3 of the Main Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Does the thought of being single and alone haunt you? Yes? Then you aren’t alone. This thought can even startle even the most confident man and woman. It comes after you’ve tried to find someone who is right for you but failed. And even if you’re in a relationship, for some reason things go awry, the relationship ends, and you’re back to square one. You reach a point that compels you to give up on love. You start asking yourself questions like, “Why me?” and can’t find an answer.

Here are three possible reasons for your failed attempt to find a partner and end your single status. Read on to find more:

Reason #1 You’re undecided to be into an intimate and committed relationship.

You really want to be in a relationship, but you still don’t want to be out of your comfort zone of being single. Sometimes people don’t like to go with things that are unfamiliar to them. They like to stick with what’s comfortable to them. Your uncertainty is preventing you from taking the emotional risk that’s crucial to get close and know a woman, let her love you, and let you love her. You ambivalent nature will keep you from fully being committed to find a woman and be in a relationship. Even if you’re in one, you keep on conspiring plans to jeopardize your relationship. For instance, you’ll date women who aren’t right for you, and if you’re on a first date, you’ll be rude or harsh to her. When your family and friends ask you why you are still single, you’ll make up excuses and reasons that you can’t find the perfect girl and so on.

Reason #2 You don’t set boundaries because you don’t value yourself enough.

You need to establish boundaries in all spheres of your life, not only in relationships. When it comes to relationships, there are rules that everyone should abide. If you sacrifice your happiness and needs to make your partner feel loved and secure, eventually you’ll lose the emotional connection you had with your partner and resent her. Boundaries are more like discipline. It creates freedom. If you don’t establish any standards in your relationship, you inevitably will be affected by your partner’s bad behavior. If you can find out what’s preventing the love you desire in the relationship, face it and try to do something about it, and get the love you want.

Reason #3 You believe you’ll find true happiness if you find a woman

If you feel that you can only be happy is you’ve had what you don’t have, you can’t be truly happy. If you always think negative about yourself, even if you’re married, little will change in your life. We agree you’ll be happy for a few months, and when the novelty wear off, and you begin to notice your girl isn’t as perfect as you thought, you’ll get upset. Your negative attitude will raise its ugly head, and you’ll find yourself miserable again.

If you’re looking for a woman, or are in a relationship, but finding it difficult to make her emotionally and physically happy, it’s maybe one or two, or probably all of the three reasons. If you see that one or all of the above reasons resonate with you, ask a friend or a therapist what to do to help you move forward.


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