3 Rituals Passionate Couples Do Everyday

Relationship rituals are an important part of a loving and committed relationship. These rituals are essential to keep the romance in the relationship alive and to keep it strong and vibrant. So, what exactly are relationships rituals? Rituals are classified as patterns of behavior consistently performed in a particular manner. Some examples of rituals are brushing our teeth in the morning or before going to bed, checking email in the morning, kissing our spouses good night, and so on. Rituals can consist of anything; it doesn’t need to have any rules or terms, as long as they are done in a regular and predetermined way.

When you think of these rituals in relationship terms, you will discover two characteristics. They have behaviors that are routine, and these rituals are done with the sole intention of bringing each partner closer to one another. And a routine can only be called a relationship ritual when it has a meaningful connection to the relationship. Weddings, funerals, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc., are all rituals that compel us to slow down and have a deeper, and profound experiences about life. These rituals assist us in celebrating the good times and teach us how to cope when things are bad. In relationships and marriage, we certainly need rituals to deal with the good and bad moments, and these rituals play a crucial role in increasing the passion and aliveness in your relationship.

Here are three rituals all couples should have or start developing if they want to keep the passion alive in the relationship:

1. Cuddle in bed before you get out of bed, and get started for a busy day. It doesn’t matter if you have a baby who is crying; after calming your baby, spare 30 seconds or a minute, and touch and hold your partner. The longer you touch and hold your partner, the better. Beginning starting your busy day like this will not bring you and your spouse together; it will set the tone of your intimate relationship.

2. Take a break for some time during work to text or call your significant other. Don't hesitate to let her know that you are thinking about her, and want to talk to her. You can say something humorous, flirtatious or just tell her if anything funny or interesting about your workplace. Then, get back to work if you are done.

3. Talk about your feelings for ten minutes everyday or evening. Use these ten minutes to focus on one another’s inner experiences instead of going through each other to-do list or daily routine. Don’t think of making any plans during this time. Do that after you are done with these 10 minutes. We are telling you this because you can use these ten minutes to get an insight of the pain or the wounds that either person may be feeling or experiencing. If she is having any pleasant feelings, you can also know about it, too.

So, there you have it, three important rituals that everyone needs to develop if they don’t have it in their relationship or marriage. It doesn’t matter, if you are just started a new relationship or already married or in a long-term relationship, developing the above rituals will spice up the passion and affection, and increase the intimacy in your relationship.

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