3 Effective Ways A Girl Can Tell You Like Her

When it comes to dating and relationships, you should bear in mind that being desperate or needy is never a good idea. When you like a girl, you don't want to go over-the-top and be obvious about your attraction to her. It’s best if your signs are subtle.

So, how can you do that? Here are three ways to show a woman you're interested in her. All of these work so well, she'll think it was her idea to meet you!

Rule#1: Look Her In The Eyes
There are few things attractive to a woman when you look her in the eyes. All of a sudden you have her full attention, no matter what she's doing. Women are very well-aware of this kind of clues that indicate that you're interested in her. And if you use it, you’ll definitely have her full attention in a way that will have her moving towards you and getting closer to you every passing day.

Rule#2: Always Smile At Her
Once you made her fall in love with you by looking at her in the eyes, it’s time you smile at her to seal the deal. We smile to many things we like but smiling at a woman you love is a whole new feeling, and this is something all men are well aware of. If you want to show a woman that you like her, then shooting her a smile is what is easier for you to approach her and gives you a chance to woo her. Smiling at a woman you like feels like asking her out. But there’s a catch if you want the girl you like to go out with you, always speak first when you approach her. By doing this, she will be more accepting and comfortable with the idea of pursuing her.

Rule#3: Follow But Don’t Stalk Her!
Once you've made a connection with, she’ll expect that you’ll show her around and take her to places you like. Don’t hesitate to grab her hand as you both walk or cross the street, as it’s something she’s expecting. Take her to the favorite bar or restaurant, or anywhere else she wants to go. Always be in the lead. Ladies love men who lead. If they feel that you’re ready to take the lead, then it’s just a matter of time of you seeing yourself in a full-blown romantic relationship. What’s surprising is that all of this will feel very natural to you if you’re willing to put in the effort and go an extra mile. This is part of the reason why it works so well.

The Bottom Line
When you’re, the best part about following a woman is to know, how she handles reality. If she does this well, you can feel well-assured that she’s a keeper. One thing worth mentioning here is that women are always wondering if you're interested in them. Making good contact give them the first hint that you’re interested in them, a beautiful smile seals the deal, and she follows your lead, you’re all set for a relationship.

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