The 3 Qualities Men Desire To See In Their Girlfriends

Let’s make one thing very clear: we are all desirable. It doesn’t matter what’s our race, creed, appearance, or nationality is, every single person have qualities that will make them desirable to the opposite sex. However, some of us are naturally blessed with more of these favorable traits, while others have to nurture those qualities to make them more attractive and exciting.

Below are three characteristics that trump everything else and what men like to see in their women:

1. She is confident
A confident woman knows that she is capable in many areas of her life, and it’s evident in the way she presents herself. Women show their confidence through communication, body language, and physical appearance. A woman who is confident will communicate her views and ideas effectively. She’ll always be intentional in what she says. They speak positively of themselves and don’t hesitate while receiving compliments. Even, while talking with someone, these women exude confidence. You can easily tell a woman is confident or not, by noticing what she’s wearing. It’s well-documented that dressing well boosts confidence in a big way. Most confident ladies invest time and effort to get ready and to improve their outer appearance. This doesn’t mean she’s wearing expensive designer clothes with a ton of make-up, but it shows that she’s taken the time to look her best.

2. She has a passion
Having a passion about something other than the person you’re dating or in a relationship with is a very desirable attribute in a potential partner. You can notice that people get very excited when you ask them to tell you about their hobbies or activities they like doing and have fun with. Having other interests or activities that you don’t want to abandon, can give you an upper hand in the dating world.

For instance, if you love dancing and go to Salsa class every Friday. Now, the guy you’re dating asks you to take on a date on Friday. If you’re confident and passionate about your dancing class, you’ll feel empowered to say, “No” to the date. If the man you’re dating is confident, believe me, this will go a long way. However, most people think that this will have an opposite effect that he may lose interest or leave you. Instead, a confident man will reschedule and take you on a date the day you’re free. The reason is men are extremely attracted to women who have other interests and hobbies.

3. She exudes positivism
While looking for a partner possessing a positive attitude is crucial when trying to attract a confident man. People who are positive they look at things through a different lens. They try to find goodness in every experience. This makes them feel happy and content. For example, normally people will get annoyed and impatient while waiting in a long line at the grocery store, while a positive person will enjoy listening to music since worrying about this incident won’t help the situation. It’s worth mentioning that our thoughts greatly influence our outlook, whether it’s positive or negative. A positive outlook helps you to stay calm and peaceful. Confident men love positive women because they feel like they’ll be able to get through life when things get tough.

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