27 Things You Didn’t Know About Christie Brinkley!

Christie Brinkley is an American model and actress who has been popular since the 1970’s. She has been on the cover of numerous magazines, been in TV shows, and won many awards. But how well do you know Christie Brinkley? Here are 27 facts about Christie Brinkley to satisfy your trivia urges!

27 Facts About Christie Brinkley

1. Christie Brinkley was born on February 2, 1954. (Yes, she is now sixty two years old).

2. Her birth name is Christie Lee Hudson.

3.     Her trademark in the industry is her deep sultry voice which is known to have stolen many hearts.

4.     Christie is a vegetarian.

5.     All of her family members were educated by Christie on the benefits of vegetarianism and how the meat industry is violent. All her family members followed her lead and became vegetarians.

6.     She once filed a defamation suit against the National Enquirer and jointly sued her former personal assistant Beth La Face as the contact for the tabloid.

7. She survived a helicopter crash in March 1994 near Telluride, Colorado.

8. She then married another survivor from the same accident nine months after the crash at the same spot.

9. At the 2000 Democratic Convention which was held in Los Angeles, Christie was a democratic delegate from New York state.

10. She is ranked #16 in Men’s Health 100 Hottest Women of All Time in 2011.

11. Christie has also published a book entitled ‘Christie Brinkley’s Outdoor Beauty & Fitness Book’.12. She is of German, Irish, English, and Scottish descent.13. She was almost paralyzed due to a skiing accident and had to undergo back surgery immediately.14. She helps charities like UNICEF and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

15. At 62, she attributes her health and beauty to exercise.

16. Apart from exercise, grains, vegetables and fruits are also reasons for her youthful appearance and healthy life.

17. Despite being in the modeling industry where the pressure for models to be skinny and bony is tremendous, Christie does not believe in restricting her calories. She thinks it is an unhealthy habit.

18. She also detests Botox. She strongly believes in embracing herself.

19. To date, Christie Brinkley is the only cover model of Sports Illustrated three times in a row.

20. She is an opportunist who despite being told her career would end by 30, had made it to 62. She took all the opportunities that came to her and did not let discouragement to pull her down.

21. Christie has her own skincare line. Too many questions on her skincare routine which gave her the glow of the youth had prompted her to release her own line of skincare products.

22. She was the face of CoverGirl for 25 years (the longest running cosmetics contract of any model in history).

23. She has appeared on over 500 magazine covers.

24. Aside from being a model, Christie’s occupational titles include actress, illustrator, television personality, photographer, writer, designer, and activist for human/animal rights and the environment.

25. Her debut as an actress was in 1983 for the film ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ as ‘the girl in the red Ferrari’.

26. Her financial holdings were worth an estimated USD $80 million, most of which were from real estate.

27. Christie has been photographed in 6 continents in more than 60 countries.

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