3 Sinister Issues That Can Destroy Your Marriage And It’s Not Cheating!

Whenever we hear about a breakup or a divorce, most people assume that it happened because of infidelity. Infidelity is the betrayal that’s main focused in our society for the demise of a relationship or marriage. But that’s not the whole story. Relationships are all about mutual trust, respect, and commitment. Anything that violates these elements, then the relationship is in serious trouble. Partners don’t pay much attention to these when there are issues in the relationship as they dismiss them not as bad as cheating.

Below are three betrayals that end relationships, other that infidelity.

1. Emotional Infidelity

Friendships made at work, gym and even coffee shops can threaten your relationship at home, regardless how platonic you’re with your friends and coworkers. These non-sexual relationships, sooner or later, will encourage both parties to share personal and intimate details about each other’s lives and relationships. So, you may ask how my partner would get betrayed by it? If your partner has come to know somehow that you have shared details about your relationship with your friends and coworkers and he or she feels upset and uncomfortable about it, then it can be labeled as an emotional betrayal. Whether he or she admits it or not, it appears that their partner is cheating.

2. Conditional Love

A relationship won’t last if couples don’t support each other or one person puts a lot of effort than the other. If this happens, they feel like their partner doesn’t have their best intentions at heart. A situation like this often triggers the lack of commitment betrayal bullet to the other partner. Sometimes, one partner may force the other partner to move in or marry, in a hope of elevating their relationship to the next level, but if couples get married believing in this, then instead of creating a lasting bond, then eventually, it will be the reason for the marriage to fail. When couples ignore to discuss difficult issues, the commitment level in the relationship diminishes gradually.

3. Emotional Withdrawal

Emotional withdrawal can be big or small, depending on the context. It can be big like deciding to go on vacation instead of attending a family wedding, or it can be as insignificant as ignoring your partner when he or she need emotional support. In a committed relationship, both partners are there to support each other for all the good times and bad moments. No two people express their feelings in the same way. In a committed relationship, both partners are responsible for disclosing their preferences to understand what the other person needs to feel supported, protected, appreciated, respected and overall loved. Neglecting it will lead to emotional withdrawal.

Betrayals thrive on two things: deception – not expressing your true needs to avoid confrontation, and longing for emotional connection beyond the relationship. These three betrayals can ruin relationships, and the only way couples can reestablish their trust in each other is by facing them and taking responsibility for them. Improve your emotional understanding and connection, focus on rebuilding your romance, cultivate love and fondness and reestablish their trust and commitment in each other.

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