3 Reasons Why Men Don’t Call Back

You met a great guy and had a nice date. You had a very good time, he made you laugh, and it seems to you that you’ve a connection. He asks for your phone number and happily wrote it down for him. You come and keep wondering when he will call back. The next day comes and goes, and he didn’t call. It's okay; it can happen. A few days pass, and he still hasn't called you back. You get worried, and you start thinking what went wrong? Why hasn’t he called?

Here are three main reasons why a man won’t call you back, even after you thought that both of you’ve a great connection and chemistry:

Reason #1
Some guys are just too immature to act straight and be honest with a woman or their dates. Some men are plain foolish and want to boost their egos and self-esteem by flirting with you; even they don’t have any plans to call you in future. But, they get your number anyway to feel good about themselves. Sometimes, they collect numbers from many girls, just in case; they feel the urge to call you in the future. Men, also think getting a woman’s phone number is like a trophy to them, so that they can feel good about themselves by showing it to their other immature friends or other men. All these unrelated and useless activities have nothing to do with you. If you’ve dated a person like it, thank yourself that he didn’t call you. You don’t want to date him anyway.

Reason #2
Sometimes, men think that asking for your number after a nice date is a ‘polite’ thing to do, even though they don’t have any plans to call you. Remember, most guys will end a date with a positive vibe or a note, and asking for your number is a part of it. Think of it in another way, as a woman, you most likely gave a man your number, when he asked for it, despite you know very well he won’t call you. But, you did it anyway, just to be polite. The man might have been a great match, but he’s not right for you.

Reason #3
This one won’t come up in your mind. Maybe he didn’t call you because he lost your number and simply forgot to call you. Or he was busy with work or went on a business trip, so he hasn’t had time to call. This simple explanation won’t come into your mind as you’re anxious and stressed out over the fact that he didn’t call you. Consider the possibility, at least. If you instantly assume the worse, it doesn’t take you to an emotionally good place.

The bottom line is it’s sad that your date didn’t call you, even after he or she said they would. You feel angry and sad because it has something to do with your feelings. But, none of it has anything to do when it comes with your worth as a person, or there is something wrong with you. The best approach for you here is to forget the past and go ahead and find someone new who is genuinely interested in calling you and being in a relationship with you.

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