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6 Things Guys Needs To Know That Lead To Meaningful Relationships

Before women became more independent and aware of their rights, gender roles were clear and well defined. Dating was easier for the most part. A man courted a woman he liked, and both of them knew the ultimate goal of the courtship – marriage. Today, dating has become very complicated because both genders are evolving socially. The traditional courtship has replaced by vague terms like, “hanging out” and “hooking up.” Sex is no longer considered sacred, and a tremendously emotional and intimate act and people are always changing their partners. Some people would like to consider this new direction as advantageous.

However, in spite of this, most men and women are looking for dating advice that will help them to form meaningful relationships and connections with their partners. This might seem quite contrary to the so-called “advancements” in modern dating.

Nonetheless, here are six dating tips for guys that will help them to date worthy women and enjoy more dates that lead to meaningful relationships.

  1. Be True To Yourself

Be yourself as the same person both online and offline. Women prefer to date a man who portrays himself accurately. Be trustworthy and honest about the superficial things like your age, height, appearance, etc. Communicate openly and honestly about who you are,  your beliefs, your opinions, your life, etc. so that she gets a clear understanding who you truly are and can decide if you’re the man she’s looking for.

  1. Be A Gentleman

This means dating responsibly. Always treat a woman the way you treat your mother, sister, daughter or someone you actually care about. Be well-mannered, keep your promises, take care of your appearance, have a good sense of personal grooming and hygiene, be courteous and be respectful in your words and actions. Know her well inside and outside, and don’t rush to have sex with her. When you’re a gentleman, sex will happen naturally.

  1. Have Integrity

Be open and honest. If you didn’t enjoy your date and didn't wish to see her again, don’t say you’ll call her and will see her again. Don’t make empty promises and create false hope. It will only hurt your date. Instead, tell her that you really enjoyed talking to her but didn't feel a romantic connection and wish her all the best before you leave.

  1. Ask Her Out

Despite a lot of social, economic and behavioral advances, most women still prefer men to make the first move. So, if you're interested in her, ask her out. Contact her according to the details in her dating profile, and don’t send her creepy or flirty messages.

  1. Be Open To Who She Is

Be more open and accepting of a woman’s physical appearance, age, and measurements. Instead of making her physical appearance your main criteria, focus mostly on her appearance, strengths, and qualities. This also means being open to dating women who are closer to you in age. This way you’ll increase your chances of meeting and date more girls

  1. Be Patient And Thoughtful

When it comes to dating and relationships, patience is a virtue. It’s not a good idea to rush things to satisfy your short-term urges by ignoring your long-term happiness. Take dating on the journey to finding a meaningful and lasting connection with a woman. Also be thoughtful, be considerate and caring to a woman's feelings.

How To Get Back In The Dating Game

If you’re back being single and dating again after being in a long-term relationship, things can be overwhelming sometimes. That’s why we suggest all newly single men and women, to take some off from the dating scene after your previous relationship ended. This will give you some time to ponder whether you are ready to date someone new.

Be aware of your needs as the healing time for every person is different. Being self-aware of your wants and needs is crucial because, without it, you will wander from one relationship to other without knowing exactly what you require to be happy in a relationship. Besides, if a person is still suffering from the emotional pain from his or her prior relationship, they won’t be able to create an emotional connection with their new dates.

Now, let’s talk about building your self-confidence. Besides, healing from your previous relationship, you need to build up your self-esteem and confidence to get back in the dating game again. Here are three essential areas you need focus:

1. Accurate self-assessment will help you build your self-confidence. Starting dating again after the end of a relationship is a life-changing process. We have a new notion of love and relationship. Sure, it’s very painful to end a relationship that wasn’t right for us as we had strong feelings and invested so much time and energy in it. But, the good news is that you’re now in a position to understand who you are. Though our core remains unchanged, throughout our lives, we are in the state of constant change. The observations and lessons from our previous relationships create experiences that become a part of our lives and define us. It’s the new you. Spare some time to self-reflect as ask yourself questions like who you are now at this moment? What do you really want in a relationship? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What parts of your current life would you like to change? Answering these questions are key to build up your self-confidence. That’s why it’s necessary to get in touch with yourself after the demise of your relationship.

2. Your nervousness can be a tool for success. Fear is a natural and adaptive part of our lives. When it comes to dating and looking for love, it’s perfectly okay to avoid getting rejected. But, while looking for someone new, not only a little nervousness is expected, it can help towards a satisfying result. If you’re interested in a woman when you approach her to ask for her number or ask her to take you on a date, you will be tensed, and a lot of things are going in your head such as, ‘what if she say no? Is it a good time to ask her?’ etc. You will never know until you approach her and ask. No matter what the outcome is, you’ve decided to take a chance and took it. The worse thing that can happen is that she declined your invitation, but nonetheless, you’ve taken a huge step to overcoming your fears.

3. Practice does make everything perfect, and the more you practice, the closer you will be to your desired outcome. The more women you meet and date, you will realize that even if none of them decides to date you, your self-confidence will rise. It’s because by interacting with women, you will see that there is a life beyond your past relationship.

The First Thing Ladies Seek In Mr. Right

When women look for guys to be in a relationship, most are looking for just one thing. And it’s not what most guys think. Typically throughout the ages, men have been told that women date a man based on his looks, his money, what kind of car he drives, what kind of house he lives, and so on. But, the truth is most ladies are looking for something entirely different.

So, what is it? His confidence. And it’s something that he has, or simply doesn’t. The truth is, most men destroy all of their chances of being in a relationship by coming across as weak, desperate, having low self-esteem, nervous, helpless, insecure and immature. While on dates, they remain quiet, avoid eye contact, avoid being funny and engaging. All of these show to a woman that he feels weak and insecure. I don’t care about my feelings and emotional needs. So, if I can’t meet my emotional needs and my desires, there is little chance that I can fulfill yours. I am not right for you, so please reject me ASAP!”

On the other hand, a man who has high self-esteem and confidence, and inner strength enables him to project the correct body language. He speaks in a slow and calm voice, directly and clearly. He tells funny stories; make wise, clear and practical decisions. All these projects that the man is very confident about himself and it’s a quality that is very attractive to women. Confidence is the key ingredient to successful in dating and relationships.

A confident man is protective and in-control. He is emotionally ready and knows exactly what to do in any given situation and circumstance. A guy who is confident is exciting to spend time with, yet he is passionate, mature, and trustworthy but unpredictable. Confident men have a high chance to succeed in their dates and relationships as well as in life. But, they’re also very tolerant and can deal with adversity, loss, and challenges.

So, what can you do to boost your confidence?

1. Go Deep.

    Most guys obsess and try to change something about themselves that they can’t change. Instead, they should dig deep into their personalities, identify the qualities and hone them. For example, if you have a good sense of humor, compassionate, have a good listening ability, like to volunteer, and then try to unveil, nurture, grow and project them.

2. Take Risks. Unless a man is confident and determined to step outside his comfort zone, he will never be open and be excited in trying new things. He won’t be comfortable in connecting with women in a meaningful manner. If you want to build your confidence you need to start taking risks and challenges in life. Risk can both big and small, and if you keep accepting that it will immediately transform into new confidence.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection. Men must understand that rejection won’t kill them. Being rejected doesn’t mean something wrong with you. It means that both aren’t just right for each other. Instead, be cool, calm and comfortable with yourself. Believe in yourself that you don’t need a girlfriend to be happy physically and emotionally. Because, when it comes to rejection, there’s absolutely nothing to fear except for the fear itself.

If you’re looking for a girlfriend, take these small steps toward projecting your confidence to a woman, and see for yourself becoming her Mr. Right!

6 Things Women Always Long To Tell Men

This is certainly a highly anticipated question between members of the opposite sex. Most men feel overwhelmed when it comes to understanding women. The same thing applies to women too, as they too find men to be so complicated. What is really going on in a women’s mind? What exactly are women thinking? Is there any possibility that we can decode this age old question?

Well, not fully. Here are a few things women say they wish men could understand about women:

1. I wanted to feel cherished, pursued, and desired
Unfortunately, most men have found that what makes a woman feel cherished or desired might not be necessary for other. If a woman wants to be pursued, some woman might deem it as stalking. Therein lies the thrill as well as the challenge. If you can discover what these words mean to a particular lady, and realize how to use them, you’ll be rewarded with the power that can energize and cultivate a budding relationship.

2. When I feel cherished, pursued, and desired, I want to be close to you
You probably know this, and it’s true. For women, physical intimacy is the natural outcome of emotional intimacy. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman won’t consent to physical intimacy or a sexual relationship without the absence of emotional intimacy. But, sometimes, physical or sexual intimacy without any emotional connection can actually harm a romantic relationship.

3. I want to be treated like a lady
Chivalry isn’t dead. Women wanted men to treat them with honor and dignity. Some men might assume some dating etiquette as awkward and old-fashioned. But, when it comes to dating and relationships, good manners and being a gentleman will always make a go an extra mile.

4. Words mean everything to me
You’ll be surprised how many relationships have been ruined because of lies, critical or deceitful words. Plenty! If you want a woman you like to feel enchanted and irresistible to you and make your relationship stronger, choose wise words.

5. I am forgiving, but I can’t forget quickly
We told you earlier, words can and do make or end a relationship. So, if you make sarcastic or repulsive comments about a woman’s weight, her faults, or compare her to your ex- girlfriends, it’s a direct stab in her heart. No matter how much you try, you can’t take back words just by saying, “I am sorry,” or “I didn’t mean any of it” or, “I was just joking.” The damage has already been done, and the receiving person has to live with the pain for a long time.

6. It makes me happy that you love yourself
When you’re looking for a relationship, a man who is confident, self-assured, and secure is incredibly attractive to a woman. By comparison, feeling insecure is a deal-breaker. If a man is unhappy, dissatisfied, critical, or unsure about himself, how can he be kind, positive, uplifting, and supportive to a woman he likes? If he is unhappy and doesn’t love himself, how is it possible for him to love someone else? It’s impossible to have a healthy relationship with someone else if you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself.

Your Boyfriend Is So Into You If He Does These Things!

So you’ve met someone and madly in love with him. You’ve been in a relationship for several months, but you can hear a tiny voice inside your head asking you whether your boyfriend really loves you or not? How can reassure yourself that you’re more than a fling to him? How can you be so sure that he won’t dump you?

Here are some signs that your boyfriend is very much in love with you more than you can imagine:

1. He Decided To Watch A TV Show With You
Your partner certainly thinks that the relationship he has with you is going last forever. He’s so into you that he decided to afraid to begin a TV series with you. This way, he made a clever, yet cute excuse to keep seeing you, snuggle with you in bed and spend some quality time with you every Friday watching his favorite TV show.

2. He Always Initiates
He plans all the date and follows through them. He surprises you with your favorite chocolate, or dress, or flowers while returning from work. He does the dishes and cleans up after you’re done with the cooking. He feeds the dog and takes out the trash. The bottom line is, he doesn’t like to sit back and be lazy, while you do all the work. He actually wants to do stuff with you, and he feels comfortable to show you that.

3. He Responds To Your Calls And Texts Immediately
It doesn’t matter how busy a person is, if someone loves you and cares for you, he or she will make time to call or text you. If he’s busy and can’t take your calls or reply to your texts immediately, he will call you and notify you about it. If your boyfriend only texts you when it’s convenient for him, he is obviously not into you that much.

4. He Talks About The Future
He discusses seeing or spending time with you the next weekend. He talks about what will happen in the following weeks. He doesn’t forget nor worried to include you in his plans or make other arrangements with you in advance in the coming weeks. He always includes you and sees you in his future.

5. He Introduces You To His Family And Friends
If a man is genuinely in love with a woman, he will happily show her off and introduces her to his family and friends. He will bring you along to his family BBQ at his parents’ place. He will take you along while having a beer and hanging out with friends. He will make you his “Plus One” at his friend’s wedding. He will gradually include you more and more into his life. He wants you to like his parents, his family and be friends with his buddies.

6. He Recalls Things You’ve Mentioned To Him On Dinner Dates
He remembers what your favorite flower is or favorite kind of chocolate is, he remembers your birthday as well your mother’s birthday, and how to like to have your morning coffee. You feel surprised because you don’t even remember mentioning these things because it’s all small talk. But he has taken notes of them mentally because when you love someone deeply, everything you say matters to him.

Things A Man Does That Show He Doesn’t Love You, But Settling For You, Instead!

It could be startling to know the person they love could be settling for them, despite it is pretty common now. Many folks don’t even recognize that they’re settling for someone until they have an epiphany about it. But, the truth is that most of us have settled with someone we weren’t fully in love with at least once in our lives. So, why do people settle with someone they aren’t in love with. There are several reasons, but the primary reason is due to their insecurities.

Here are few signs that show that he doesn't love you, but settling for you:

He Doesn't Introduce You As His Girlfriend
If the guy you’re dating introduces you to his friends, family, coworkers, etc. as “meet my friend, Jane,” instead of “meet my girlfriend, Jane,” then it’s clear that he is having second guesses in the relationship. This is a big red flag in the relationship that he might be embarrassed about something about you, or about your looks, or your behaviors or habit, or is afraid of commitment or is simply not that into you.

He's Easily Get Irritated By Your Quirky Habits
During the initial days of a relationship, couples might find each other’s quirky habits cute and adorable. But, if you’ve been in a relationship with your boyfriend for a few weeks or months, and they already feel annoyed or disturbed by some of your habits or behaviors, we can safely say that he’s not really that into you, and won’t be in the future.

He Doesn’t Invite You To His Family Or Friends Events
Men like to show off their girlfriends or wives to their family and friends, and share all the things that matter to him to you. If you’re dating a man for a few weeks or months, and see him going to various family and friends events such as birthday parties and wedding with you, there is a reason he's decided not to bring you along. Normally, weddings are social functions where people bring someone they’re newly dating. If you’re already in a relationship for several months, and you see that your fiancé is going to weddings without you, we can assume that apparently, he doesn’t want you to get acquainted with his friends or family. It’s is clear sign that he is not into you, or madly in love with you.

He Talks About How Some Women Are “Out Of His League.”
Only a jerk will think about doing something like this. He’s basically implying that you aren’t special to him and that you are in his league, not out. He likes to date women who are out of his league but eventually decided to settle with you. A guy who really loves you and cares about you will always think that you’re the best thing that has happened to him.

He Takes Other People Advice About Your Relationship
If you’re dating someone, and if they’re really into you, they will care very less what other people think about you or the relationship. Meanwhile, if you discover that your partner is always seeking out other people’s advice before making important decisions regarding your relationship, then we have a problem. It’s a direct indication that he doesn’t value or considers your opinion about important decisions in the relationship, proving that you're not right for him.

8 Things Men Hopes To Want In Women, But Later Realizing They Don’t

It’s true; guys really don't know what they want in a woman. A lot of men looking for a girl end up realizing that the qualities or traits they used to want to see in a woman aren’t really what they want later on in life.

Here’s what most men hoped to see in women, but then realizing they don’t want them or regret wanting them:

  1. Women Who Follow Trends

Some men always wanted girls who follow trends and are just like anyone else. But, later these found these women are boring as they’ve nothing in common with people who are average. It’s strange, yet true.

  1. Traditional Women

Some guys are just old-school and only cared about dating a girl who was traditional. But, over time they’ve come to their senses that it’s difficult to date traditional girls. The reason is most traditional girls don’t pay on dates; they don’t work, so it becomes challenging for their partners to pay for all the expenses.

  1. Virgins

Most men always insist on dating girls who are virgins or even close to it. The main reason is having sex with an experienced girl makes it easier for men to learn new things with them. Meanwhile, having sex with virgins or inexperienced girls mean that you need to have the patience to teach them everything. And, patience is something most guys don’t have.

  1. Insecure Women

We have noticed that men, who date vulnerable women, are themselves insecure. But, as these men grew older and got more confident; they realized that they couldn’t handle the drama that came with having relationships with insecure women.

  1. Rebellious Women

Most guys have a fantasy that dating a rebellious girl means having a super-exciting life. But, that’s not the case, unfortunately. Once, they start dating once; they came to realize that it is really exhausting. Dating a rebellious girl might seem like an excellent idea, but it’s not for everyone. The same applies to women who are adventurous, and have a hard time settling down, have kids and so on.

  1. Women Who Wanted Kids

Some men fantasize the idea of dating a woman who wanted children. But, some guys aren’t fit to be fathers or don’t like to have families with a bunch of kids. Maybe they’re afraid of pregnancy or all the complications pregnant women have. Nonetheless, these men will never date a woman who wants kids.

  1. Women Who Love Parties

Some men always lusted or were infatuated with party girls. But, after dating one, they soon realized that they don’t want to bring their party-loving girlfriends to a family barbecue. These guys don’t want to be embarrassed when their girlfriends get drunk or trashed and later had to be driven home.

  1. Pretty, Good-Looking Women

Young men in their early 20s seem to always think of dating the hottest girl they could find. But, as they grow and their thoughts and feelings get mature, they start to realize that looks aren’t everything. In fact, if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship, you need to date a woman who has a kind soul and makes for a great companion.

Are You An Alpha Male? You’re Are The One If You Do 7 These Things

Most guys secretly dream of being a confident, charismatic and assertive man who takes the lead while dating. Instead of being a “fuckboy,” he wants to be known as the grown-ass man who has his shit together. He wants to be driven and wants his style to be dapper AF. He does want to be an alpha male. However, mainstream culture has always inaccurately portrayed alpha males as being overly cocky, narcissistic, and overbearingly dominant, did it ever occur to you that most alpha males actually make good boyfriends? Well, it definitely does!

Below are some only the real alpha males have:

  1. He Leads

Whether its work, life or play, alpha males confidently takes charge. However, it’s worth mentioning that a true alpha never believes his masculinity is compromised when his love interest takes the lead either. You can be a feminist supporter and an alpha male at the same time.

  1. He’s Confident, But Not Cocky

A true alpha male doesn’t brag or show off or acts like a total douchebag. He knows that he doesn’t to show other people and his dates that he’s confident or has skills.

  1. He’s Ambitious

If you have a goal or a purpose in life and have a clear idea or plan on how to get there, you can be called an alpha male. Alpha males are dedicated and ambitious. He’s intelligent, never jealous, and he’s someone, a woman can open up to and talk about their thoughts and feelings. And most ladies like to see those qualities in their man.

  1. He Makes His Girlfriend Feel Loved And Safe

He doesn’t feel the need to tell or whisper the words ‘I love you’ to his girlfriend because he already knows how he feels about his partner. And his girlfriend can say it by his actions. He makes his girlfriend feel safe with him. His girlfriend feels entirely comfortable and at ease with him, and brings the best of her. And because she knows that her boyfriend will always have her back, support her in the bad times, and she can always depend on him.

  1. He Spoils Her

He wants his girlfriend that she’s a top priority and she shows it her regularly. He takes her to romantic dinners and other places, and he takes the time to plan them and marks it with his unending affection and love her has for her.

  1. He’s Relentlessly Honest And Trustworthy

An alpha male is honest and reliable, and we all guys who don’t have these two qualities have zero respect for women. A true alpha male is accountable to his mate; he pulls you up and gives you feedback when you need it. He’s loved and respected by all, and they value his advice. They trust him, and that is something every woman should look into.

  1. He Pleases Her In The Bedroom

When you’re in a committed relationship, satisfying sex is highly important, and a true alpha male knows that very well. So, whenever, he and his significant other get physically intimate, he takes charge of the situation and brings his attitude to the bedroom. And he always and every single time he ensures that you enjoy yourself and feel satisfied.

Why Dating Insecure People Is The Best Choice For Most Singles

So, you’re single and an insecure person. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make any changes to yourself or saying you can't be in a healthy romantic relationship. Instead of doing nothing; work on your self-esteem and confidence. Love yourself or at least learn how to understand of loving yourself. Feeling insecure isn’t permanent thing, but it’s not something that you can take care of quickly. Love it or hate it, there are some perks of dating an insecure person, most of which are often overlooked by the mainstream society.

Here are five reasons why dating an insecure person is actually a good idea:

  1. Insecure People Define Themselves As Vulnerable

You need to make yourself appear vulnerable to your partner if you want your relationship to succeed. We aren’t telling you to be a total doormat to your girlfriend or your potential match, but if the two of you need to have real confidence to make your relationship grow over time. And the right way you can achieve that is by making yourself vulnerable. It means that you’re accepting of letting the other person know you and also accepting the fact that this gives them the power hurt you by rejection or by some other way. Though, other romantic partners will find it challenging to open up, dating an insecure woman will make it harder for you to make them stop to opening up.

  1. Insecure People Admit Their Flaws

Insecure people don’t have a natural understanding of their strengths and flaws. Admitting their flaws aren’t the most difficult task of a vulnerable person, making them realize not everything is their fault can be quite hard. Another silver lining of dating an insecure person is you don’t need to worry about helping them in the areas that require some improving.

  1. Insecure People Always Tend To Look Deeper

Vulnerable people need some help to build them up. They have the inclination to take on too much responsibility when things go as expected. They’re the first person in a relationship who looks at things when they become serious or complicated. If you’re dating a woman, who feels vulnerable, you’ll see her spending a lot of time thinking about how her actions can influence her relationship with you. This is an important trait you need to consider, especially if you’re looking a long-term relationship.

  1. Insecure People Don't Take Love For Granted

An insecure person strives hard to make him, or sh believe that they’re worthy of love. It is something a secure, and a confident person won’t even think about twice. When you’ll never take love for granted if you realize that it’s something hard for you to give yourself. This is by far one of the most rewarding and attractive things about dating an insecure man or a woman.

  1. Insecure People Are Ready To Learn

If you’re dating someone, who feels insecure, you’ll find that they learn fast that they’re different.  If you want to make your relationship, healthy and successful, you should learn and grow together. Insecure people spend a lot of their time looking for newer ways to operate and how the other people around them are doing it.

10 Things That Makes Men Quickly Lose Interest In A Girl

Men, sometimes, can be quite picky about girls they like to date. It’s also hard to figure out what a guy’s standards are really like and he actually wants, which makes dating even more challenging. In fact, trying to find out what makes a girl attractive or unattractive to a guy can be a daunting task that simply can’t be solved. Most men will be fully honest while telling what makes them lose interest in a woman. This might be difficult for you to believe, but it’s true.

Here are all the qualities that make men to lose interest in a woman immediately:

1. She's Selfish
She only cares about herself. This turns off men soon. A relationship is a team effort. If any woman can’t accept it, there is no chance that they can be decent girlfriends.

2. Her Political View Is Different
Some guys are turned off by their girlfriends if she doesn’t vote for the same party that they do. This may sound bad, but some men can't share their beliefs in that way.

3. She's Overweight
Obese people are often not liked by most people. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a lot of guys are turned off by women who are fat. We know that’s not the right thing to say, but love or hate it, that’s how it is. The guys say that they aren’t physically attracted to overweight women. They also admitted that they’ve zero interest in dating women who don’t take care of themselves.

4. She's Acts Like A Brat
Many men are turned off by women who acts bratty, trashy and doesn’t give little or no consideration or attention to other people’s feelings. Also, most men feel repulsed by an angry woman or who get’s ill-tempered or enraged quickly.

5. She’s Desperate
It’s incredibly unattractive when a woman acts needy and desperate while looking for a relationship. Nothing good can come from a desperate woman.

6. She's Over-Dependent On Her Family
If a girl is too selfish, too conservative, too selfish, too religious, too uncompromising, too dependent or too attached to her family and will only date a man their family chose for her, then few men would like to date her. Guys prefer dating women who can think for themselves and has ambitions of her own.

7. She's A Social Media Addict
Being addicted to social media will prevent anyone, not only women, to have happy, meaningful relationships. Men will lose interest in a girl pretty quickly if they find she’s more interested in her phone than on them.

8. She Rush Things
One big turn off for most guys is when the woman they’re dating rushes things. If a woman wants to get engaged or get married soon after being only on two dates, it will make guys to lose interest in her immediately.

9. She has impossible standards and expectations
It’s good to have your standards and expectations when it comes to looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend. But, if those standards and expectations are stupidly high and impossible, it will make men run away. The same thing applies when women want their boyfriends to treat them like a princess. Most men are looking for a partner, not a servant to serve a princess.