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Should You Fix or Nix A Rocky Relationship?

When you’ve just started a relationship, you don’t want to dwell on the negatives. You want to focus on the positives, promises, potential and new possibilities that a new relationship brings in your life. If you’re dating or in a relationship for a while, you know very well problems can arise at any moment. Some relationships manage to solve various issues and come out even stronger, while others get muddled up by differences and difficulties.

The question to ponder here is whether you should try mending your problem-plagued relationship, or just end it? To what extent should you invest your time and efforts fixing the problems? When should you just stop trying and dismiss the relationship for good? The key is here is to find the best possible solution for the relationship and put it into effect.

If your romantic relationship is rife with problems, ask yourself the following questions:

• Are problems in a relationship being created by major or minor ones? Some problems in the relationship are created because two people aren’t entirely familiar with each other and still haven’t figured out each other opinions, interests, temperament, and communication traits. However, most of these can be ironed out over time with time and experience. Incompatibility and contrasting beliefs also contribute to some problems in the relationship, and these issues aren’t easy to resolve.

• Does your partner value and validate your opinions? If you and your partner think that your ideas and views are being heard and respected by each other, you’ve already overcome any upcoming issues in your relationship. You don’t have to agree on everything you partner says, just try your best to listen and understand. Both partners should be open to express their perspectives, and all forms of communication must stay open. Otherwise, it will be a recipe for disaster.

• Do differences result in constructive conversations or heated disputes? Most couples prefer to resolve various disputes in their relationship in a sensible, amicable manner. While in some relationships, the differences between partners result in heated arguments and fights. It’s as one partner is always right, while the other one is always wrong. It’s like a contest, and if one person wins, the relationship ends.

• Do partners remain respectful to each other regardless the intensity of the problem? In a relationship, both partners have the right to express themselves, regardless if they’re right or wrong. No one is wrong simply because he or she has different views and opinions about a particular topic. Any problems in the relationship will resolve much faster if he or she respects and honors each other’s positions.

• Has the relationship reached its tipping point? You can’t keep fighting for a relationship that has little chance to succeed. Even if you’ve managed, but think that the relationship can revert to its previous position, then we can safely say that the relationship has reached its breaking point.

We live in a complex world. Humans are complicated, so are relationships. If you’ve been dating or being in a relationship for a while, problems are inevitable. So, we advise you look for a partner who can resolve various problems in relationships, in the most efficient, and effective ways.

Celebrity Doctor Oz and Student Researcher Heather Nelson of Stanford University Discover Weight Loss Miracle Diet Pill! Study Show’s 27lbs Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

It all started when an esteemed Hollywood doctor was giving advice to a student researcher from Stanford. Heather Nelson, who also happened to be a mother of two, was able to lose 27 pounds in 4 weeks while only using only $5! Heather used her quit wits to find a way to turbocharge her weight loss. While it took her some time to figure out exactly what formula worked, the whole thing cost less that five bucks.

“I had issues with my weight my entire life. I tried everything from the Atkins diet to Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, but nothing changed. I work part-time while raising two children and I take night classes at Stanford University, so I don't have time for the gym. For one of my class projects we were required to do extensive research on a topic that was very important to us, so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to try and figure out the best way to lose weight fast. After a few days of research I came across this new recipe which combines and apple cider vinegar. A few days later the fat was melting off. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is! My daughter is so proud of me! – Heather Nelson

Heather has since shared her discovery with her best friend Rebecca, who was also having issues with her weight and she managed to lose even more weight than Heather without changing her eating habits! The pair have become instant celebrities around Stanford University!


Rebecca Wright lost over 135lbs in under 10 weeks with and ACV!

We contacted Heather and she was nice enough allow us to interview her to find out more about the specifics of that she used to lose 27 pounds so quickly.

PIOP: Was  very expensive like the majority of other weight loss products out there?

Heather: It was the complete opposite of expensive! That's part of the reason I first tried it. I'm a single mother so there's rarely any extra money in my budget. Since the product is all-natural it's not expensive at all. The manufacturer offers a free 1 month sample, so all I had to pay for was shipping, which was less that $5.

Continued: It's kind of a weird story. I am a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy, so while I was doing research I realized Melissa lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. It's close to impossible to distinguish facts from rumors while sifting through the tabloids, but I came across this radio interview that never aired where Melissa spoke candidly about her struggles with obesity. She was rather excited to reveal her transformation was from using and apple cider vinegar but her publicist made sure the interview never aired.

Melissa ’s drastic weight loss was credited to the combination of Pure Cambodia Slim and Apple Cider Vinegar.

PIOP: I'm sure our readers will love to hear that. So can you explain everything else you did?

Heather: That's the beauty of . I didn't have to change my diet and start going to the gym – two things I don't have time for. Each morning I made tea with 1 or 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and took a pill with it. A month later I had lost 27 pounds which is basically 1 pound a day. Thankfully it was cheap because I had to purchase all new clothes!

PIOP: That's incredible! What else can you tell our readers about ?

Heather: I'd tell them to try it. It's so easy! It's one pill a day and since it's natural it's okay to take it as a daily supplement to maintain your weight once you've lost the extra pounds.

PIOP: Anything you would change about ?

Heather: Just that I should have been taking it sooner! I've definitely gained my confidence back and I feel so lucky to be able to share this with others who may be struggling with their weight.

Heather has even spread the word about to friends and family!

Why does and Apple Cider Vinegar work?

‘s special weight loss components assist the body with blocking excess production of fat along with boosting your metabolism to burn the existing fat on your body. This is why there is no lifestyle change necessary – prompts the body to do this, even while resting.

formula has been scientifically proven to:

  • li-3 Burn Stored Fat as Energy
  • li-1 Enhance Strength and Energy
  • li-2 Increase Metabolism by 90%
  • li-3 Deliver nutrients to the body at a faster rate, which helps stimulate weight loss
  • li-4 Boost Adipocytes Productions of Leptins by 130% which decreases your appetite
  • li-5 Eliminate Bad Toxins that increase as you age

Nicole Williams, a writer here at PIOP, volunteered to put to the test. She is getting married this summer and wanted to shed the extra weight she put on the last few years. Nicole was nice enough to detail her experiment below:





I've been mixing apple cider vinegar and each morning and I'm already pretty surprised with what I see. I wasn't really hungry during the day. I definitely felt my appetite being curbed.

My energy level is still good and I lost weight! I ended up losing 9 pounds just after a week and I didn't even change my diet. Although I am still skeptical since you tend to lose a lot of water weight at the start of any new diet or supplement.


I'm excited to report that is still working for me! I've lost another 7.5 pounds in the last week and I'm down 2 pant sizes. Usually around this time with other diets or weight-loss methods, I would start to run out of steam. My energy level hasn't changed since starting .



It's safe to say all my doubts and skepticisms about are now gone! It's amazing. I'm down another 5.5 pounds! That's 22 pounds total for me!



In the last week, I've lost another 5 pounds for a total of 27 pounds in one month. I'm down 3 pant sizes and nothing in my closet fit me anymore. Drinking the tea in the morning with started to become part of my normal daily routine. I'm still shocked with the results! I'm so ready for my wedding!

Will This Work For You? Our Verdict:

Using , Nicole melted away 27 pounds of belly fat in just 4 weeks.

There are plenty of weight loss options available to women, but some are gimmicks and most of the effective options are way too expensive for average women to afford. With all of the different products on the market, it's only normal to be skeptical about the results, and the last thing we want to do is tell our readers to try some new product that we wouldn't use ourselves- instead we just want you to try what Heather Nelson recommends to her friends and family. Click here to try it for yourself!

IMPORTANT: *The clinical trials were conducted with both Step 1 and Step 2, so it is important to use both products simultaneously for the best results.