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Make Tough Conversations In Your Relationship Easier By Following These Tips

Effective communication is crucial for a happy, long-lasting relationship. Whether the topic is sex, relationship secrets, money, or something else, you still need to have those difficult conversations. And if you find yourself mulling things over and over again and getting anxious about a conversation you never had yet, then it becomes even more necessary. If you withhold having these difficult conversations for long, because you don’t know how to start, there is a high possibility that it can hurt your relationship or worse.

Below are five things you will help to have those tough conversations in an easier and smoother way:

Timing Is Everything
Always have serious conversations with your partner when you’re focused, rested and attentive to each other. Timing is everything is having a meaningful and fruitful conversation about any topic with your spouse. Don’t talk when your partner when she just comes home from work or when she’s in a 2-hour commute. The best time to talk is when you’re alone at home, and you’re fully focused on her. Another thing that is worth mentioning is to be aware of your mood while talking. Don’t talk or carry on with the conversation if you’re angry, scared, distracted, or confused. This will only send mixed signals and make him or her to get more confused. Find a time to talk that you will work for both of you. Be kind, be supportive, be clear and composed, and think about how much you love or have loved your girlfriend.

Tell Your Lover Everything
The past brings nothing but resentment, pain and it only builds walls between you. Sure, at times you do need to share your previous failed relationships and misunderstandings. However, you bring things from your past; you need to have successful discussions that didn’t result in a huge blowup. When you can have a few conversations without a massive angry outburst, you’ll have the confidence and be able to have more challenging or delicate discussions that have been lingering in your relationship for a while. Small yet successful conversations like these will help you gain confidence and trust for yourself as well as for your spouse. This will pave the way for you and your partner to have a meaningful positive discussion about without blame and hurt that has been bothering you for long. When you begin the conversation, try keeping it current and talk about recent experiences, not something from five years ago.

Focus On Your Body Language
Your facial expressions, your body position, your body language when you talk immediately gets picked up subconsciously by your significant other or anyone so to speak. So, focus on your arms, your posture, and your facial expressions! Keep in mind people can judge your attitude from your body language even before you speak.

Be Truthful And Honest
When you’re in a relationship, honesty and truthfulness can take your relationship a long way. So, while having a conversation with your girlfriend always speak truthfully with kindness. You deserve to hear the truth, right? The same applies to her, too. So, if you’ve something to share, be truthful and honest about it and fast. The more you delay and avoid the issues in your relationship, the more awkward and uncomfortable it will become lately.

Great Tips For Men On How To Talk To Women

One of the biggest challenges most men face while dating women is to know the correct art of approaching women. But, that’s not the actual problem. The real issue is that apparently, most guys don’t put any serious thoughts into how to have a conversation with women until they actually talk to someone they admire – secretly. When that moment arrives, they usually freeze and start stammering. And, even if they finally manage to talk, they can’t be fully sure if they’ll be able to keep the conversation going.

So, if you’re someone having a hard time striking up a meaningful and thoughtful conversation with the ladies, then this article is for you. Here are some tips on how to talk to women easily without looking like an idiot.

Focus On Her
Don’t let your fears of rejection or the anxieties of approaching a woman stop you from having a conversation with her. If you say, “Hi” or “Hello,” and they don’t respond to it, don’t turn it up on yourself. It’s probably about them because maybe they aren’t in the mood to talk to someone, or they’re probably waiting for someone else. It can also be that they’re intimidated talking to strangers or their own insecurities have engulfed them. Also, remember not pay too much attention to what you’ll say next since that might cause misunderstandings between you and her. She might assume that you’re paying full focus on her, which is offensive.

Ask Open-Ended Questions
Avoid asking questions which have a simple answer like a yes or no. Instead ask open ended questions that start with what, where, when, how and why. Ask questions that will help you to get to know her better information about her thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We suggest that before you go out on the first date, make a list of interesting things that you and your date will be excited or interested in discussing topics such as music, politics, movies, hobbies, current events, etc. Besides, asking open-ended questions, talk about something or somebody else or about the place where you both are. There might be someone who is wearing something weird someone behaving rudely. Stir up the conversation by talking about the events occurring around you, particular if the woman on the side of the table reacts to them. Also, women like who can make them laugh. So, bring out your sense of humor by telling some unique and funny stories to make her laugh.

Be Who You Are – Always
This might seem surprising to you, but most women commonly understand a man’s body language faster than what is that they’re trying to say. This means that if you’re looking for a girlfriend and your only purpose to talk to a woman is to get her phone number to ask her on a date, she’ll surely and immediately understand it before she responds to what you have said. And most women will not be very fond or interested in you if they know your true intentions. So, if you want to get her phone number, you need to talk to her for 3, 4, 5 minutes or more, and build a connection between you and her first.

So, if you’re looking for a girlfriend, I hope after reading this you’ll find it easier to talk to women, and establish a connection with them and even attract more beautiful ones.

Talk To Your Partner About Their Weight Without Being Insensitive

When it comes to relationships bringing out the topic of weight can be a sensitive issue as much as it’s a taboo. But talking about it is essential nonetheless. If you’re concerned about your partner’s weight whether he or she is too fat or too thin, smashing your mate’s self-confidence and self-esteem is the last thing you wanted to do. If you think you’re ready to have the discussion with your boyfriend or girlfriend about their weight, read along how you can do that in a nice way.

Is it Important?
Are you hinting on your partner’s weight because of all health problems associated with obesity, hypertension, or malnourishment? Or is it simply because your spouse’s weight issues have affected your sex life and the physical attraction you’ve for him or her? Or is it because you’re feeling insecure? Keep in mind that if a woman has become a mother recently, she won’t get her pre-pregnancy weight right away. And a man or woman who is 20 years older won’t look like the way he or she looked when you first met given the fact he or she has gained some extra pounds because of age and change in metabolism. Having a talk about weight with your partner is a serious matter and the way you address it can change your relationship forever. Therefore, make sure you think thoroughly about the reasons for having the conversation.

Choose the Right Location
Talking about weight is very personal. Don’t talk about it in front of your friends, family, coworker and any public place. Doing it will make the issue seem irrelevant and will only embarrass your boyfriend or girlfriend. Choose a right location and time so the both of you can talk about the subject privately.

Seek Help Together
Your partner just wants to listen that you’re willing to embark on a structured nutrition and fitness program together. It will motivate them and give them the confidence as they know there is someone whom they love that will be with them every step of the way. Also, your significant other might need your help to see a therapist or nutritionist. In some cases, your partner may need to be hospitalized. In that situation, she will need all your support to go through the process.

Don’t Do All The Talking
When you have a conversation with your partner about their weight, ensure you focus what he or she says about the subject. This might be the first time your partner feels confident and comfortable or has had the chance to discuss the issue which can be embarrassing and emotional. Turn off your TV and your mobile phone, make eye contact, and give him or her your undivided attention that they deserve. Only by listening can you fully understand how your partner’s weight is affecting them. Accept that it is hard to open up, and appreciate your partner for sharing his or her feelings and thoughts.

The Bottom Line
When you’re in a relationship, and if you are willing to talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about their weight, then we can confidently tell that you are looking for a change. Suggest solutions that both of you can analyze together, and end the conversation with a plan of a solution and an action.

5 Things Men Wish They Could Tell Women

It’s a perplexing issue that has plagued humanity, or should we say, women, since humans came into existence – What actually goes on in a man’s mind? What exactly is he thinking? We believe that we can give a short explanation of what men want to tell women. Here it goes:

1. I am not afraid of commitment
It’s a general stereotype that guys are afraid of commitment in a relationship. That’s not, but men will only commit in a relationship if they’re sure and confident about it. It’s been reported that men are more likely than women to prefer marriage than being single. Men are also interested in having serious family relationships just like women in many ways. So, set aside all the myths and presumptions ideas about men and commitment.

2. I have feelings too!
Men have feelings also. It’s just challenging for them to express it. Societies have always defined men as unemotional, insensitive, and oblivious to emotions and responsibilities. This may apply to some men, but it’s not an empirical truth. The fact is that our societies encourage men to suppress their feelings, emotions and teaches that a real man should be the strong, bold and silent type. Another thing to ponder is that most guys who grew up without a father understood his emotions and knew how to express them. Also, wise women know that men have plenty of feelings, they just need the right time and space to express them.

3. Yes, I have testosterone running through my body, but that doesn’t mean I am always looking sex
Most women think that all guys do thinking about having sex with any women they meet. Yes, some guys think about sex every second all the time. But, this might surprise you that most men believe that sex is something that should take place under the right circumstances, and at the right time, and of course, with the right person. The point here is to dismiss a preconceived cultural myth, that not every man is an uncontrollable sex maniac.

4. I need my freedom and independence, but I fear she’ll take it away!
All men need a space of their own. They want their freedom and their independence. But, a lot of guys think being in a committed relationship will make them lose all of it, and their girlfriends will become their prison wardens. Men fear being trapped and stuck. This is the reason most men feel really unsure and uncomfortable of committing to a relationship, despite the fact that they're dating their partners for a long time. Men will only commit if they’re absolutely sure, this is the woman they want to get married and settle down. Women who know this give their spouse enough space, before and after marriage.

5. I want to be able to talk about my desires, concerns, and opinions without fearing an emotional backlash.
When dating someone, guys have tons of things to say to their partners. But, most of them hesitate and withhold what they want to say. Why? Because of the potential emotional backlash, men would receive if they expressed their opinions and thoughts about their partner’s unflattering dress, her lack of skills, eating habits, and so on. Guys worry about the about the response they’ll receive. We won’t deny that some men do cross the limits while talking about sensitive issues. But it’s also true that many guys are more willing to pitch in their thoughts if they were assured that doing so won’t result in an emotional explosion of nuclear proportions.

What Men Really Mean When They Say…

What men say and what women say are different when it comes to expressing his or her emotions and thoughts in relationships. Sometimes, what we say and what we really mean can leave most of us perplexed! Here are some key phrases about most men say, and what they actually mean:

1. “I don’t know”
For most guys, this is a vague response that can be applied to a wide range of questions. For example, where should we have dinner? How are you feeling right now? What flavor of ice-cream do you like? Do you like the black dress or blue dress? It’s possible that it means he didn’t this thoroughly so he can’t give a definitive answer here. Or it can imply that if he gives a truth answer, the answer will make one or both of them angry or uncomfortable. If the matter is sensitive and delicate, the last response is very much likely as he’s trying to avoid potential landmines. Ladies, if you think that this is the issue, then you better take a close look at it.

2. “Let’s take things slowly”
To many women, this statement implies that their boyfriends or partners want to have as much free fun as possible before considering being in a committed relationship. Sure, this may be right to some guys, but for some, it might be that he’s been thinking about his previous relationship where things ended badly because he and his girlfriend took things too fast. Maybe he's trying to understand the dynamics of the relationship and be sure he totally wants it before taking the relationship to the next level. So, give him the time to rethink the relationship, until his actions and thoughts prove him wrong.

3. “Can we talk about at a later date?”
Most men use these words to stall a serious and challenging conversation until it goes away. They think that if they keep delaying the issue for some time may be his partner will forget it. The reason why most men do this is that they need time to think before making important decisions and discussing sensitive subjects. Anyways, if you keep pushing him, his emotions and feelings might reach a breaking point, and he will do or say something that he will regret.

4. “I just need to hang out with my friends tonight”
This the most misunderstood of all the phrases guys say. Often, most of them carry little to no meaning at all. It certainly doesn’t mean that he’s tired or bored with his girlfriend, so he’s trying to de-clutter his mind by spending time with his friends. Spending quality time with other guys is a legitimate need that has no relevance when it comes to his desire to be with you or with the quality of your relationship. Resist yourself to fill up the gaps that don’t exist.

5. “What do you to do in bed?”
Apart from the common belief, that most guys are interested to please their girlfriends sexually, and politely asking his significant other what she desires from him, this phrase has little to do with it. Instead, it means that he cares about your sexual and emotional fulfillment and is willing to work at it and make it better. And keep in mind that when a man asks this to his woman, he also thinks that she asks for it too.

Why Are We Fools When It Comes To Love?

If you’re not entirely familiar with the feelings personally, perhaps you’ve met people who went completely bonkers when they feel in love. It might be a middle-aged man, who left his supportive and beautiful wife of 25 years for someone half her age. Or, it can be a smart and successful woman, who has her life together in every way but always fall for married guys, time after time. It appears that despite thoughtful discussions, concern, and care for their friends and family, these “crazies in love” almost seems to forget their senses, at least temporarily.

Let’s talk about a real incident here to give you some perspective. A friend of mine was in a relationship with a smart, beautiful and successful woman. For most people, this might sound like a perfect and dreamy romantic relationship, but apparently, their relationship was one big trauma.

The turmoil in the relationship began after she became sexually involved with another man. That didn’t stop him from getting married to her, thinking that his emotional health will deteriorate further if he broke up with her. Anyways, they had three kids in the marriage that lasted six years. He and his wife got divorced, and she initiated the divorce. The reason is quite evident; she got bored. Despite, all these messy parts of the whole relationship including the marriage and the divorce, and fully knowing the relationship will end badly; my friend still thinks he is in love with her.

Throughout history, the experience of being in love has always been compared with mental illness, which makes sense by looking at expressions such as crazy in love, madly in love, or lovesick. When we fall in love with somebody the feeling associated with being in love can be compared to the symptoms of certain mental disorders like obsessive desire, loss of reason, lack of self-control, and so forth. It’s common to find men and women becoming chronically obsessed with the experience of falling in love which is kind of similar to when people get addicted to drugs.

The reason that this happens that when we fall in love or attempt to make and maintain any human relationship or interaction, our brains get flooded by various biochemical that make us feel good. Some of the few the neurochemicals released while falling in love or when involved in social or romantic relationships are:

      Androgen and estrogen: responsible for sex drive.


      Testosterone: responsible for sex drive, monogamy, and paternal behaviors.


      Dopamine: responsible for attraction to others.


      Norepinephrine and Serotonin: responsible for well-being, predicting behavior and behavioral preparedness.


      Oxytocin and vasopressin: responsible for attachment, orgasm, and reducing anxiety.


    Endorphins: responsible for sexual arousal, sexual rewards, maternal behavior, playful or flirty behavior, etc.

Just looking at the list will make anyone feel incredibly good, and can even make some folks spin out of control when they fall in love. These “feel good” chemicals can have a powerful effect on our brains. We also respond differently to these chemicals when we fall in love. And, for some people, the effects can be overwhelming in which they will make irrational or wrong decisions.

Is it a Good Idea to Date These Certain Types of People?

Do you think dating people who you see every day is suitable? We’ve created a list of people around you who may seem to be good dating choices, but at the end of the relationship, they just test your shrewdness.

1. The Coworker
Anyone can fall in love at any place, at any time. And it can happen at work too. As we spend most of the time at work, it's no surprise that people may fall in love with their coworkers. There are some common issues that the colleagues face. Both of you have to commiserate with the boss, brainstorm over an important project, or about upcoming changes at work, without fear of annoying each other.

Your colleagues may not take your love affair well in your office area. If you more concentrate on the relationship, if they sense your productivity is lacking, they may report to your boss. Dating someone at the office means you’re taking a high risk, you take it as a resourceful way to be excited about work. If you still want to date your coworkers, tell your supervisors about it, as most companies have rules for interoffice dating.

2. The Boss
In a professional environment, dating a person in a superior position than yours is a bad idea. It’s flattering that your boss wants to date you. And, we also understand why men and women are attracted to a person with power. It’s totally understandable why dating your boss seems like a very good idea if you want preferential treatment at work, or want to get promotion fast. But, remember, one thing, no matter how good you work or nice, your coworkers will resent you and talk behind your back. And, if and when the relationship ends, it’s highly likely that you’ll lose both your new love interest and your job.

3. A Friend’s Sibling
Dating a friend’s sibling is sensitive. You think his or her family is your family and your family is his or her family. If you are thinking to date a friend’s family member, like your friend’s sister or brother, keep in mind, that your relationship between you and your friend will change. You may be his or her best friends, but your friends might oppose of you being his or her brother’s or sister’s love interest. Also, once the romantic relationship fizzles, you may lose your best friend. If you must need to date a friend’s sibling, you need to first think long and hard about the consequences of such relationships in the long-run.

4. The Neighbor
Many of us may have the attractive individual next door. You see this guy or gal out in the yard, grocery store, cleaners, gas station and so on. One beautiful summer day while you are mowing the lawn or washing the car or just enjoy a cup of coffee; it’s natural to catch up with bordering buddy Mr. Handsome. Very soon you two get pretty intimate, go for dinner dates, and partake in casual TV-watching. Dating a neighbor is certainly desirable because there’s no traveling involved. But before asking him or her out, you should weigh the pros and cons of getting involved with someone who lives so close. Because should your relationship goes south, you will run into your old flame frequently including at grocery stores, gas station, farmer’s market, etc.

5. Your Ex or Your Friend’s Ex
We call it a break up because the relationship is broken. Dating your ex or revisiting a past relationship for the hope of a dramatic change in your life is meaningless. You may expect a second chance, or maybe you rightfully deserve one but don’t expect miracles. There is no guarantee that a second chance will reignite the fire the romance in your old relationship, nor will it make it work.

How To Talk About The Future Of Your Relationship?

A relationship is not a product which we can buy by bargaining. It is the conjunction of two human beings forever. If you have a partner you don’t want to lose you have to be careful of him or her. But it is not that you need won't ask anything to your partner. So know about how you talk about the future in the relationship. There are some ways you can perfectly start a conversation about your relationship with your partner:

Why you or your partner want to start a discussion is probably both of you want to know about each other, or you have some questions relating your partner. There are many points may to discuss in a relationship likes- Do you want to get married? Do you want to have kids? How many kids do you want? Who will be liable for financial matter? Your partner is not your enemy he or she is your most beloved person. So when starting a conversation, take care of your partner as follow:

1. By taking care of your partner. If both of you are going to have a serious discussion about the future of your relationship, just put your phones away. It is a decent thing you could do for your partner just like when you are working. It’s best not to get distracted. It shows your partner that you care him/her and you are serious too.

2. By listening than talking. Listen to what your boyfriend or girlfriend is saying because you want to know your partner deeply. As a good listener, you can discover a particular problem that your partner is having. If you have any worries or concerns, you clear them up the right way. You will understand your partner from active listening.

3. Don’t feel hurt by what your partner is saying. When you are talking about the future in a relationship, sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want. So you must have preparation for that. When you are listening, don't start bargaining if you hear something that you don't like. Remember that it's hard for someone to be completely vulnerable in this situation. Keep your facial expressions as loud as your words. To understand a person you need a lot more intellectual and emotional work than judgment does.

4. Be completely honest. Be entirely honest while having a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Speak your truth with clarity, love, and gentleness. If you dodge the truth out of fear of how it will be received, you are only building bigger walls in your relationship. The more you are honest, the healthier your relationship tends to be. You will see very positive changes in your relationship.

5. Know more if there’s still confusion. Don't be afraid of asking questions. If you are still concerned about a previous statement or matter, repeat what he/she said and ask him/her to elaborate so you can get a clear understanding.

6. Don't think it's too late. If you're scared to speak up, then you hurting your relationship as well as hurting yourself. Take the time to think what you want to talk in a casual conversation. When couples consistently disagree with each other, they run the risk of never having the chance to resolve the underlying dispute.

When you’re dating someone or in a relationship, we aren’t saying that it is easy to talk about the future, but it's important to be in the same boat with your partner. Take a moment to gather all your thoughts, and dive right in. Not only be honest buy also be romantic, but this will also be appreciated!

When is a Good Time To Talk About The Future Of Your Relationship?

When you have any concern or points to ask your partner, or you just want to have in-depth discussions about the future of your relationship, choosing the right timing is an important issue. Most men and women tend to rush in these matters, and sometimes the outcome isn't according to expectations. Here's how you can do it:

1. When To Bring It Up
The first date is the knowing-each-other-phase of any relationship. Your career is a good topic for a first date. If you hate your job or want to get a promotion, keep it to yourself on the first few dates. Rather than complaining about your boss, talk about where you hope your career will go in the future or jump into other topics outside the office. Another sensitive area for some people is discussing on money issues. You can consider discussing your financial condition so that it doesn’t create any concern.

2. Let The Points Come Naturally
There’s no magic timeline for talking on the serious issues with your partner. We can’t tell you to wait months after month. You can fix an “XYZ” date to start a discussion. Listening to your instincts is important. This is not that you have to ask all questions or issues within one day or two. There are some issues you can raise early. For example, if you’re a middle-aged woman and want kids, then you may not want to spend time developing a relationship only to know he’s not interested in raising a family. So, in this case, some issues may need to come up earlier. If you hear that he or she came from a big family, you might ask something like, “Do you enjoy being in a big family? The typical conversation you start, the less pressure your partner will feel.

3. Don’t Make The Conversation Too Heavy
While asking your questions, avoid making things feel too serious. It’s not that the query has to remain ultra light. In an early relationship, you needn’t have a serious talk about how you’re going to save for your retirement. Instead, you can gently say that you don’t like your paycheck go toward your retirement and saving is important to you.

4. Be Honest
Love each other and tell the truth about you straight forward. Some couples lie which may drive them to a break. Why do people lie? We lie when we want to hide something from others. In a relationship when there arise a question about any object that you want to hide, just take a little time and prepare yourself, to tell the truth instead of lying.

5. Focus On Exploration And Listening Instead Of Testing And Judging
A motivational question is most advantageous when a trusting relationship is established. Focus on learning about each other instead of testing. You will both enjoy when the conversation flows in a natural manner instead of grilling each other. If you are not listening reflectively, and if you are instead imposing direction and judgment, you are impairing the relationship. What your girlfriend/boyfriend is trying to tell you about how he/she is experiencing you. Rather than argue every small detail, you should look for the truth in what your partner says to you.

It is very hard to talk about the future, when you’re dating someone or in a relationship. But, things can be made easy if get to know each other, talk honestly about all the issues in your relationship, and listening to it instead of arguing and judging each other.

Are Men Are Emotionally More Distant Than Women in Relationship? Find, Why…

According to a new research, it’s been reported that men are more emotionally distant than women when it comes to being involved in relationships. It’s also been found that women are more emotionally and physically involved in their relationships than men are. Besides, a woman’s well-being and happiness depend on mostly how things are going in their intimate relationships. This might be surprising to most folks, but the reality is that it’s true.

It’s not brainier that it’s the women in relationships who usually points out the various problems in a relationship. Women typically seek professional help or therapy for the relationship or marriage. It is women who spend a heck lot of time reading self-help books and attending seminars about marriages and relationships.

But, why is that a woman tends to be more invested in her relationship than her partner? The fact lies in biology. You see women are biologically wired to be the nurturers. It’s them who anticipate the needs and feelings of their partners, take care, invest and nurture the relationship. It’s them who resolve problems in a relationship if things go awry. Meanwhile, men are biologically wired to be caretakers, protectors, and providers. It doesn’t mean that men aren’t fond to be committed in a relationship. Relationships are important to men; it’s just they show it a different way than women, by working hard, trying hard to build a career, and keeping an emotional distance. Men think being emotional and sensitive as a sign of weakness, while for women these are great qualities.

Some women ask if there is a way to change their partners, or how can they get their husbands or boyfriends to be more involved in the relationship. The truth is it won’t work, and you too shouldn’t try to change him. It’s because functionally and biologically men and women are different.

It’s true that when it comes to involvement and benefits, men and women aren’t on the same page, but both are interested in intimacy. Young women mostly seek connection in their relationships. So, they’ve kids, take care of their families, and nurture their intimate relationships. Things like having a career don’t resonate equally to women as men. That doesn’t mean women don’t want to have careers. Men, on the flipside, are most focused to be important and recognized. They’re interested in making a difference and making an impact in the world. The focus men put on work tends to be much higher than relationships, and starting families.

The dynamics change when the kids grow older and leave home. Now, women believe they’ve invested all of their life for the family; now it’s time they invest in themselves. They try to get jobs, begin a career or create their businesses. Meanwhile, when men realize their kids are gone, they get sad and miss them very much. They’re also tired of the rat race and crave for a connection from their partners.

These differences make relationships interesting and enjoyable. So, recognize, embrace and celebrate the differences. These will help both of you to intimate physically and emotionally.