10 Ways to Shield Your Marriage from a Divorce

With almost half of all marriages ending up in a divorce, most people are approaching dating with a mix of excitement and anxiety. The chances are that you have been a victim of divorce or experienced your parents, friends and family members going through this unfortunate event. Divorces are of tremendous pain—and you don't want to it happen to you.

Hopefully, there are some wise and practical steps you can take to shield yourself from the demise of your marriage and enjoy a long-lasting relationship for a lifetime. Here you go:

Be aware of the top four reasons marriage ends—communications problems, cheating or infidelity, financial troubles, and physical, emotional and psychological abuse. If any of these exists in your relationship, work on these diligently, and improve them, before getting married or delay it until these issues get fixed.

For two people to move forward with their new relationship, they must destroy and distance themselves from their past. These include everything from your previous relationship days that can jeopardize your marriage like ex-lovers, bad habits, and so on.

Try to learn how to solve problems in a productive manner. Every relationship and marriage have problems, big and small, and you and your partner have to address them is the style that's the most effective and efficient. This will also reduce your risk of having a divorce.

Commitment and dedication are the key ingredients that hold the marriage, even in the bad times. These are the two most important factors that will determine the longevity of your marriage.

Bring the taste of friendship and romance into your marriage. We agree the romantic feelings towards each other in a marriage wanes as the relationship mature overtime, but you can compliment that by taking your partner as your closest companion and friend. Make your spouse your love and best friend.

Examine temptations before they arrive in front of you. At some point, in the relationship, you might be tempted to cheat on your partner, and the best way to encounter these insidious events is to take actions before it happens. Discuss with your partner about these issues and how you will handle these messy situations.

Focus on improving and changing yourself, instead of asking your spouse to change. It's hard for people to make changes in their lives unless it's necessary and they want it for themselves. So focus on self-improvement. By considerably improving some parts of yourself, you partner might be inspired to change him or herself. This will significantly make your relationship stronger.

Adopt interdependence and avoid dependence. The first one means that both partners are confident, have solid self-esteem, and are fully capable of standing on their own, but they still chose to be connected to each other for support and harmony. Meanwhile, dependence is a undesired, and no one loves an overly needy and clingy partner.

Make trust and transparency your topmost priority. No relationship and marriage will last unless two partners don't trust each other and doubt his or her intentions. When trust is broken, loves diminishes and gets destroyed. Being trustworthy makes your love grow stronger and deeper. On the other hand, partners should be open about all matters to each other and shouldn't have any secrets. Transparency and accountability nurtures trust and the lack of it destroys it.

Show affection to each other as often as you can. Kind, intimate gestures and words have an enormous impact on marriage, and it will divorce-proof your marriage from being harmed even in the worst of times.

So, there you have it, acknowledging and incorporating these simple steps will insulate your marriage from an unfortunate divorce and experience you to have a loving, long-lasting marriage.

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