3 Tendencies That Will Ruin Your Relationship

Though no couple is free from the risks associated with new love, some acts will doom the relationship even before it got the chance to prosper. If you’re looking and dating the right partner, abiding with some ground rules will make the scouring action a lot easier. Here are three relationship dynamics that are bounded to end the relationship from the start – regardless what everybody else says or do.

1. Are You Looking To Date Casually Or Want To Be In An Exclusive Relationship?

This relationship dynamic is the most ill-fated. No doubt. Before starting to get on the dating bandwagon, ask yourself – what kind of relationship do you want? Do you want to date casually or looking for a steady and exclusive relationship? Unless you come to a decision on which one of these two choices you’re looking for – you aren’t ready for dating. Secondly, at some point of the relationship, you need to discuss your relationship goals at the early stages of dating. Instead of asking your partner what they want from this relationship, first tell him or her, what you really want.

If your approach is something more casual, then there’s always a sense of weirdness in dating where you don’t really know what the other person want. You can tell your partner that you aren’t looking to commit at the moment, but for the time being you want to keep things casual and light. In response, if the other person asks you if they can date other people at the same time, make sure you give an honest answer. It’s a fair question at this point. Make it clear to them if they’re comfortable with the act and whether if you can handle it.

Now, if your approach is something more casual, then there’s always a sense of weirdness in dating where you don’t really know what the other person want. Tell them for the time being you’re dating casually, but if you find the right person, you’re ready to be in a committed and long-term relationship.

2. One Person Is Highly Insecure, While The Other One Doesn’t

It’s a common misconception that women have more insecurities than men. Though women feel vulnerable about many things, a man’s insecurity can doom a relationship just like a woman. People usually feel insecure about their finances, appearances, education, intellect, or rejection. If you happen to date someone who has most or all of these insecurities, then the relationship won’t last long.

3. Dating A Player

Let’s admit it; some players can be damn physically attractive. They know exactly what to say, how to say it and when to say. They will also make you feel important and feel noticed. The drawback is they won’t keep you on their radar for long. Players like to initiate contact with people they like when their admirers expect something back from them, they forget them. If you have ever met a player, be honest and straightforward with them. Tell them you know that he or she is a player, but you aren’t comfortable with it, and you won’t miss them if you can’t see them again in the future.

Ultimately, all these three relationship agitations don't have a happy ending and are destined for an unfortunate demise. However, they are entirely preventable. The single most important advice for you to remember is to stop trying to change yourself, a player or anyone else for that matter. All of them are special in their own selves.

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