3 Awkward Dating Moments We All Have To Face

Awkward moments don’t feel uncomfortable if you expect them or know how to handle them in advance. Dating is risky business. Awkward moments in dating are pretty common. Some situations in dating can make the environment extremely uncomfortable. Awkward situations in dating are uncomfortable because you don’t know the other person sitting in front of you. You don’t have the slightest idea what they are thinking, feeling or expecting. Both of you are extremely conscious about your personal image, particularly, if you want to come across as the good guy or girl. You don’t want to turn anyone off or disappoint anyone, or feel guilty by hurting someone else’s sentiments.

Here are three examples of typical awkward situations in dating and what you can do to overcome them:

1. Your date starts making plans, but you aren’t interested.

Honesty is vital in dating, but there are a time and place for it. If you are on a date and realize that you don’t want to see her again, it gets awkward when your date starts to talk about making plans like she already thinks you are dating her. She may say something like, “Have you been to that new restaurant? Have you seen that movie? Let’s go somewhere next week.” She could also say something such as, “Do you have plans next weekend? I thought maybe we could meet again.” Telling her no at that moment would be very awkward given the fact that your date is sitting in front of you. So don’t feel compelled to say “no” in that situation. Instead, say something like, “That sounds nice” or “Thanks, but I don’t think that would work.”

2. You don’t want to see her, but your date still calls you once, twice, or more since the last date.

One kind thing you can do is not to hurt your date’s feelings, even if you don’t want to talk to her or meet her again. So, when she calls you once, twice, or more, answer the call or call her back. Tell her that you aren’t interested. Some folks will say that this is a harsh thing to do. Is it? If you feel that way, it means that either you are dealing with guilt or you presume that the other person is as fragile as an eggshell. When you talk to your date on the phone, consider telling her that you really appreciate her meeting you, but don’t think you are a good fit for a relationship. Also, tell her you wanted to be honest with her and look forward to meeting her in the future. This behavior is not at all selfish or mean, but it’s the most respectful, meaningful and grownup thing to do. And don’t ever think of sending her a callous text message when she calls you.

3. Your date wants to kiss you, but you don’t want to.

Don’t kiss anyone you don’t want to kiss. Ever. This rule might seem insensitive or silly, but the grim truth is that a lot of men and women end up dating someone even after they have no interest in their date because of a simple kiss. They do it because they don’t know how to avoid it; they don’t like to hurt other's feelings or create conflicts. If your date wants to kiss you on the lips, turn your face and let them kiss you on the cheek. If they feel offended or rebuffed, smile and make a joke about it.

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