2 Ways Millennials Have Made Marriage Better

Many people tell love is dead these days. Is it really? Hardly so. So, why is that a lot of people have given up on love? Why have a lot of people have given up on marriage or lost hope on marriage? Did we forget how to love someone unconditionally? According to a recent poll, it’s been reported that one in eight adults, especially women, have given up on finding true love or love, whatever you may want to call it. Some have given up on relationships! But the truth is many people are still finding love. It’s just that we are finding it later in life.

The traditional rules of love, relationships and marriage have changed. We don’t marry someone we don’t know. We don’t get married early; we wait until we get our shit together. All of these are hardly bad news for love and marriage. In fact, it’s good news. And love isn’t something that we should give up. And believe it or not, the young generations are keeping that fight for love alive, especially when it comes to marriage. It’s common to blame the millennial for everything from soaring college debt to skyrocketing living costs, but the truth is millennial have done some amazing things for love and marriage, and we all can get benefit from it.

Below are two ways millennial have actually improved marriage:

  1. People don’t marry because society says so anymore

People marry for the same old reasons. Sometimes, it because of love, or to consolidate resources, or for convenience, and sometimes for all the three reasons we listed above. But, during the old days, our grandparents and parents married so much younger than us. Why? Well, you already know about it because the society told them so. During those societal norms were so judgmental or weird that people were made to feel bad and frowned upon if they weren't married by 25. These you can decide to get married or not get married in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s or even later without society's judgment. It means that people nowadays marry for the right reasons and they have no obligation to live up to outdated societal norms. It also means that people don’t have to settle for bad sex, abuse or poor communication in the marriages which were quite rampant back then.

  1. We now take time to discover ourselves

Before when people got married, they had to let go of their hopes and dreams, particularly women, like travel the world, go to graduate school, have a career, etc. Today, the new generation is getting married later, and this trend has a both suffering and benefiting side. As young people are getting married, later most of them are affected by depression and loneliness, but they feel benefited as they don’t have to experience the pain of unhappy marriages and divorce. But marrying later in life also means that we more time to discover ourselves and what we really want in life. Marrying older and later also means that we are better equipped and more self-aware to enter into lasting love and happiness. Marrying older and later also means we are more likely to find a partner who's truly right for us.

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