3 Big Mistakes Successful Men Make That Push Women Away

Guys, you might be influential and hugely successful during the day and calling the shots for everyone around you. But, if you are looking for a romantic relationship, you will need to change your attitude if you want a woman who is confident, alluring, and sophisticated. It is a fact that a lot of successful men are having difficulty in finding women who are their true or exact matches. By exact matches, we are speaking about ladies who are smart, successful, sexy and independent in a powerful and alluring way. But, men like to be in control of everything around them, and it’s this unhealthy trait that will make them frustrated and upset when it comes to love and relationships.

Here are a few mistakes powerful and successful men make in their relationship that will push their girlfriends away. So, if you are someone who is doing some or all of these mistakes get rid of them quickly:

  1. You act like her personal body image consultant

You don’t like the ways she looks and thinks her hips are too thick. You ask her to hit the gym with you, to lose some weight so that she can look dashing when you take her on vacation to a tropical island with you. You want her to look the same when you first met her and also told her that the vacation would be off the list if she doesn’t look smoking hot in her bikini. Well, guess what? It’s her body. She owns it and all the curves, too. If you keep telling her to lose weight, keep controlling her, she will be less successful in her weight loss. And long before that, she will leave you, and you will have to spend the vacation on that tropical island alone.

  1. You offer her unsolicited advice – consistently

You like giving her advice and try to help her in every way possible. You always suggest what’s right for her and regularly make sure that she’s making the right decisions. Frankly, you hate seeing her making mistakes or making a fool of herself, and always worried that she will embarrass you. Well, this may look like good to you, but it will blow! Your girlfriend will become so habituated of listening to your advice; she will start wondering if she can live without you or make an informed decision without asking your first. That’s not a strong, intelligent and confident woman does. This isn’t her fault, but you have her in that position.

  1. You expect your partner to be at your beck and call

You haven’t talked to her for an hour, and it’s making you anxious why she isn’t returning your call or texts. You always check on her to make sure she’s meeting all your needs and insecurities. You isolate her from her friends and family. You make sure that she does everything as you said and constantly reassure her that you are in control. For god’s sake, you're the man in the relationship. She has her own life, and if you keep controlling her like this, she will abandon this relationship for her own good.

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