3 Most Annoying Things People Do While Dating

During the early stages of dating, most men and women are in a “dating limbo,” as they’re oblivious of what will become of their relationship. Most wonder how long they should be dating, before making their relationship exclusive, or should they end it before it gets serious, and so on. A lot of couples gets stressed and confused while playing this dating game during this period.

Here are three annoying things couples do in dating when they’re clueless about dating:

1. Sweet lies

Make no mistake, early in dating, men and women lie. Some lies are harmless lies such as, “I like cooking,” and some are dangerous lies like, and “I am single,” but actually they aren’t. One common lie most men and women make is when they tell they’re like each other and would like to meet them again, but genuinely they aren’t interested at all. Even though, if you believe you're nice by lying, but actually you’re giving them false hope. Remember that he or she may go home; tell their friends and family about you, and waiting to meet you again next time. That’s really unjustified.

2. Making Fuzzy Weekend Plans

You’ve likely heard this from people you dated previously. They told you that they'd plan to do something together the next weekend. It’s pretty standard when you meet someone new, and like each other, plan some activity you both can do together at the weekend. But, it never happens. You wait for a two or three days; the weekend comes, nothing happens. Eventually, you find out that your date has made other plans. You feel frustrated and left out because your date has kept you hanging and left without planning at the last minute. If you don’t hear from your date with the fixed time frame, then make other plans. Don’t focus too much what your date wants from the early phases of dating. It’s crucial that you be clear about your needs, so you can access if the new person you’re dating is committed to fulfilling your needs, which is a must in any relationship. If you find that your date is resisting, then it’s time you date someone else.

3. Ensure that the new person you’re dating isn’t dating someone else

In the early phases of dating, often daters try to figure out if the person they’re dating isn’t dating or trying to get intimate physically with someone else at the same time. Though, dating multiple people at the same time by abiding by some principles may actually be good for you, if you don’t want waste time and seriously looking for someone to be in an exclusive and monogamous relationship. But that’s a different story. In this scenario, daters scour the other person’s social media accounts like a criminal operation. Men and women spend a lot of time examining and dissecting photos of their dates, and pictures they took with exes (if any). They also search for information about their previous relationship as well as their personal life on the internet.

The takeaway

The early stages of dating are always confusing and stressful, as we feel insecure and wondering if the person we are dating will be right or not, making the relationship monogamous and exclusive. The best thing you can do is to relax and talk to the other person until you discuss all the issues and make sure whether the person you're dating isn’t playing any dating games with you.

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