12 Ways to Make Sure That Your Partner Will Be Faithful

All singles want to have partners who are loyal, trustworthy and reliable. They all want to commit in a relationship with a person who will not cheat on them. Unfortunately, in reality, the story is entirely different and painful too. Various figures show that 20 to 40 percent of women and 30 to 50 percent of men have confessed that they cheated on their partners at some point in their relationship. They numbers could be higher as most individuals don’t want to admit to being unfaithful to their partners.

Here are twelve signs that show that your partner won’t be unfaithful.

1. Your partner keeps his or her promise in every situation. Trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability are the cornerstones of being faithful in a relationship.

2. Your partner always maintains his or her distance from your friends. This doesn’t mean that he or she dislikes them; they simply don’t want to or get attracted to your buddies.

3. Your partner is honest about all matters and doesn’t keep any secrets. Remember, little secrets can sometimes turn into big problems later in the relationship.

4. Your partner is well-aware of all the danger areas that can ruin or break a relationship. For example, long-distance relationships and business trips. The latter is particularly messy; a study found that 13 percent of women and 36 percent of men confessed that they cheated on their business trips.

5. Your partner doesn’t reminisce about his or her past. Most people tend to look back on their past relationships, fondly talk about the memories and some are even friends with past lovers. This isn’t a good practice, and they might be tempted on having sexual contacts with their past boyfriends or girlfriends. Research shows around 21 percent of men and 32 percent of women have acted on it.

6. Your partner maintains boundaries with coworkers and keeps his or her private and professional lives separate. This is necessary as almost 60 percent of individuals have admitted that they cheated with their coworkers.

7. Your partner feels appreciated and supported. This is vital for a long-lasting relationship, and most men and women revealed that they ended their relationships because he or she feels unappreciated and unwelcome in contributing to their relationships.

8. Your special someone is not a narcissist. Relationships are bound to break up if your partner lacks empathy, self-absorbed and selfish and don’t want to change their narcissistic attitudes.

9. Your partner understands how important a satisfying sexual life is in a relationship. Because almost half of cheating cases are directly related to individuals feeling unsatisfied with their sexual lives.

10. Your partner never flirts with anyone, especially when he or she is in front of you. Flirting is disrespectful to your partner and tempts people to be disloyal.

11. Your partner doesn’t have unrealistic expectations. He or she knows that we aren’t flawless and we have to focus on our actual good qualities to bring the best in the relationship.

12. Your partner is completely open about their finances. Since most divorces happen because of financial disputes, it’s important both individuals in a relationship keep nothing secret and disclose their debts, hidden credit cards, etc.

It’s hard to tell whether your partner won’t ever cheat on you, as people and circumstances keep on changing. However, the best we can do is you to check out specific personal qualities that tell that he or she will be faithful.

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