3 Common Insecurities Men and Women Struggle With While Dating

Regardless of gender, we all have insecurities, but the difference becomes evident when we step into the dating scene. Though men and women have become equal than before when it comes to personal rights and freedom. Sexism is still very much alive. Blatant sexism exposes our nasty and intrusive insecurities among us, making dating pretty stressful in many ways. We explained some of the insecurities below and didn't forget to check out if you’re a victim to any of them.

Insecurity #1 Am I Successful Enough?

Men mostly are struggling from this dating insecurity. The reason is since childhood; boys are taught that having a good job and providing for the family is what constitutes a “real man.” This generalization still exists as most men have admitted that they feel insecure when their dates ask them about their livelihoods. Many men had said that they felt embarrassed when they picked their dates driving an economy or old car, or had dinner dates in inexpensive restaurants. It doesn't matter, how much civilized and modern our society has become, men still want to be providers, especially financially.

Insecurity #2 Am I Slim Enough?

Both men and women feel insecure when it comes to their physical appearances. Men want to be muscular and imposing, while women are told be beautiful and slim. However, women are in much harder positions regarding their bodies than men are. For example, the media constantly talks about women’s weight and while overly ignored weight problems in men. The media always projects an image of women that implies that if you thin and pretty, only then you can be successful to have a career and be in a relationship. The obsession with thinness is so severe that many women have resorted to hard dieting and exercise programs and slimming pills to burn fat and speed up their metabolism. Not only is this disastrous to their bodies, but to their mental health as well.

Insecurity #3 Am I Interesting or Exciting Enough?

This particular insecurity has its root on annoying popularity contents in junior high, high schools and even colleges. We always see this all the time in movies, dramas, and comedies, making it even worse. Popular culture promotes the notion that everything we say on a date should have to be witty, funny and interesting. This insecurity is found in men and women, who aren’t active and or don’t do a lot of extracurricular activities, which in theory makes a person appear more dynamic and exciting. Some men and women get intimidated to go on dates as they don't have hobbies or any interests that will keep their dates engaged or have an engaging conversation. It’s true that hobbies make an individual attractive, but in reality, you only need to be as interesting as your date.

The Bottom Line

If you want to feel more secure and confident, just focus on areas that you feel comfortable and possibly make some improvements to it. Focus on things that you can change and don’t overthink about things that you won’t able to. Being action-oriented is the goal you’ll need to accomplish if you start complaining too much about any lacking that you might have. Be nice, and that the only best thing you can when getting back to the dating world.

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