3 Things To Look For In Man To Findout He’s Keeper Or Not

Ever dated someone, and after some time into the relationship, you keep wondering whether your relationship with your boyfriend is worthwhile or not? You know he is a great and decent man, but you can’t make a solid decision if he’s the man of your dreams with whom you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? You keep fighting and debating this with yourself, and the more you go on like this, the crazier it gets. Right? The truth is deciding the person to spend the rest your life with is by far the most challenging and tough decisions a person will ever make.

Here are three signs which will help you decide whether the guy you’re dating is worthy in your life or not:

1. You are Happy and Fulfilled
If you’re with someone, who makes you feel consistently happy and fulfilled, that he’s the man you should be having a relationship. We understand that it’s impossible for two people to see things and agree all the time. But, a relationship can only be successful when both partners can consistently meet and satisfy the needs of each other. And if your boyfriend or girlfriend can do this persistently from the beginning of the relationship, then your chances of having the kind of marriage and relationship that you truly desire increases. On the flipside, if you’re having a relationship with someone who consistently makes feel upset, angry, resentful, and frustrated, then we can safely say that your needs aren’t being met, and probably won’t be fulfilled in the future.

2. He’s Responsible and Honors His Agreements
When choosing a partner, the character is one of the most important deciding factors. Our life is rife with challenges and uncertainty, so it’s crucial that you’ve someone in your life, you can help you tackle and manage the hurdles. You can easily find this about a guy by seeing how responsible a man is with his life and the way he leads his life. Does he live his life responsibly? Is he responsible with his finances? Does he have a stable job or career? Is he dedicated to his career, and in other parts of his life? Also, try to find out whether he is the kind of man who keeps his agreements and honors his promises. Find out if he is the type of man who disappears or makes excuses if things don’t go right. Pick a partner who acts responsibly and keeps his agreements. Remember, not being able to communicate and working together are main reasons why many relationships and marriages fall apart.

3. He Treats People With Respect
When you’re dating someone new, you can tell a lot about a person by seeing how a person treats others. Just observe how your new man treats others and interacts with strangers on a daily basis. This will give you a clear picture of what he’s going to be like in a relationship. If a man belittles and disrespects other people all the time, but treats you well, there is a chance that one day you will become a victim of his venomous attitude. But, if the guy consistently treats others with kindness and respect, and compassion, it’s highly likely he’ll do the same to you, no matter how bad things become.

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