Four Ways to Overcome Your Shyness and Enjoy Dating

Shyness is a personality trait. Overcoming shyness isn’t easy, but if you’re serious committed to defeating it, you can do it. Just like if a person makes an effort to change his physical behavior, an individual may also make changes to his personality. Consider these tips below and practice daily and notice un-shying yourself. 1. Gain perspective into your shyness. If you’re seriously committed to get rid of your shyness, make a list of all the things that make you…[+]

What To Do If Your Friends Don’t Like Your Partner

So your friends don't like your new partner. You’re really in love with this person, makes you happy and so far things are going okay. However, things start to go bad when you’re with your friends, and they aren’t supportive of your new partner and your new relationship. You find yourself that you’re spending a heck a lot of time with your buddies, defending your new found love interest and the relationship. You’re now thinking about leaving your friends for the…[+]

These Are The Types Of Women, Men Really Want!

Rampant lies are being told about what men really want in their relationships and what kind women or wife they like to have in their lives. Some of these lies are son bogus that we decided to do something about it. The reality is that most guys are more capable if intimacy and being emotional agile that what our culture and society tend to believe. Our society has instilled fear in us, and it is this fear that has made…[+]

Four Key Qualities Ladies Should Look For In A Man

Ladies, when looking for a man, some qualities make a man great. It’s not true when people say finding men with these qualities is hard. However, if you’re really serious about being in a relationship, identify the ones that look important to you and stick with them. Here are four qualities all ladies should look for in a man: 1. He’s gentleman and mature. What makes a guy great is when he is polite, gentle, respectful, attentive and considerate towards…[+]

Shocker! Ann Coulter Reveals Hollywood’s Favorite Anti Aging Skin Cream to Remove Annoying Wrinkles!

Ann Coulter is the outspoken conservative commentator, writer, and lawyer who has quite a lot to say about this country and its leader. She has bad-mouthed democrats, liberals, and others in the process. However, Ann is not immune from scrutiny from the media and other sources. Recently, we heard rumors about issues from producers about Ann's appearance - mainly her skin. TV presenters and others who are routinely in the public eye are constantly pressured to maintain their appearance and…[+]