3 Things That Indicate You Are Way Too Clingy In Your Relationship

One of the easiest and fastest ways to destroy a romantic relationship is by being overly clingy. Most of us who have been in a relationship in the past has been clingy to some extent. Some had rectified it, while the others had paid the ultimate price when their relationships ended. The thing is, we are all needy to some extent. If we didn’t want nor need each other, we wouldn't be in relationships in the first place. And in every relationship, it doesn’t matter if it’s open, casual or exclusive, there will be one partner who will be more invested, more interested, and will be more loving of the other person at any given moment. But, in a healthy relationship, love goes both ways and both of you should take turns needing and loving each other more.

Let’s make one thing clear; there’s no shame in being needy. There are good reasons why people become needy in their relationships. Most of their desperation or needy behavior has its roots in their early childhood. But, you need to learn to overcome your neediness, if you value your relationship. The needier you are, the more she will want to get out of the relationship.

Here are three signs that show you are super clingy, and you do need to stop it, soon.

You send several texts for every one she sends you

We admit it that sometimes it can be nerve-wracking to wait for your girlfriend to text you after you send her one. And yes, you don’t have to send her a text asking her if she saw your text message. Because, in today’s age of smartphones and notifications, your partner has already read your text as soon as you sent it.  But bombarding your girlfriend with texts isn’t going to make her texting you back. So, when you send her a text, wait for the reply. And when she doesn’t reply you after a while, don’t text her asking her why she isn’t replying. It might be that she’s trying to be a little elusive with you, and sometimes a little elusiveness is good for the relationship.

You expect your girlfriend to spend all of her free time with you

If you are in a relationship, and both of you have jobs, families, and busy schedules, it can be hard to find free time to spend together. It’s okay if you want your partner to spend every possible free time with you, especially during the early days of dating. But, in a healthy relationship, every individual has things they like to do on their own. This won’t have any negative impact on the relationship; in fact, it will help you and your partner to grow as responsible individuals.

You always want to talk about the relationship

Communication is essential for a happy and long-lasting relationship. But, if you constantly keep talking about your relationship with your significant other, we won’t be surprised if it drives your girlfriend crazy and drives each other apart further. Therefore, meet once a week for an hour and have a conversation about your relationship. It will drastically improve your relationship.

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