10 Signs to Know it’s Time for You to Break Up

No one likes to break up. These experiences are awful, full of pain, and bring tremendous physical, mental and emotional consequences of you, which can be hard to cope. That’s why dating is all about —to find out if two people have the qualities and characteristics that are compatible with each other. If not, there aren’t many options other than the couple to end the relationship. Sometimes, we can be right, and at times we are not, even after the relationship has all the signs of it having no future.

Here are ten indicators to look out and if you notice most of them, then it’s time to break up and move on:

1. You begin to feel that you don’t get that loving feeling if you see him or her like at the beginning. It appears that the fire and sparks have disappeared and the chemistry between you two isn’t just there.

2. Your closest friends and family members are telling you that something is wrong in this relationship. It’s wise to pay some concern into this as these folks only want the best for you. However, always trust your intuition when you decide to end the relationship.

3. Honesty, respect, and trust are holding a relationship together. If you think your partner isn’t entirely honest towards you or questioning his or her trustworthiness, then it’s better for you to break up.

4. You have realized that you and partner have different missions and goals and even you both are good people, they don’t complement each other. So, before you two get hurt, it’s best to move on.

5. You start to question your partner’s emotional health. You find your partner is narcissistic, very self-absorbed, get angry easily, paranoid and sometimes very defensive. All these indicate that your partner isn’t mentally capable of handling a relationship or be married. It’s time for you to break up.

6. Both of you have different perspectives on important aspects of life. You two significantly differ on the topic like religion, social issues, parenting, financial responsibility, and so on. If you want to have a happy relationship, it’s best to be with a partner whose views are closely related to your own.

7. You two have different interests and don’t complement each other. If you have four or five interests, it’s wise to have a relationship with a person who shares one or two of them. Enjoying the same hobbies and activities together will make your relationship stronger.

8. You find that your partner is very much attached to his past and unwilling to get over them and move on. You see that your partner is always talking about their exes, their past achievements or is held back by his old buddies. If that is the case, leave this relationship.

9. It’s natural if your partner is attracted to other men or women. But if you found that your partner is frequently checking out other people, even with you in front of him or her, then it might be that your partner lacks something in you.

10. You can’t resolve conflicts with your partner. You and partner are always arguing and fighting even over things with no importance. You don’t feel supported, and you are unable to communicate with him or her, and unable to solve problems in a mutually amicable manner. This is why most relationships fall apart because conflicts remain unsolved.

So, there you have the ten reasons that should indicate if you want to be in this relationship or not. If any or most of these signs resonate with you, then it’s in your best interest that you break up before it’s too late.

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