10 Little-Known, Yet Guaranteed Tips To Impress A Girl

Most men are familiar with this scenario; two guys at the bar were discussing the attractiveness of a woman who was sitting with her girlfriend some 20 feet away. Later, only one the guys have the guts and the confidence to approach the girl by asking her to join him for a drink. And, finally, at the end of the conversation, he walked out with her phone number, while the other feels left out and disappointed. Sound familiar, right?  Only if the other guys weren't so shy and had known a few ways to impress a woman, he also should have walked out with that lady’s phone number.

So, for those guys, here’s a list of ten guaranteed ways to impress women. By the way, these tricks work equally well for ladies looking for a way to impress men, too.

  1. Be an adult. This is super important for guys. It’s important you don’t act like a 13-year-old girl when you’re dating someone like ignoring texts, throwing tantrums, calling names, making promises that you can’t keep, etc.
  1. Make a decision. Don’t make a wishy-washy decision. Make it decisive. It makes women feel safe and secure. So, while making an important decision, think it through and have a plan.
  1. Have an opinion about things. Be open and accepting of opinions of other people around you, especially hers. Think of views of others as an option. You aren’t obligated to accept it.
  1. Be transparent. Be honest to your girlfriend. If you make a promise to her, keep it. If you want to say something to her, mean it. If you want to meet her, tell her, even if it’s for a booty call. If you want to have a committed relationship with her, let her know it. And if you don’t know or aren't exactly sure what you want, set her free.
  1. Support her and be proud of her job or career the same you are to yours. Believe me; this will make your relationship more loving than before.
  1. Bring her flowers, gifts, and chocolates. Women really love it. Bring her flowers, presents or anything that will make her happy. You don’t have to do it on her birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Do it any day you like. Even better, write her a hand written love letter.
  1. Invite her out and take her to a place that she likes to go and have fun. It can be her favorite restaurant or a beach. However, plan in advance and don’t be late.
  1. Ask her to dance with you if you're alone in your house or apartment.
  1. At the end of the day, when you ask her how her day was, pay full attention to what she’s saying. Listening to a woman and asking if there’s anything that you can before you start asking her what to do is one of the best ways to impress women.
  1. While having sex with your partner, focus fully on her. Pay your full attention and concentrate on her more than you do while watching porn. And by the way, while talking and making love to her, don’t forget to make eye contact.

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