10 Things That Makes Men Quickly Lose Interest In A Girl

Men, sometimes, can be quite picky about girls they like to date. It’s also hard to figure out what a guy’s standards are really like and he actually wants, which makes dating even more challenging. In fact, trying to find out what makes a girl attractive or unattractive to a guy can be a daunting task that simply can’t be solved. Most men will be fully honest while telling what makes them lose interest in a woman. This might be difficult for you to believe, but it’s true.

Here are all the qualities that make men to lose interest in a woman immediately:

1. She's Selfish
She only cares about herself. This turns off men soon. A relationship is a team effort. If any woman can’t accept it, there is no chance that they can be decent girlfriends.

2. Her Political View Is Different
Some guys are turned off by their girlfriends if she doesn’t vote for the same party that they do. This may sound bad, but some men can't share their beliefs in that way.

3. She's Overweight
Obese people are often not liked by most people. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a lot of guys are turned off by women who are fat. We know that’s not the right thing to say, but love or hate it, that’s how it is. The guys say that they aren’t physically attracted to overweight women. They also admitted that they’ve zero interest in dating women who don’t take care of themselves.

4. She's Acts Like A Brat
Many men are turned off by women who acts bratty, trashy and doesn’t give little or no consideration or attention to other people’s feelings. Also, most men feel repulsed by an angry woman or who get’s ill-tempered or enraged quickly.

5. She’s Desperate
It’s incredibly unattractive when a woman acts needy and desperate while looking for a relationship. Nothing good can come from a desperate woman.

6. She's Over-Dependent On Her Family
If a girl is too selfish, too conservative, too selfish, too religious, too uncompromising, too dependent or too attached to her family and will only date a man their family chose for her, then few men would like to date her. Guys prefer dating women who can think for themselves and has ambitions of her own.

7. She's A Social Media Addict
Being addicted to social media will prevent anyone, not only women, to have happy, meaningful relationships. Men will lose interest in a girl pretty quickly if they find she’s more interested in her phone than on them.

8. She Rush Things
One big turn off for most guys is when the woman they’re dating rushes things. If a woman wants to get engaged or get married soon after being only on two dates, it will make guys to lose interest in her immediately.

9. She has impossible standards and expectations
It’s good to have your standards and expectations when it comes to looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend. But, if those standards and expectations are stupidly high and impossible, it will make men run away. The same thing applies when women want their boyfriends to treat them like a princess. Most men are looking for a partner, not a servant to serve a princess.

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