2 Things You Need To Know About Texting While Dating

We won’t deny the fact these days much of the communication between potential matches or new partners takes place behind a computer screen, text messages or emails. Texting has now become a socially acceptable way to make plans and keep in touch with romantic partners, family, and friends. Unfortunately, talking on the phone or meeting someone new in person has become less important. But, does relying too much on text messages make or break a relationship?

Below are two significant problems associated with overreliance on texting while dating:

1. Relying too much on texting before meeting your date in person will make it harder for both of you to connect. One major problem associated with excessive texting between you and your romantic match you didn’t meet yet is that by the time you meet them in person and hear their voices, you have inaccurate assessments and perceptions of each other. So, it’s highly likely you’ll be disappointed at the first encounter.

Many men and women who met their romantic interests in person after too much texting and emailing complained that their matches looked entirely different than what they expected. They found that their dates were more awkward or shy than they had envisioned. This has left most of them feeling uncertain and confused about taking their relationship forward, despite the texts or email exchanges between them may have been funny, flirty or natural.

Think about it, when someone sends you text, as you haven’t seen or met him or her; you make assumptions about that person based on the texts or emails they sent you, such as voice tone, the meaning of the messages, personality, etc. This leads to a potentially misleading interpretation of the message and who the person really is. Therefore, if you want to know a person, their personalities, their lifestyle, their family, and friends, etc., there isn’t any alternative to meet them in person.

2. Texting won’t get you in the relationships, though it will keep you in the safe zone. The appeal of texting goes beyond the sheer convenience as a safe and strategic way to connect with someone.

Texting can keep people in their safe zone when asking someone out and the possibility of getting rejected. Texting helps to avoid uneasy and challenging conversations in person or over the phone. Sending sexy, witty, thoughtful, romantic and flirty responses over text is easier, than expressing in face-to-face, but texting can only take you as far in a romantic relationship.

You need the courage and the confidence for taking emotional and social risks and develop the necessary coping skills to handle and manage a date and a relationship. And frequently texting to your romantic interests prevents you from doing it. The more you text or email romantic, flirty or complimentary messages to your date, the harder it will become for you to conquer your fear and insecurities, and be intimate in person and your relationship.

The bottom line is texting your match in moderation may be okay during the initial stages of the relationship. But, if you want your relationship to advance, you need to spend more time with romantic interests in person to access the quality of your relationship and deepen your connection.

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