10 Health Issues Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) Can Improve

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Whether you know it as riboflavin or vitamin B2, we all know that it is an essential part of your dietary needs. More and more people are finding that riboflavin can be used to treat many common health issues. From cardiovascular issues to leg cramps, this vitamin can make a major difference for your overall health.

Check out everything that Vitamin B2 has to offer below!

1. Inflammation

Riboflavin has been shown to have major anti-inflammatory properties. This is because it significantly reduces the expression of HMGB1 or high-mobility group protein B1, which is can lead to inflammation in the body.

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2. Depression

The various B vitamins have all been linked to mood elevation, which means they can be a great natural way to help with depression. Coincidentally, many individuals with depression were found to have a riboflavin deficiency prior to diagnosis. Resolving this deficiency may help balance their moods.

riboflavin benefits

3. Cardiovascular Disease

Vitamin B2 is just one of numerous vitamins and minerals linked to cardiovascular health. (Potassium and magnesium are as well, just to name a few…) This may be because riboflavin reduces homocysteine, which is linked to the development of heart disease.

vitamin b2 benefits

4. Osteoporosis

A recent study showed that patients with Vitamin B2 deficiency were more likely to suffer bone fractures. Supplementing riboflavin can actually improve bone strength and reduce the likelihood of conditions like osteoporosis.

vitamin b2 benefits

5. Autoimmune Disorders

Recent studies have showed that riboflavin supplementation can help reduce symptoms in certain autoimmune disorders like Brown–Vialetto–Van Laere syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

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6. Cognitive Issues

Research out of Kenya showed that students who were given riboflavin supplements performed better in school than those who were not. It has also been shown to reduce migraines and improve mental clarity.

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7. Leg Cramps

Vitamin B2, along with the other B vitamins, has been shown to significantly reduce the length, pain intensity, and frequency of nocturnal leg cramps in the elderly.

riboflavin benefits

8. Liver Disease

Riboflavin can be used to protect the liver from common liver toxins, as well as reduce liver reperfusion.

riboflavin benefits

9. Cancer

Certain studies have shown that riboflavin supplementation can reduce colorectal cancer risk in postmenopausal women as well as colon cancer risk for women in general.

vitamin b2 benefits

10. Eye Issues

Vitamin B2 supplementation can significantly reduce the risk of developing cataracts. It has also been shown to improve symptoms in patients with eye inflammation.

vitamin b2 benefits

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