3 Important Things That Are Different in Men and Women When It Comes To Dating And Relationships

A disproportionate amount of effort and time has been spent trying to figure out the differences between men and women. And after all these centuries, men still see women as an enigma, while the ladies still think men are still emotionally closed as they’ve been at the time. So, does that mean we didn’t learn anything over the years? Is there an emotional blueprint or genetic pattern that will help us to explain why guys and gals act so differently in a relationship or while dating?

Although there aren’t any absolute assumptions, there is some information we can ponder on when we take a deeper look at the unique biological, sociological, and evolutionary characteristics of men and women.

Here are three big difference things we must all remember about men and women:

  1. Men and women evolved differently.

This is a biological fact. Men were developed to hunt, provide and protect their families from their enemies. To get the job done, men had to learn to detach and suspend their empathy. On the other hand, women’s brains were developed to accomplish more relational roles. They gave birth, raised kids, and worked in communal environments. The way men and women evolved over the centuries still play a role in how they relate to each other today. It’s this reason why women look for a more empathic conversation from their boyfriends or husbands, and the guys get criticized for it because they lack the same emotional capacity like them. Another thing to mention here is that these evolutionary differences don’t make matters easy.

Today, men and women’s bodies and brains have evolved differently than the environments they lived before. Men don’t hunt anymore and always provide for the family, and not all women require to get married or procreate and take on a nurturing role. This “evolutionary mismatch” can create anxiety and confusion for men and women. But, if both of them openly talked or shared their feelings about those mismatches, it can help bring peace and harmony into a relationship.

  1. Both Genders don’t necessarily agree with sex and love.

As we said earlier, men lack the skills to engage in an empathetic dialogue with women because of evolution. However, both men and women often have vastly different views when it comes to relationships and sex. For instance, it’s been reported that guys are four times more susceptible than women to think that emotional intimacy and sex are the same things, despite some significant differences. Also, various studies have discovered that men fall in love faster than women. So, it’s easy to tell that when it comes to sex and love, men and women might have completely different opinions than their partners. This is why communication is so important in committed relationships and marriages.

  1. The relationship between men and women keeps on evolving

This point is especially important for couples who are long-term relationships.  If a couple marries in their 20s, they’ve reminded that their priorities, the roles, and expectations they have now will continue to change and evolve as the relationship reaches one milestone after other. Having children, careers, finances, dealing with retirement, etc., all can completely change the relationship so many levels between a couple.

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