3 Couples That Boast About Their Relationship On Facebook

Do you have friends in relationships who constantly post on Facebook? Do you see their pictures regularly on your feed? Does it annoy you? Well, it’s great when couples share their love and affection through photos. It’s okay to celebrate the good moments of your life and share them with others. People take photos to memorialize important moments such as weddings, anniversaries, and vacations. That being said, this post isn’t about those couples. Instead, I am talking about couples who think it’s their responsibility to share every single moment of their lives on Facebook.

These are the three types of irritating couples who brag about their relationship on Facebook:

1. Trashy types

These are the couples who will make you cringe. They post “updates” to shame people. Their primary goal is to post dirt and let others comment on it. Sometimes they are extra nasty, one of them shares updates directed at their significant other. For example, they post updates that their husband or boyfriend didn’t give them any gifts on their birthday, etc. Whenever I come across these kinds of posts, it makes me think that the person doesn’t give a damn about their partner. The only thing this update does is to shame the other person. Stable, secure couples would never think of doing this. Instead, they would talk about the issue in person and wouldn't let the public know about it. Using social media to hurt or embarrass their partners wouldn’t even cross their mind.

2. Fake types

These are couples who aren’t really in love at all. Instead, these types of couples are purposely sharing photos to make everyone else jealous. Their goal is to make everyone think of how awesome their lives are while your's sucks. Sound familiar? Sure it does! Here’s what they don’t know – anyone who has seen these pictures inherently knows that couple is full of s*it! There isn’t any couple who is happy 24/7. Stable, healthy couples, who enjoy one another’s company don’t showcase their life on social media. They realize that if they share their private moments on Facebook, it cheapens their love and relationship.

3. “Look at us” types

These couples are very common. These are the kind of couples who upload pictures of everything they do on Facebook. We aren’t talking about those who post photos of their special occasions such as anniversaries, vacations, and so on. We are speaking about couples who can’t help but post pictures of everything they do. Examples include getting on a plane, eating at a fancy restaurant, or hanging out with friends. When I see these couples, I can’t help but ask myself: “what on earth are they trying to prove?” Couples who do this, are sending an unintended message. Want to know what it is? They are an insecure couple who aren’t ready for a committed relationship. Yes, I know it’s harsh, but it’s the truth. Stable, happy couples don’t need to tell or prove to other folks how great their relationship and life is to get “Likes” from friends.

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