3 Reasons Women Sexually Reject Men

No one likes to experience sexual rejection. As embarrassing as it may be, there is often good reason. Let’s be clear on one thing: Men and women are wired different sexually. A man’s sexual preferences are entirely different from a woman's. The difference in sexuality between men and women is why sexual rejection often occurs. Sexual intimacy and rejection are complicated. When it comes to women, sexual intimacy, particularly sexual pleasure, is a tricky thing.

Below are three primary reasons that women sexually reject men:

1. You are taking things way too fast.

Women’s sexual responses are slower than men. Women dislike being groped or grabbed by men, even by their boyfriends or husbands. Guys, if you think you can touch your girlfriends gently; there is a chance that you can probably touch them even softer and slower. Having sex with a woman shouldn’t be your goal if you are dating them. Dating a woman isn't a sporting event. Awakening a woman’s sexual desire is a process. She will lose interest in sex when she feels like she has to respond fast or in a certain way during intimacy. So, if you want to be sexually intimate with your woman, slow it down. It will decrease your odds of being rejected.

2. Women need 72 hours to prepare for sex.

We already established the fact that sexual intimacy works differently in women than men. Most women complain that their partners want to have sex when they are getting into bed or waking up. Their spouses have forgotten that they are tired and stressed from work and doing the chores. If you were looking to increase your chances of having sex with your girlfriend or wife, give her time. Women take three days to prepare for sex. During these three days, treat her like a princess. Say sweet and passionate words to her. Flirt with her. Compliment her. Admire her. Appreciate her. Don’t take her for granted. Remember, if you want to have great sex, you need her to be emotionally intimate with you.

3. Your penis has nothing to do with it.

A man’s penis and a woman’s vagina are wonderful parts of the human anatomy, and they need to be celebrated. When it comes to sexuality and sexual intimacy, you have masculine sexuality and feminine sexuality. Masculine forms of sexuality are physical and goal-oriented. While feminine forms of sexuality tend to be, subtle, slower and fluid. Both sexes enjoy the masculine and feminine forms of sexual intimacy and expression. Sometimes, some women desire a masculine form of sexuality. However, when it comes to pleasing your girlfriend, don’t assume that you need to use your penis. If you want to be physically intimate with your beloved, focus on things such as looking into her eyes, ensuring that she feels relaxed, and finding out the things that please her sexually and emotionally.

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