3 Steps To Revive Your Relationship When It Has Drifted Too Far

Most men and women have embarked on a relationship with some ideas how things will eventually end up. For them, the overall scenario is pretty clear and easy to describe. Then there are some who get involved in a relationship or get married with very high expectations of how the relationship or how married life would be. These individuals get disappointed when they realize that their expectations aren’t met, and at some point in the relationship they start to drift apart.

Despite the best intentions and determination, it can still be hard for couples to maintain closeness, intimacy and enough time to spend quality together to grow the relationship. They start to question whether their relationship can succeed in the future, and sometimes one or both people become skeptical about it. The thing is your relationship can last if you follow the following steps:

Step #1: Take Time To Think
Spare some time to reflect on the following questions to evaluate your relationship, and write down your thoughts, so you don’t forget them. Do you think that the two of you are drifting apart? Can it easily be fixed? Does it occur to you that you both are living as roommates? Do you see that you both are arguing way more than ever before? Do you think when your partner argues with you, his or her feels a lot of anger and resentment towards or to the relationship as a whole? Does this make it difficult for you to have a meaningful conversation? Assign a number on the scale of 1 to 5 regarding your relationship. If it’s a “1”, then the issues can be fixed, and if it’s a “5”, then your relationship or marriage is on the brink of a breakup or divorce. Either way, take immediate steps to address the problems in your relationship before it’s too late.

Step #2: Take Time To Plan
Based on the evaluation of the issues, it’s time to plan your next steps. The time required to make plans depends on the level of damage your relationship has. Here are some things you need to think through and list. What do I want in our marriage? What do I need? What does my partner want? What does my spouse need? What are the top two or three things that my partner needs right now? Develop a strategy on how you will discuss all of these things with your spouse. Try to find way in case some of past plans didn’t work out properly. You could discuss this with a friend, a mentor or an advisor to get some input, but make sure you inform this with your spouse before you seek help, as he or she might not like the idea that someone else knows the struggles your relationship is facing.

Step #3: Take Time To Act
If you’re in a relationship, you will face issues. After thinking about the issue and making plans how to discuss them, you will need to initiate the discussion at some point. Keep in mind some point when you do this. For example, don’t be surprised if things take off in ways that you never expected. Things can get a little emotional, so be prepared for it. Tell your partner you’ve been thinking about certain things they may want to see and need in the relationship. Make it clear how those needs will be helpful in addressing the relationship that is drifting apart. Don’t give up.

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