3 Steps On How To Improve Your Verbal Intimacy

There are many of personality traits and behaviors that are required for a successful long-term relationship. But among them, there is one important characteristic that stands out from the rest – verbal intimacy. Verbal intimacy is most important to determine whether a particular man or woman is right for you and ready for a committed relationship. Verbal intimacy emphasizes the sharing of our deepest fears, joys, and inner experiences with our potential partners. It is also a good approach learning more about them.

Below are three things that must be present for verbal intimacy to begin and thrive in a romantic relationship.

1. You Must Know Who You Are
Most men, in fact, know very little of themselves. If you ask them to talk about their feelings or any particular topic, they are unable to answer. Heck, they can’t even understand the question. Why? The problem lies in their childhood, where boys while growing up were told to “act like men’, or “real men don’t cry,” or “real or strong men don’t talk about their feelings.” All of these messages tell boys to ignore their internal signals. As adults, these individuals become insensitive to their feelings and emotions. But, you must know what you feel if you want to share something deeply about yourself. It is crucial that you know yourself fully before you can be capable of being an equal partner in a happy, and verbally intimate relationship.

2. You Must Have The Need And Desire To Know One Another
Certain individuals are obsessed with themselves. These people might sometimes ask an absurd question about you and your life, and all of a sudden will direct the conversation back to their achievements. This trait can also be traced back to their childhoods, which in most cases are imbalanced. If you were brought up in a house where few seemed interested in you, it’s highly likely you’ll become someone who loves to talk about yourself as an adult. When you meet someone new who has immense desire to sit and listen to you actively while you talk about yourself, then it’s a clear indication that this man or woman is heading towards expressing verbal intimacy.

3. You Must Make Space For Verbal Intimacy To Grow
Verbal intimacy in a romantic relationship is most likely to thrive when stress levels are low, highly relaxed, and the phone is switched off. These days due to mobile phones, computers and the internet, the time that used to be personal time might turn into work hours. If you want verbal intimacy to grow, you need to get yourself out from your hectic work schedule for some time. You must make time for long walks on the beach and quiet romantic dinners. You can have a relationship without verbal intimacy. You can have a relationship without verbal intimacy and continue it for months and sometimes even years, without any significant problems in the relationship. But, as the relationship matures over time, and romance and the physical intimacy go flat, it loses its spontaneity unless both partners dedicate their time and energy in enhancing their verbal intimacy.

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