case on your phone, are all great ways to distract the focus from you.

2. Be focused on what you like

Being shy means that you have a lot of personality inside of you, but you feel uncomfortable expressing it to people unfamiliar to you. This trait can come in handy when you just started to get to know people. The technique here is not to overthink stuff when you meet someone. Instead, redirect your thoughts to things you like and talk about it with your date. You can try having a conversation about your favorite movies, TV shows, books, vacation spots, etc., it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re talking about the things you love, you’ll find yourself to be more relaxed and less shy.

3. Make a video about yourself

To appear more natural, try recording a video about yourself saying hello and asking your date a few questions. Make as many videos as you like, and watch them. The point here is to rehearse making small talk and asking questions in more natural, comfortable way. The more you do this at home, the less shy you’ll be towards all your dates.

4. If you’re nervous, use your hands and fingers to keep you occupied

It’s natural to fidget with our hands when we feel anxious. One tip that can be helpful to most people is to use your index finger and thumb and keep pressing them together with slight pressure. Do it for few minutes or more, whatever feels comfortable to you. Whenever you feel nervous or feel shy with your partner, the pressure on your fingertips will help to distract you. You can also massage each finger or rub your palms slowly, in case this technique doesn’t do the trick.

Shyness often gets better with practice and age. All the tips I discussed could help to keep you out of your own head and keep you in the moment so you can enjoy your date and have a great time.

How to Make Your Date Feel Comfortable

We all feel uneasy and awkward while dating someone new. That’s okay, and the awkwardness will pass over time. The thing to remember here is if you want to put your date ease, both of you should stop thinking too much about what each other is thinking. To make your date feel comfortable, here are five elements for you, and trying each one of them will surely make you dating life as smooth as silk.

1. Play Games

Playing silly and nonsense games are the best way for both of you to get distracted and make yourselves comfortable and not feel awkward. Have your first or second date at the restaurant, doesn’t matter if it’s for lunch or dinner. It’s the perfect context. For example, you can ask your date who is the best dressed or worst dressed person in the restaurant, or which waiter won’t receive the “Employee of the Year” prize and so forth. You get the idea.

2. Compliment Each Other

Shoot out a quick compliment the moment you see your date and again toss another one before your date is over. Keep in mind; we are talking about compliments here, not praising speeches. One or two compliments are great, and anything more than that will single to your date that you feel insecure or overly anxious.

3. Tell Stories

It’s the first five minutes of the date that feels very awkward. After complimenting your date, and try to find a topic to start a conversation or try to remember any funny or interesting story. It can be anything. It doesn't if the topic or story is good or boring, all you need to do is to give your date something to focus and create a friendly atmosphere to start the date. For example, you can start about that overhyped movie everyone was talking about last weekend, but it wasn’t that good in the end, etc.

4. Humor

Having a good sense of is one of the important qualities in a person that makes him or her a great date. Humor can actually make a difference between a good date and a bad date. So, don’t be shy and show your sense of humor. Humor will make your feel comfortable. Tell jokes you think are funny. Besides, humor also has another advantage – by showing your sense of humor, your date will also show his or her humorous sense too, and you both can judge if your senses of humor are a match or not.

5. Touch

No, we aren’t talking about anything crazy here. Instead, we’re talking about only a slightest physical gesture. Most people on their dates like to be touched, and they will allow a little bit. This small physical gesture adds warmth in the date, particularly in the first or second date. For instance, you can touch your date’s shoulder for a few seconds, or pat your date’s arm and say something. The goal here is to convey emotional warmth. Flirting or anything sexual is a total no-no here. There’s a plenty of time to do that later in the relationship.

Keep things simple and easy if you wish to have a successful date. If you follow these suggestions for your next dating routine, your date will appreciate about how made them feel at ease with you.

4 Important Things To Look For In A New Date

Love and relationships are some of the beautiful things in life. When we get attracted to someone, it’s crucial to actually look past the infatuation phase at the beginning of the relationship, to find out if there is a chance for a loving and long-lasting relationship. Some people tend to date multiple people to find out which person matches with them.

Some say that it’s similar to cheating or immoral, but it is, in fact, a commendable act for most people in their quest to find the perfect mate. You see there’s some wisdom in it. For example, you have been dating someone for a few weeks or probably months, but later found out that you both are incompatible. You have lost time and effort in it, which you could put to good use by going on multiple dates at the same time. Now, if you’ve dated a few people at the same time, it’s highly likely you’ve come across someone who matches most of the qualities you want to have in your mate.

Nonetheless, if you’re dating a single person or multiple people, here are four important things you need to look for in a potential partner.

1. Integrity and Authenticity

Trust and integrity are the bedrock for a long-term relationship. No doubt about that. Does he or she do what she says? Do their actions match their words? Are they trustworthy and do you trust him or her? If they mess things up, do they take responsibility for it and amend it later? Does he or she have integrity? Is he or she honest and open about who they are as an individual? Being honest and authentic works only it’s full. In other words, it’s whole or nothing. No place for some integrity.

2. Time

Time is an essential element in any date or a relationship. The amount of time you spend with you partner defines what status and situation your relationship is in at the moment. If your partner really loves you, then no distance or situation can keep you both apart. He or she will fly, drive, won’t sleep or even be hungry to see you and be with you. Can you notice this trait in him or her? If yes, then he or she is a keeper.

3. Balance

It’s important to date someone who is well-balanced in personality, character, and lifestyle. Some people can be somber, anxious and intense, while some are laid-back and relaxed. Does your partner have them both? Can he or she make you laugh? Does he or she have hobbies and spend time outside of the relationship like hanging out with friends and family? Does your date share his or her feelings with you? Is your date emotionally stable? If most of these are no – then it's better you skip this person.

4. Commitment

A relationship without dedication and commitment is bound to fail. How was he or she committed in their past relationships? Is he or she dedicated to their careers, kids (if any), or family? Is he or she determined to be in this relationship and wants to in the future?

Commitment, trust, and integrity are some of the most important traits to look for in a date if you’re willing to be in a long-term relationship. If your date or partner lacks any of these factors, then it’s very likely that your date or relationship will be a disaster.

How To Get A Girl Say Yes When You Ask Her Out?

Asking a girl out can be one of the most challenging moments of your life. You have a lot at risk, for instance, your self-respect and the fear of being rejected. Girls are really bold at such moments, and they will really show it via their face if they don’t like the other person. Whereas, guys are desperate to hear a yes from them and therefore would go till any extent to achieve that. In some cases, boys overdo stuff, and that gets them disappointment in return only. On the other hand, underdoing things can be equally upsetting. It is, therefore, smart to keep it simple yet thoughtful. Not everyone can be as simple and easy to approach as we see it on TV, and therefore guys will need a little guidance at some point.  Here I am going to talk about some of the easy ways of asking a girl out that will get her to say yes:

#1 Keep it simple

Remember, you cannot and should not overdo stuff but instead try to keep it as simple as possible. Simple too does not mean that it has to be boring. You can do something creative while asking her out and that will increase the chances of getting a positive answer.

#2 Know your crush

Before you proceed or do anything big, it is highly important that you know the other person completely. Knowing them basically includes their likes and dislikes, what their hobbies are and stuff related to them. This way you will get a better idea of how to approach them for asking them to go for a date.

#3 Pay attention to timing

Asking her out too soon will be desperate and too late will be useless. You need to look at the right time and then strike while the iron is still hot. This means that you should try to create a situation where she is a little curious about you not giving her that attention and also by not asking her out. This will be the time when you should pop the question.

#4 Know your abilities

Before starting with anything, it is utterly essential that you do a little self-evaluation. You should know what you are capable of doing that will win her heart for some while at least, if not long term. Being creative at such a moment always pays off. Show her how much she means to you by just managing a thoughtful gift.

#5 It is just a date

When you finally ask her out, and she says yes, then you should solely keep it restricted to living in the moment. Don’t get too possessive or too chill regarding her. You have to keep it as fun and enjoyable as possible.

These ways are easy and not at all confusing to understand. Instead of putting in useless efforts, it is important that you direct your efforts to the right way. As much as we think about girls being clever, from the inside they are extremely soft and therefore, any cute gesture can win her heart. Be sure always to be genuine and not give any false information.

Cute Things To Text When You Miss Her

There come plenty of moments in your relationship when you are not with your loved one. Your girlfriend may be at some other place for work or study, or maybe you are busy with your schedule as well. It is never possible to spend the whole day together because obviously, you both have your own routines and daily schedules. Even for two people who are married, it is not possible for them to spend their whole day together, the wife and husband both could be working or even if one is working then the time gets divided. Whatever the case may be, there will come a time when you miss her, and one thing that will make you feel better is letting her know your feelings.

For guys, it may be a little hard to share their feelings because it has always been the girl’s job to do such emotional talk, but they need to hear your feelings as well. You need to know that if you miss their girlfriend or wife then telling them will only make your heart feel lighter. This article is going to talk about some cute things that you can text your girlfriend when you miss her. It is only going to take like 15 or 30 seconds of your time so you should definitely do it.

#1 Tell her you miss a certain feature about her

Girls love to be complimented and admired for their beauty. If you tell her that there is something special about her that you miss and give reference of any one of her features like hair or eyes, then that would give a really cute effect to the whole situation. They will know that it isn’t just their body that you crave for.

#2 Text her after a long day and tell her that you wish she was there

Sometimes texting after a whole day can be even more effective than texting in between. This is because it keeps the girl waiting and when she finally receives your text, it will mean a lot. The text, however, will only be good if it mentions a little about the love you have for her. You can tell her about your day, how it went and end it on a cute note saying that it would all have been much better if she was present there. That would instantly put her in a state of awe.

#3 Tell her you miss a little quirk she has

Every person has something about their personality that shines, if not for the world then definitely for that one person special. When you are missing your girlfriend, you can always send her a text that mentions about one of her personality traits that you miss the most. For instance, laughing in full mood. This will give her the feeling that you truly love her and that you have now become used to her presence.

These texts do not really take that much of your time, but the effect that they will have on your relationship will be really strong.