3 Awfully Wrong Misconceptions About A Sexless Marriage

Can you be happy in a sexless marriage? This is the question that needs to be answered urgently because there are millions of men and women who are in sexless marriages because of a medical condition or by choice. The good news? Yes, sexless marriages can be happy and fulfilling. You see relationships and marriages are more than sex, and plenty of couples find happiness and security after becoming great spouses, best friends, and co-parents. Nobody can overrate or underestimate the importance of these roles in marriages as well as relationships.

Still, for most men and women, sex is significant, and it plays a major role in a marriage. After all, most marital relationships initiate with a sexual connection, and most folks hope and expect that his or her sexual needs will be satisfied by their spouse. When a marriage does go sexless, it can create a lot of suffering, loneliness, and alienation. It can also lead to separation or betrayal. All of these are sad consequences, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are three big myths about sexless marriages:

  1. Sexless marriages are damned. No, they aren’t. Sexless marriages aren’t failures. Couples typically cite the lack of sex in their marriage for the demise of the relationship. But the reality is that it’s not the sex, but the unsolved problems that lead to the marriage to fail. We are always told that a happy marriage is full of wild, passionate sex. We are told that if there is good chemistry between two people, sex just happens. It’s the blind belief in these myths that compel people to feel that their marriage is falling apart because they are in a sexless marriage.
  1. If you aren't having sex or less sex, it means that you no longer into or have feelings for each other. If you're not having sex, you don’t lose your connection to your significant other. If you avoid having sex with your wife, you'll develop resentment toward her. The lack of physical attraction isn’t the reason for a sexless marriage. There is a broad range of reasons why marriages go sexless. It’s true, some sexless marriages happen because the two partners aren’t physically attracted to each other, but it’s only a tiny percentage. Maybe, one partner has been diagnosed with a medical issue, very depressed, too much stress, a change in body image or coping with past sexual traumas. All of these factors have nothing to do with how two partners feel attracted to one another. If you're not having sex, you don’t lose your connection to your spouse.
  1. If you stop having sex once, you'll never get it back. This isn’t true at all. In most circumstances, sexless marriages are temporary. When you’ve been married or have been in a long-term relationship for some time, a marriage might go sexless for a year or two for a good reason. There is a new baby; you’re having some issues with your finances or loans, sick parents, sick kids, or health problems are some of the most common. If a couple can go through all of these problems and can remain honest, loving, and connected during this sexless period, their marriage can become stronger and the sexual connection If you’re sexless marriage, it doesn’t make you and your celibate.

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