11 Things That Makes A Man Stunningly Sexy!

When it comes to dating man what makes a man stunningly sexy? Most women will probably tell you that he has a good career, makes a lot of money, has a great body, lives in a nice house and drives a nice car. Well, this might be very superficial but this is the image of a successful man Hollywood, and the media has been telling us throughout our lives. Well, things have changed. People are messy, people’s lives have become messier, almost half of the marriages end up in a divorce, and expectations and reality in relationships are hardly on the same page.

As the lines have become blurred and changed over the years, so does people views on what they find sexy and appealing has also been evolved as well. Here’s what makes a man stunningly sexy today:

1. A man is sexy who takes responsibility on his part for the demise of his relationship and marriage. Despite the breakup and divorce, he still treats his ex with respect, especially if he has kids.

2. A man is sexy who is patient in traffic. He doesn’t cut somebody off while driving or switching lanes. He uses turn signals, aware of how much gas he has in the tank, and knows how to parallel park.

3. A man is sexy who feels captivated by his children. He feels mesmerized by their personalities and treats them kindly. He doesn’t see them as mere extensions of himself, but as unique individuals with unique souls.

4. A man is sexy who clearly understands the concept of cleanliness, grooming and personal hygiene. He takes care of hair, has a decent hairstyle, brushes his teeth, showers daily, and wears clean clothes. A man is sexy when he allows his significant other and trusts her enough to shave his beard for him.

5. A man is sexy when he knows how to cook. Besides, cooking a man looks sexy when he how to peel an apple or a mango, or prepare pineapple or an avocado, and can nicely frost his kid’s birthday cake.

6. A man is sexy when he is sensitive enough that he teary-eyed after listening how horrible his partner’s day has been. A man feels sexy when he cries after his divorce because he tried his best to save his marriage, and never wanted a divorce in the first place.

7. A man is sexy who reads books. He set aside his phone and reads books for both pleasure and information.

8. A man is sexy who is generous enough to make dinner, help with the shopping, and take care of the laundry alongside his partner.

9. A man is sexy who by any means will not intentionally diminish or berate a woman. It doesn’t matter if she’s his girlfriend, daughter, wife, mother, coworker, or otherwise.

10. A man is sexy when he less concerned or doesn’t care much about how much money he makes, what kind of car he drives, what kind house he lives, and not obsessed with his physical appearance.

11. A man is sexy who asks his partner’s permission, verbally and non-verbally, every time now and then, before touching her, kissing her, or making love with her.

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