3 Business Rules That Are Good Relationship Advice Too

When it comes to love, empathy plays an important role. In the business world, leaders are encouraged to develop emotional intelligence. Mostly these are skills to motivate, inspire, and bring people together. Rather than projecting fear and aggression, business leaders are encouraged to listen to their employees and individuals around them. Leaders should allow their employees to do what they excel at instead of ordering them to do what everyone else is doing. Empathy is a must to develop emotional intelligence. Empathy means seeing things other people’s perspective.

Some folks say, to be emphatic, you need to see what other people are seeing, hear what they are hearing, and, this is the most important, feel how they are feeling. This might seem a little too soft, but is it? The reality is if you don’t have emphatic feelings inside of you, developing empathy will be hard. This is particularly true for men, who from a young age, were always taught to be tough and emotionless. Men are always trained to hide their feelings. And when they are at work, they are expected to get in touch with those feelings again. Men are also told to withhold their feelings in their relationships, and at certain times, this can become extremely difficult.

So, what can you do about it? If you want to empathic, you will require developing three aspects of emotional intelligence, such as listening, curiosity, and emotional connection. Learn these three aspects will help you overcome and prevent troubles in the relationship.

1. Listen carefully
Listening is tricky business when it comes to men. The reason is most of the time; a man is doing two things while he listens. The first thing he does is trying to find out how to fix the problem that he hears about. The second one while hearing, there is a voice in his head that’s blocking out the voice of his significant other. So, if you want to listen what your loved one is talking about, pay attention to every word that’s being spoken. And, yes, it’s easier than said done.

2. Ask questions to show you care
Many of us tend to babble about how to fix the problems we have just heard, but that doesn’t imply that we are empathic. If you really want to show empathy, the right approach will be to ask questions about what you have just heard. The questions don’t have to be big or in-depth. You will do fine if the questions seem like well-placed comments such as “That sounds interesting, can you tell me more” or “What happened then?” It will help your partner to feel connected and feel that you care.

3. Repeat what you girlfriend/partner has shared with you
After the first two steps, it’s time to demonstrate your emotional connection in the relationship, and the whole thing will be easier for you if you have listened to your partner with curiosity. You can repeat everything you have heard and said it back without making any changes. This will make your partner think that you did listen to her. Finally, wrap the entire thing up by saying, “What are you thinking to do about it?” If you are trying this for the first time, it won’t go smoothly, but it will feel natural and spontaneous about it over time.

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