3 Steps to Help Moving Forward After Being Betrayed By Your Partner

So, you’ve struck with a betrayal. You feel your whole life is spinning out of control. Your emotions and thoughts are running thin. You feel sad, angry, desperate and resentful to your partner. And you keep asking yourself, what did I do to deserve this? Your mind tells you that you can’t come out of betrayal hole, and your life stopped moving.

So, what can you do to get out from this mess? Here are three steps to help you move forward after being betrayed by your partner.

1. Practice Forgiveness
You feel guilty, painful and resentful that your partner has betrayed you. If you want to get over and move on from this painful chapter of your life, it’s time to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself will make you get rid of all the anger, pain, and confusion. Your heart, soul, and body will become toxic unless you forgive yourself as well as considering forgiving your former partner. Don’t make yourself the victim, and stop with the self-loathing. Practice forgiveness as it is the ultimate pathway to healing. Also, remember not to punish your future partners for your ex’s transgressions. Be strong, kind, and confident to give them the trust they deserve.

2. Blame vs. Self-Worth
Instead of blaming yourself for your partner to betray you, appreciate your self-worth. Tell yourself you’re enough for who you are. Acknowledge the fact that your boyfriend or girlfriend betraying or cheating on you has nothing to do with you. On the flip side, if you’re still angry and blaming your partner for betrayal, you need to deeply consider if you can let go of this unfortunate incident, rebuild your relationship, or is it in your best interest that you leave the relationship and move on. If you have a hard time to choose the right course of action here, you first need to understand why people betray or cheat on their partners. Usually, men and women, who have low confidence and self-esteem cheat or betray their mates. They also possess a high need for acceptance and approval. Therefore, if your spouse fits any of the descriptions above, you’ve to determine whether you want to deal and heal this relationship, or totally end it for you to recover.

3. Rebuild Trust
We understand your partner’s betrayal a dent in your trust. You find it hard to trust your partner, and other people, which is crucial if you want to move forward. And keep in mind that projecting your fears won’t do anything with the healing process. If you’ve decided to stay with your partner, the first thing you need rebuilding is your trust. If you fail to forgive, then there is no point in wasting your time and energy by staying in the relationship and also making your partner pay for their past transgressions.

When you’re in a relationship, keep in mind that every relationship has its rough patches. After a betrayal, it’s very easy to get lost in the maze of anger, doubts, and uncertainty about the future. These three steps above help you move on and ultimately build a more stable and happy future.

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