12 Reasons You SHOULD Date a Middle Child

Popular culture seems to depict the middle child as the overlooked sibling and unfavorably compared to their overachieving older and their younger siblings. But, before you pass on any stereotypical judgment, many unique characteristics make the middles special in the family with siblings.

Here are 12 reasons you should consider dating a middle child as it’s known to many they make excellent romantic partners. Read on to find more:

1. The middles happen to be exceptional negotiators. Whenever disputes and arguments break up among the siblings while growing up, these people have mastered the art to navigate conflicts via diplomacy.

2. The middles are great listeners. The mid kids are usually come as reserved and are more interested to listening than talking.

3. The Middle-borns are often the gems of the family no one seems to notice. Sure, they weren’t the superstars of the family while growing up, but nonetheless, these guys have developed qualities, characteristics and learned strategies that will help them shine in adulthood.

4. The middles try their best to succeed. Because they’ve often being classified as the underdog and runner-up, they strive hard to get recognized and get ahead.

5. Fairness and justice are of utmost importance to a mid kid. They have been overshadowed and unnoticed throughout their childhood. So, they relate to and cater to people who are marginalized in society.

6. The middles are said to be trustworthy romantic partners. According to researcher Dr. Catherine Salmon, she found that middle children are highly unlikely than others to cheat on their partners while in long-term romantic relationships. Almost 80 percent had never cheated, compared to 65 percent and 53 percent of first-borns and last-borns respectively.

7. Unsurprisingly, Middles are great at finding a middle ground. They’re skilled at establishing compromise and consensus among people since they’ve spent their childhood in a group. Middle children also play well with others. They tend to excel in sports and perform much better while working in teams and groups.

8. Most middles proudly define themselves to be unique. Since they’ve being stuck in the middle throughout their childhoods, it motivates and energizes them to find new, creative ways to stand apart from their siblings.

9. Middles emotionally stable. In 2013, researchers concluded that middle kids who have grown with both parents are less likely than other siblings to suffer from emotional disorders such as ADHD.

10. Middles don’t feel entitled by nature. In general, middle children weren’t spoiled or indulged when growing up, so they aren’t demanding in their adulthood.

11. Middles have a day dedicated to them on August 12, called “National Middle Child’s Day.” Now, you and your partner will have an excuse to celebrate something.

12. Middle children, people are marriage material. They tend to be in long-term happier marriages and stay to remain faithful to their partners than others. And guess what, they’re also more adventurous in the bedroom. You heard that right! Researchers agree that middles are less judgmental of their partners’ sexual interests and willing to try new techniques in bed. They are also more satisfied with the sex lives than other siblings.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself out there and date someone who is the middle of the family.

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