3 Bad Dating Deal Breakers And How To Overcome Them

Never let go a good lady because of bad breath, bad style, and bad kissing. At the beginning of the relationship, there’s so much anxiety and anticipation, that it’s annoying to have to deal with these problems. There will be spontaneous kissing, and if you’re a bad kisser or had bad breath, then you’ve to confront these problems. However, the thing is these issues are fixable, but dealing with these requires a little technique.

Here are a few tricks that will make a relationship with your new beau a lot more enjoyable!

1. How to get rid of bad and embarrassing style

When you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t engage in behaviors that could be perceived as nagging or controlling by their partners. Everyone, particularly men dislike to feel claustrophobic in a relationship and absolutely hate it when their partners are over controlling. If you don’t like your man’s style sense, then tell him in a way that he feels like his style is bothering someone. You can also ask if he or you can talk with a fashion consultant or a stylist. Asking him in this manner makes him feel like he has a choice, instead of coming across a person who seems like a nag and wants complete compliance.

2. How to be a good kisser

If you happen to a bad kisser, then worry not, as it’s one of the easiest annoying problems to fix. First, try to understand if the way you kiss your dates makes them uncomfortable. If they do, then stop kissing in that style. Don’t focus too much on it. Instead, ask your partner in which way they love to kiss. Deep down, every one of us wants to please our partners sexually, so if a woman gives you some kissing tips, try to have an open conversation.

3. How to make your breath smell good

Bad breath, like body odor, is one of the obnoxious things in a person. Nothing repels people more that a bad breath and body odors. If you’re one of the guys with bad breath, kiss goodbye to every kissing your partner ever again, unless you do something to get rid of it. If your man has bad breath, then just asking him to have mint, or mouth fresheners won’t be much of help. What you need is to find a systematic way of dealing with the problem in a manner that it won’t come back again. If you noticed that your guy’s breath smells a little funky, instead of being confrontational, ask him to brush his teeth, before he kisses you. Use the same exact trick, if this happens again. So, the next time he kisses you, you’ll see that his breath is fresher than the strawberry field in the summer.


If you’re really committed to being in a loving and lasting relationship, leaving someone because of their bad style, bad breath and bad kissing, can be an adverse decision. It’s true that these three unwanted traits are deal-breakers for most men and women looking for a partner, but in this world, there will be some flaws with someone you decide to date. So, if you meet someone, who cares for you, loves you, and makes you laugh – then it’s all that matters.

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