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You’re Never Too Damaged When It Comes To Love. Here’s Why?

Are your struggles making you feel unworthy to fall in love? If yes, then don’t be. Anyone can get tangled in a whirlwind of insecurities. If disappointments in your life never seem to leave you, and you’ve failed countless times to be in a meaningful relationship,  we begin to think we’re to blame and make assumptions nothing good can happen in our lives. We get caught up in the vicious cycle of in self-loathing and self-deprecating.

If you find yourself stuck in a situation like this, remember to tell yourself:

You deserve more than what you’re settling for

It’s our insecurities and fears that are making us settle for less than what we deserve. Maybe you’ve made mistakes or bad decisions in the past. You take a deep look into yourself and recall every person you’ve hurt. But, that’s the past. Don’t hold on your past. Tell yourself that you aren’t that same person anymore. Don’t let your past to define who you are now.

The love you want is out there

Most men and women deep down know what they deserve, but they’re afraid to get it. Because it’s even scarier to lose something we love and care so deeply. But you got to take chances, even when you're afraid. The love you’re always dreaming and hope to find is out there, and it's up to you to find it.

Your mistakes will tell where you’re going and where you’ve been

People are defined by their past mistakes.  So are you.  Sometimes, you will find yourself in situations where you won’t be able to recognize who you are. But, it just shows that you’ve grown into someone you’re supposed to be. The past which you regret, the people who've hurt you, will be a precedent for the things you’ll never tolerate again. It’s a good thing to have a past full of mistakes from which you've learned and grown. It made you a better person than you used to be and ultimately made you ready and confident for the love you didn't deserve before.

Yes, you aren’t perfect

Don’t self-loathe about all of your shortcomings, horrible qualities, everything you dislike about yourself and wish you could change them. Don’t make yourself feel bad about the decisions you regretted and the mistakes you've made, and every bad relationship you’ve experienced. Remember, all of these terrible things have contributed in turning you into the beautiful person you are now.

But you deserve the best

Don’t settle for or date someone where you can’t tell where your relationship is heading to, or not knowing where you stand with your partner. You don’t to have someone who will ignore your calls or texts, make you feel inadequate, make you feel desirable, make you feel needed or play games with you. You’ll need a person you will kiss you in the morning while going to work, surprise you every day, send texts saying you that you're beautiful and perfect because that’s exactly what you are. Ignore that voice in your head that tells you you're not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough or confident enough for you to be in a relationship. Because, that voice is wrong and if you don’t ignore it, it will drag you down. We have to accept who we are before others can accept us. When that happens, things will change, and you’ll find the love you deserve and dream for.

6 First Time Kissing Tips For Men

Like sex, kissing is an important aspect of a committed relationship. If you’re looking for a relationship, but never kissed a girl before or think that you’ve mastered the art of how to give a perfect kiss, it’s still important to know from a woman’s perspective of what makes a man one good kisser. A woman will not acknowledge a man if he doesn’t know how to give a perfect kiss. So, if you want to be in happy, long-lasting relationship, then kissing is something that you should perfect.

Here are six best tongue kissing tips for guys that will help you to establish a truly intimate connection with a woman:

1. Oral Hygiene
This is an important tip not only for men but for women, too. Always make sure your breath is fresh. So brush your teeth before you leave your home and avoid eating onions or foods with onions or garlic in it before the date. To keep your mouth smelling fresh chew some gum on the way. You don’t want your bad breath to spoil your kissing experience with your lady.

2. Smell Nice and Fresh
Kissing is a very intimate affair. So, make sure you smell nice and fresh. If you’ve have been working all day and feel sweaty, take a bath just before going out on your date.

3. Ensure Privacy
Make sure that you’ve some privacy before kissing your new love interest. If you’re hanging out at your friend’s place or in a crowded, go to some place less crowded and noisy before kissing your girlfriend. Sure, kissing in front of other people is uncomfortable, especially when you and your partner are in a serious relationship.

4. Ask For Her Permission
Before kissing a woman, as a guy it is imperative you seek her permission if she’s willing to kiss. However, this isn’t always true. Whether a woman is ready to kiss you or not, you can easily tell that from her body language. If your lady likes you, she won’t resist one kiss from you. And when she isn’t in a mood to kiss, she’ll pull away, when you reach out to her. If you’re feeling uncomfortable kissing her on the lips for the first time, or she feel uneasy to kiss you on the mouth, don’t worry. You can kiss her left cheek, and later slowly on her right cheek, but before that hug her for whatever reason. Either way, do not force it.

5. Close Your Eyes And Feel The Moment
This one is a good kissing tip for guys. Just like sex, kissing is a very emotional and intimate act. Therefore, while kissing, close your eyes and feel the moment. If you keep your eyes open, while kissing your lady, and she sees it, she’ll think that you’re weird and pull away thinking that you aren’t savoring the moment.

6. Use Less Tongue
Using your tongue while kissing a woman is a beautiful and intimate thing, but we would suggest you avoid it when kissing your date for the first time. If you can’t resist using your tongue while kissing, just don’t dive in or push your tongue deep inside her mouth. It’s a bad move, and she might pull away feeling repelled. Just be slow and be sexy.

4 Tips on Naturally and Emotionally Touching A Girl

Touching a woman isn’t abnormal if you’re thinking to take your relationship to the next level. Nonetheless, there may be some shyness and awkwardness. It’s because often women feel uncomfortable when being touched. It’s like a barrier that most men looking for a relationship can’t seem to overcome. How to touch a girl naturally and emotionally might sound like a simple question, but it’s challenging one. If you break the barrier using the wrong way with a wrong message, it can backfire, and your girlfriend will think that you’re impolite and insensitive and your relationship will be problematic.

Therefore, you need to know how to touch a girl in a natural and emotional way, and also give some effort to your girlfriend’s thoughts and feelings.

1. Make Sure That She’s Ready
Let’s be clear, a woman’s feelings decide whether you can touch her or not. So, before you decide to touch your girl makes sure her thoughts and feelings welcomes it. Of course, she’ll give you clues for you to understand. For instance, if she wants to be touched, she’ll feel free to stand by you, closer and closer. If she doesn’t, she’ll form a barrier or space with you. Also, her gestures and body language will also tell you if she’s ready. If your girlfriend smiles, laughs a lot and looks into your eyes, it means you can make your move. If not, you’re off the track, and if you touch her, it could send off bad emotions, and the result might be wrong. Therefore, if you’ve no idea on how to touch a woman, it’s imperative to make eye contact with her and try to figure out what’s her feeling is because the eyes always tell the truth. Apart from eye contact, you also need to be closer to her while touching her.

2. Make Your Touch Casual and Light
Another vital tip on how to touch a girl is touching her lightly and casually. First, start by casual and friendly touches as this will give her some time to react to your first touch. If you take things too far too soon right from the beginning, she’ll become angry and doubt your personality. You can start by putting your hand on her back softly, casually rub her head, or allow your hand closer to her. These gestures won’t make her feel uncomfortable, which will give you hints whether she likes you or not. Always be a gentleman, and try to make your touches as natural as possible.

3. Don’t Touch Her Face So Soon
Many women are extremely sensitive when it comes to who can touch her face. They don’t know anyone who is unfamiliar to them touch them in the face. So, consider her body language when you want to touch her face. Don’t make her disappointed and upset. Try to be comfortable with each and enjoy each other’s company, before thinking about that touch. When she feels it’s time, she’ll welcome you to touch her face and will also find it very sweet. This is, in fact, an important factor in your relationship.

4. Don’t Rush, Take It Slow
While touching her make your touches longer than necessary. When it comes to touching a woman, take it slow. If your gal feels comfortable with your touches, make the touches last a little longer. For example, while leading your girlfriend through the restaurant door, put your hand on her back and hold it for a few moments, even after both of you are inside already. Prolonging your touch will improve your relationship and help you to be closer and intimate with her.

How Can You Sense When Your Girlfriend Wants A Kiss

The first kiss can force anyone into a tailspin of uncertainty, fear of rejection and over-thinking. But, things levels out when you understand the secrets of kisses and your next smooch will be a lot easier to handle than the first one. Timing is the key to enjoy and cherish a great kiss. So, when is the perfect time for a first kiss? Follow these proven tips:

Tip #1
You can anticipate your girlfriend’s readiness to move forward by noticing how she responds to your casual touches, such as touching her hand in the popcorn bag, sweeping her shoulders when she wears her coat, etc. If she pulls away or feels uneasy, then slow down a little, and take some time. If she smiles, giggles or blushes, then it’s time you up your game. Put your hand over her hand while you have dinner, or hold her hand while walking her to her car, or the park. This is a relaxed approach toward getting smooched.

Tip #2
A simple way to find out how your girlfriend feels about you is to evaluate her response when you hug her. When saying hello or goodbye, keep your embrace brief, and assess her nonverbal feedback. If she presses her body against yours and keeps on hugging, take the opportunity to kiss her for the first time. If she looks a turned off, then just give that awful double pat on her back, and set her free. Maybe you should consider putting a little more effort to loosen her up and head towards romance.

Tip #3
Women expect their boyfriends to ask them before they kiss them. If you aren’t sure, and to be on the safe side, we suggest you ask her before kissing them. It might make a gentleman or a wimp; we can’t be sure about it. Remember, we’re talking about a simple display of affection here. You want to kiss her, and the exciting and sexist to way to land a kiss on her lips is to be spontaneous. If you want her to get excited, then kiss her instantly without asking her. Besides, if she isn’t into kisses or simply not in the mood, she will allow you to kiss her on the cheek. Keep her wide welcoming, and don’t act lecherous and you will see she appreciates your move.

Tip #4
The first kiss is very special for women. They love it even more when it’s positive, memorable and if it happened spontaneously. So, find a time to kiss your lady when she expects it the least. Plant your first kiss when your date might not be expecting it and guarding against it – a lip lock. Don’t try to kiss her at the end of the date as those moments are full of pressure and tension. Instead, pay close attention to her cues and try kissing her earlier in the date or don’t kiss her at all.

A kiss is an intimate and passionate part of a romantic relationship. The key is to figure out the best time to kiss her is to pay attentions to nonverbal cues and body language. If you’re dating someone new, there isn’t any written rule that you’ve to end your date with a kiss. Sometimes it’s better to wait and work up for that passionate smooch.

Do You Know A Kiss Can Save Your Relationship?

We are all aware how important physical connection is in a relationship. Even a light kiss on the cheeks can make a huge difference. One of the biggest problems couples face in a relationship is they’re all struggling with physical intimacy. Men and women admit they don’t have sex or kiss each other anymore, and even if they do it, they don’t find any emotional attachment to it. Here we will focus on how a kiss can make and break a relationship. Believe it or not, a simple kiss can give a lot of information about a couple’s physical and emotional connection.

Sexual intimacy is a part of a romantic relationship. When you’re in a romantic relationship or marriage and lack sexual intimacy between you and partner, then all we can see is friendship. There is no sexual activity involved in a friendship. So, change it before it’s too late.

Kisses are very intimate. A simple kiss is a powerful thing. Kisses on the mouth are very intimate and emotional gestures one can make to his or her partner. It’s also essential how to give a “good kiss” to your spouse. Whether you’re too busy at work and in your life, it only takes just a few moments to kiss your significant other. It won't do anything to your busy schedule.

Remind yourself that hugs are okay, too. We suggest couples who are having a bad time in their relationship to develop the habit of hugging each other more into their daily life. But, a kiss is more powerful and crucial to sustain and keep the fire burning in any romantic relationship. Kissing your partner on a regular basis is one of the best ways to cultivate intimacy in a relationship. Kissing on the cheek or the forehead is okay occasionally, but we are asking couples to kiss their partners on the mouth. Kiss him or her when you leave for work in the morning, when you come home after work, or before going to bed. Also, don’t forget to kiss when you’re leaving on a business trip and when you return. A long and warm hug will complement the kiss.

Surprise kisses are even better and will do wonders. Give a kiss to your sleeping spouse when you leave home early or return late. Every time you kiss our partner, you’re showing your significant other, how special he or she is to you. Kissing will help to reaffirm that commitment. Many times, couples complain that their relationship with their partners feels more like a friendship. They tell that there isn’t any taste of a romantic relationship between them. They’ve become great roommates, instead of soulmates. Couples who believe that their relationship has reached this phase, they often try to reignite their relationship by having sex regularly. They kick off by holding hands, hugs, and kisses before they fully delve into sex.

Both partners should need to feel comfortable and at ease before they can fully reintroduce sex into their relationship. And kissing someone is simply the best and more natural, gentle and intimate way to revive their romantic relationship.

7 Tips on How to Be a Great Kisser

A kiss is a symbol of affection and one will kiss you unless people find you attractive physically and emotionally. Having a date with a beautiful girl is a dream all men have, but not all guys are confident enough to get a kiss from their dates. They become shy and nervous when they try to kiss their girl for the first time as they think what she will think of them.

So, to help you out, here are seven tips on how to be a great kisser.

Check your breath for bad odor. This is the most important step on becoming a better kisser. No girl wants to kiss a guy with a bad mouth odor. To keep your breath from smelling bad, stay away from eating spicy foods, garlic, onions, and anything that has a strong smell. You can also include cigarettes and cigars too. Use a mouth freshener or mint chewing gums to make your breath fresh.

Always close your eyes while kissing. Kissing while keeping your eyes shut allows your mind to focus and connect emotionally with the person you kissing. Besides, closing your eyes also allows you not to get distracted.

Don’t rush while kissing. Take your time and start slow at first. Kissing is a romantic gesture, unlike most things. Kissing is more exciting and pleasurable if both of you wait and build up the pressure. Then see the passionate kisses coming.

Don’t just kiss the lips. There are other places you can kiss as well. You can sometimes kiss his/her on the neck, cheeks, shoulders and the gently on the eyelids. But remember to ask what he/she likes to avoid any uncomfortable experiences. Instead of asking every time, use your instincts to find out what your date likes. You will know that you are doing it okay if he/she responds to it.

Use your hands. Another tip for being a good kisser is to use hands while kissing and how you take advantage of your hands will create a great impression on him or her. While kissing, pull your date closer to yourself, and place your hand on his or her neck, waist or run your finger through their hair.

Don’t get too intimate at first. You guys have just started dating, so it’s a bad idea if you start French kissing. Start gently and slow, and if you think the timing is okay, take the dive. French kissing is often taken as a sexual gesture, so some people might get offended and end the moment if you have taken it too far.

Put a little pressure. Applying a little pressure on the lips will help you both closer together, but don’t put too much pressure as it will hurt. Lips are highly sensitive to pain, anything more than acceptable will be uncomfortable for both if you and will take the romance away.

Scientists has discovered that kissing is more that the lips of two people pressing against one another. Most people have found that they can remember their first kiss better than the moment they lost their virginity. It’s a highly emotional act than anything else, and a good kiss will lead to a better relationship and beyond.

When To Kiss A Girl On A Date – Tips To Make It Easier For You

Going on a date with a beautiful girl is the dream of all but not all men are confident enough to enjoy the evening with the love of their life and get nervous. In fact, they also become shy at the time of their first kiss. Although, kissing someone on the first date sounds very exciting but on the other hand it is very hectic also. Many people also think that how she will react or what she will think about him. So, to overcome all such questions you can take the help of some tips that are very useful. A kiss is a symbol of attraction and affection so no one will kiss you until and unless you will look attractive.

Tips on when to kiss a girl on date

Kissing on the very first date is not wrong at all but it is not right also as you are going to kiss someone whom you do not know. So, it is necessary that you should know when to kiss a girl on a date? Kissing depends upon certain circumstances such as whether the partner is ready or not or if he/she is interested in doing it at the moment. It is the body language that says it all.

Following are some of the tips that can be taken into consideration to know when to kiss a girl on a date:

Give her enough time: Whenever you are going on a date keep in mind that you should give enough time to her. First of all make her feel comfortable and relax. Do all such things that she likes and can make her happy. Start talking about normal things such as weather, restaurant, about her likes-dislikes etc. Give her time as much as she wants because girls are very sweet hearted and need some time to believe any guy.

Is the place perfect? For kissing someone it is necessary to have a perfect place as you cannot kiss someone in public. Before kissing you should see that in what type of place you are sitting. It should not be overcrowded or a messy place as well the place should be quite enough. It is necessary to keep all these things in your mind because with these tips you will gain confidence and can easily do what you have in your mind. One more added advantage of visiting a quiet place is that you can focus on your date.

Make romantic eye contact: You can make your date more romantic by doing a sexy eye lock. Eye contact is the best tip that you can follow. You can spell the name of your date by seeing in her eyes; this will look very attractive and may be the girl will get attracted towards you. You can communicate with the help of eyes also because your eyes can say such things that you could not speak out. Through this, you can even understand what the girl is trying to indicate and whether she is ready or not for a kiss.

Touch her sensually: If she is still sitting with you and is enjoying your company that means she is interested in you. After this ,you can make your primary move and can touch her in the best and sensual way so, that she can understand your signs. You can keep your hands on her hands and can touch her arms. This will sound very romantic and sensual and if she will be enjoying this then you can move your hands on her neck and then to her ears. Even you can also twiddle the hair and move your hands gently in her hairs.

Have a good breath: Before you start kissing a girl make sure that you have a good breath because no girl will kiss a boy whose breadth smells bad. Before going for a date do not eat something that smells awful like onion or garlic. Instead of this you should carry peppermint or some other things with you that have a good smell. Brush your teeth and keep your tongue clean by using mouth wash. In fact drinking water will be the best option to maintain good oral health. So, this is one of the best tips that must be taken into consideration on when to kiss a girl on a date.

Do little flirting: Flirting can be the best option to setup the mood, try to flirt with the girl as much as you can. This will indicate the girl what you are trying to say. You can do flirting by appreciating her on her looks, dressing sense, figure, eye color, hair etc. And if she will like this then she will punch you in a friendly manner indicating that you can touch her. After this you can playfully touch her which will enlighten the moods and may be the date will become more sensuous.

Be prepared and select the type: Just be prepared before you kiss. Prepare yourself by selecting the type of kiss. Do not feel shy or nervous and remain the way you are. Keep in mind that you are going to kiss a girl so be kind and gentle while kissing. Do not kiss her hardly as it will highlight that you are doing it for the first time. Prepare yourself so well that when you will kiss a girl it sounds that you have already done it and have some sort of experience in kissing. You can also keep this point in consideration on When to kiss a girl on a date.

Make a move: After following all the above tips, if the girl is still pepping you then it means she is attracted towards you. So, here is the time when you can make your move, just kiss her directly no matter what style you prefer. But before you start kissing make sure that the time and place is right. Do it confidently and in the right way. Make her feel that she is in the heaven and is sexually satisfied with the kiss only. You should kiss her like a true gentleman by holding her softly and gently and lowering her back slowly. After this end your kiss gracefully and exit.

The Best Way To Kiss A Girl And To Make Her Feel Special

If you are 15 years old, you may believe that the best way to kiss a girl is to just do it. After all, all kisses are the same and it is more important that you just do it, than to plan for it. If you are an adult, you probably know better. In the reality, kissing a girl, so she feels special is actually, very complicated. Women are more sensitive than men and they require several aspects in order to get ‘’the feel’’. Luckily, there are some rules, recommendations you should use. They can be divided into two categories.

  1. Preparation for the best way to kiss a girl.
  2. Kissing her.

Both parts are equally important and they must be done in mentioned order. If you succeed to incorporate all of the steps and guidelines we will mention below, you will get the most amazing response you can possibly get.

Preparation for the best kiss

It is important when, where and how you want to kiss a girl. Just kissing her on the street won’t be very romantic, even if you are Ronaldo! On the other side, we have the possibility to make a girl get thehuge desire for the kiss, so she will think you are the best guy on the planet. The first thing to know is that all girls are romantic, even the ones that say they aren’t. This can be used, luckily! So, the bottom line is that you must prepare the girl and the situation for the kiss, no matter is that your first kiss or you want to get the best one.

  • Be romantic

In order to master the best way to kiss a girl, you must begin with a romance. As we said, all women are romantic, so a special situation is something that will make her feel better and feel special. Take her on the highest building to watch the sunset, to the romantic restaurant or somewhere you two can be relaxed and happy. Taking a girl in a park isn’t romantic, but if you prepare a picnic, it is! There are three things you must use in this case. They are flowers, location, and music.

  • Whisper

Maybe it sounds strange, but whispering is romantic and it makes any girl feel special. Thanks to it, you can use it for making the atmosphere for the kiss better. Don’t just whisper to her something irrelevant. Talk about something romantic, give her a compliment or etc. If you can, touch her ear with your lips. This is one of the best turn-on tips you can get!

  • Use your hands

Before and during a kiss, you must use your hands! Don’t afraid to pull your fingers through her hair or to hug her. Note Girls like strong hugging, so make sure you hug her tight!

  • Check what she feels

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should ask her what she thinks about kissing. It means that you should try to place your hand around her or to hold her hand. If a girl allows you to hold your hand, she wants a kiss.

The kiss

After you have prepared the mood and the environment, the time has come for you two to have that kiss. In order to make sure you found the best way to kiss a girl,you must be proficient with the kissing itself. Just an ordinary kiss won’t be the best thing to do. Once again, we have found what can help you get the kiss and what will help you make the girl feel happy and special. Important: All of these points must be followed and they are equally important.

  • Watch her in the eyes

Before starting to kiss her, watch her in the eyes. All people should know that a strong kiss must be paired with eye contact. If you look her in the lips, she will get an impression that you are inexperienced or you just want something else. Try to get the kiss that is completely mutual. Simply said, when you go for it, a girl should do the same. As a great kisser, you should wait a bit.

  • Treat a kiss properly

Yes, most men want sex as soon as possible. This is normal and women know that. However, you should know that a kiss isn’t a preparation for going to a next base. A kiss is something nice and it is the first, ‘’severe’ ’contract you two have. So, during the kiss, focus and don’t think of anything else. There was a story that a man kissed a girl and they had a marathon kiss of 3 hours on a sofa. During that time, both of them were fully clothed and all they did was kissing.

  • Hug her while kissing her

No matter how great kisser you are, you must hug a girl while kissing her. By doing this, you two will be more connected and you will feel closer. No matter where and when you are performing the kiss, make sure your hands are around her.

  • And kiss

Now the time has come to explain the perfect kiss itself. Do you think that using fast kiss with a tongue is the best alternative?! Obviously, it isn’t. You should start with gentle lips kissing and they use slightly of your tongue. Don’t just kiss her for a second. Women love long kisses, so make sure you two have a long and passionate kiss. Allow to her to end the kiss. After it, don’t just go away or look in the other direction. As the kiss ends, keep your eyes closed, and they move your head away and open the eye. Look her in the eyes while you are still holding her.

The thing is, all of these steps are mandatory, but some situations cannot be overseen. In simple words, you must be wise and compensate if something unplanned is happening.


How to Get a Lady to Kiss You at a Party

If you’re at a typical dinner party anywhere in the United States, you can tell that it can get quite awkward if you just go out there and kiss a woman that you barely know. That is hardly the way to get a peck on the cheek. If you want to figure out how to get a lady to kiss you at a party, pay attention to the following tips.

Know the Two Kinds of Parties

The first thing that you need to do is to be familiar with the kind of party you’re going to be attending. What kind of party is it? Is it a party involving familiar people? Have you been there before? Do you know the lay of the land, so to speak? Or are you dealing with new territory? Are you dealing with people you don’t know?

These are two totally different kinds of settings, and you have to mentally prepare for both. Otherwise, the chances of you getting a kiss from a female that you meet at that party would be slim to none. You would be too frazzled, you would be too stressed. There are just too many things going on in your mind and this can erode your performance. Learn to differentiate between these two settings so you can successfully learn how to get a lady to kiss you at a party.

Change Your Game Plan Accordingly

Depending on the kind of party that you’re going to, make sure that your game plan reflects it. It’s really important to be flexible enough to change your game plan. If you insist on things going your way, expect a disaster. It really is that simple.

You have to go in there with the right attitude. You have to go in there with enough flexibility and versatility so that regardless of the specifics of the situation, you will come out ahead. Why? You planned for it. As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you are really planning to fail.

When You’re on Familiar Territory

When you’re on familiar territory, you actually have to be very careful. Why? People know you. If you drop the ball or make a fool out of yourself, things will blow up in your face. You will embarrass yourself. Some of these people will probably keep reminding you of that one time you made a fool out of yourself. Do you see how this works? In many cases, when it comes to social settings, familiarity is a liability.

The good news is that familiarity also leads to more confidence. You’ve been there before. You know who these people are. You know how the game is played. You know your surroundings. This level of familiarity gives you a tremendous amount of confidence. Understanding  how to get a lady to kiss you at a party factors in the balance between increased confidence and the higher risk of later embarrassment due to your familiar surroundings or social circle.

When You’re in Unfamiliar Territory

When you’re in unfamiliar territory, you really have nothing to lose. Who cares what those people would say? You couldn’t care less. You’re not going to see them again. This is why you should be more bold. You should throw caution to the wind and just do whatever it takes for however long it takes to achieve your objective.

Size Up All the Women You See

The first thing that you need to do is to size up all the women you see. In other words, evaluate them. Look for the following. Look for indicators that they are taken. Of course, this can mean looking at their fingers to see if they have wedding rings or engagement rings on.

Also, you should evaluate women based on your type. What type of women are you attracted to? As long as you’re clear as to the type of women you’re attracted to, stick to that type. Don’t depress yourself unnecessarily by punching above your weight class, to use a boxing analogy. Focus on your normal type. This means, allow yourself to be attracted to women that fall within that type. This should relieve you of a lot of pressure because when you do this, you reduce the number of potential partners to kiss that night.

Finally, look at the level of attraction. Try to rate women in your mind based on how attracted you are to them. Don’t waste any time of women that are not very attracted to you. The reason why you need to do this is because you want to conserve energy. You also want to focus all your mental attention to the right women.

Pick the Most Receptive-Looking Female and Make Eye Contact

First thing you need to do once you have mentally sorted all the women in that space is to look at the most receptive female and make eye contact. If she makes eye contact back at you, smile at her. If she responds with a smile, then allow yourself to feel good. This should create an upward spiral. When she smiles at you, you feel more confident and this allows you to smile even more and project more confident signals.

If she bounces this back to you, you should be able to muster up enough confidence and fire in the belly to walk up to her. This is really important. You have to walk up to her and this can only happen when you feel confident enough because of your initial eye contact.

Talk About What She Wants to Talk About

While you may be the typical male who has all sorts of ideas regarding what you want to talk about, you want to throw that in the garbage, seriously. This is not about you. It’s about her. If you want to succeed with women, make sure you set your ego aside. It has to be about her. Talk about what she wants to talk about.

Focus on establishing mutual comfort. When she talks about all the stuff that she wants to talk about, she becomes comfortable around you. She feels she can talk to you. Of all the guys in that same space, you’re the one she feels most comfortable with.

The secret to this is actually quite simple. The more comfortable you are, the more you set her at ease. This is the secret. This is why you need to be comfortable. Once you’re together and you’re talking for quite some time, you need to create the right environment.

Create an “Us Vs. Everyone Else” Environment

When you’re really comfortable talking to a female, tell a lot of inside jokes. Talk about how you know the stuff about her or how she talks. When you do these things, you get her confidence. She gets the message loud and clear that you’re really paying attention to her. You’re appreciating her, you’re acknowledging her, and you see the value in her.

Once you detect that she has become really comfortable, lean in. Now, there’s a trick to this. You can’t just lean in and be all creepy about it. That’s not going to work. You have to let her take the lead. She has to look at you straight in the eye and let nature take its course.

This is how to get a lady to kiss you at a party. You’re dealing with a lady, you’re not dealing with a loose woman. You’re dealing with a lady. This is how you deal with ladies. It’s all about them taking the lead. It’s all about them feeling comfortable enough to kiss you.

How to Get a Girl to Kiss You at a Party

A lot of guys are scared of women. You probably already know this. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Interestingly enough, a lot of guys like to project a lot of confidence, but deep down inside, they’re scared little boys. They’re scared of women. It's not because women physically intimidate them, but they’re scared of something worse. They’re scared of rejection. So many men suffer from such fear of rejection that they let that fear completely ruin their dating game.

If you want to meet more interesting women and have a great time with them, you have to overcome this very common fear. Make no mistake about it. This applies across the board. It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are, it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank. It doesn’t matter how many advanced degrees you have, or how many countries you have traveled to. All of us men suffer from this problem at some level or other.

It just happens that some of us have learned to master this fear. It’s not like the fear completely goes away. Instead, we have learned to manage it. So if you are serious about figuring out how to get a girl to kiss you at a party, you have to first look at managing your fear. It’s all in your head.

Think of it this way. If you think that you are a lousy basketball player, what do you think will happen when you walk up at the three-point line and you take a shot at the rim? Chances are the ball is not going to go in. Why? You sabotaged yourself the moment you stepped up to the rim. This happens all the time when it comes to members of the opposite sex. Most guys think that they don’t have what it takes. This corrodes their confidence and they end up sending out all sorts of negative signals to females.

Make no mistake about it. Women are not dumb women can quickly detect whether you’re sending out confidence signals or the signals of a male that is lower in the social hierarchy. Let me clue you in on a secret. Women are biologically geared to be attracted to high status males. This is part of our psychological evolution from hundreds of thousands of years ago. This makes all the sense in the world because if a woman instinctively chooses to mate with a lower status male, her children will probably not survive. The fact that women engage in this thinking pattern to this very day just demonstrates the genetic advantages of being shooting for the highest status male.

What does this have to do with you? This means that you have to project the signals of a high status male or an alpha male. This is crucial to you learning how to get a girl to kiss you at a party. Pay attention to the following.

Alpha Males Take Care of First Things First

If you want to be perceived as a charismatic male, make sure that you take care of first things first. First, you need to look like a winner. If you want to be treated like a winner, look like a winner. As the old saying goes, “Clothes make the man.” There’s a lot of truth in that statement. If you want to make a million bucks, look like a million bucks. This involves investing in yourself. This involves proper grooming, proper speaking skills, and proper posture.

Not only should you invest in your physical infrastructure like your clothing and your body, but you also should invest in your mind. Believe it or not, women pay attention to what you say as well. Women like guys who are intelligent. Women like guys who know what they’re talking about.

Watch Your Body Language

Alpha males project strength, power, and confidence throughout the room. These signals are unmistakable. Women are drawn to those signals like moths to a flame. This is why it’s really important for you to watch your body language. If you in any way, shape, or form, have a very low self-esteem, guess what? It will affect these signals that you send out to the greater world. That’s just the way it works. After all, your inner world is reflected in your outer world.

People make all sorts of judgments about you based on how you look, how you walk, the way you carry yourself, and what you choose to talk about. It’s all about your character because women are always trying to size you up. You have to understand that unlike men that can pretty much date anything, women are very selective because of biological considerations. This is a biological fact. Accordingly, you have to look desirable. That’s why you have to watch your body language.

The Secret

The secret to figuring out how to get a girl to kiss you at a party is to fake it until you make it. This is the power of confidence. If you want to be confident, start acting confident. Eventually, you create an upward spiral where people treat you as a confident person, you feel more confident, and you project more confident signals. This makes people treat you as a confident person even more. Do you see how this works? This creates an upward spiral.

Here’s how you do it. First, scan the room and don’t be afraid to make the first move. Pick a really good-looking woman that is your type. You’re not trying to be a hero here, you’re not trying to prove something to people you don’t care about. You’re trying to prove something to yourself. This is why you should approach women that you are physically drawn to. They must be worth it in your mind.

Once you have approached the female, make eye contact and smile. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, give her that smile. According to research studies, people reciprocate their emotional signals. So when somebody smiles at you, chances are pretty good that you will smile back. If you get a positive response, step up to her. Initiate conversation. Sounds good so far? Pay attention to the following.

Make the Conversation All About Her

People, regardless of skin color, culture, religion, or whatever other divisions that split us apart, love talking about themselves. This is one of the things that unite humanity. Make the conversation all about her. Once she starts talking about herself, try to mimic her mannerisms. Watch your non-verbal signals. You would realize that she has become very comfortable because she’s talking more and more.

Remember, It’s All About Getting Her Comfortable

The whole objective of this game is to get her comfortable. Don’t get caught up on kissing her, don’t get caught up on scoring. Just get her comfortable. How do you know a person’s comfortable? They start talking on and on and on not just about the same topics, but about many different topics. And you can see in her eyes that she’s excited to talk to you.

Once you get the impression that she’s extremely comfortable, lean in and whisper to her. Whisper questions to her. This enables her to feel that you’re an ally. This enables her to feel confident in you. The more you whisper, the more this close contact can lead to intense eye contact and soft kissing.

The secret here is to let her lead. If you follow this advice, you would have figured out how to get a girl to kiss you at a party.