3 Things To Remember When Dating in The Digital Age

Though the internet is a blessing like online dating, it may sometimes create a bad impression. Certain behaviors may be the cause of annoyance to the partner on a date. In fact, there are Dos and Don’ts we should follow for a successful dating.

1. Cell Phone Etiquette
Cell phones are of great use we know, but sometimes it might cause some unexpected problems, which may make the relationship a bit cold or create annoyance. Especially when we go on a date, it is not that there are only two persons rather there is another thing which is our constant companion, cell phones. Nowadays we can hardly think of a day without our cell phones. We feel uncertain and insecure when we don’t have cell phones with us. At present we are grown up like this. However, we need to follow some codes of conduct when we go on a date. Think what the other person in the date feels when he or she sees that his or her partner is talking to someone without paying much attention to them. This may spoil the mood of date. So, when you go on a date, you had better keep your mobile in vibration or silent mood. Besides, you must pay attention and respect to the partner with whom you go on a date.

2. Texting While On A Date
It is considered a bad habit to exchange text message while on a date. You may feel the urgency to exchange or reply text message, but you should always keep in mind that it is not the right time to do the task because it will certainly cause disturbance or can annoy your date. It’s an indication that you’re paying less attention to your partner on a date. Many of you may contend that you have multi-tasking ability. But, it is true that you may go on a date in person while you may also chat or keep on massaging with another one. But it is true how skilled you are in your multi-tasking ability; you must be confused or get caught between the two. Therefore, we recommend, you better not reply to your messages now and then or may ask the permission of your partner on a date if it is very urgent.

3. Breaking Up By A Text Message
Sometimes, the relationship doesn’t always go smoothly. Sometimes, there is a rift in the relationship and can result in a breakup. Now in modern time, we hear the story of breaking up or separating stories by celebrities by sending text messages. It is also published in newspapers, magazines, Facebook and on other social media sites. Does this sound right to you? I hope most will agree with me it’s unethical or wrong. Breaking up by sending texts is disrespectful, heartless and immoral. Let me share with you the correct or polite manner of the break up with your partner if there is a need for it. It is polite and expected that you call your partner and arrange a meeting and explain the reason of why you need to break up. Moreover, it is also expected that you return anything important related to each other. Also, be polite and considerate while you decide to end your relationship.

If you’re looking for someone or thinking of a relationship, it’s imperative that you follow the dos and don’ts while on a date for a successful dating.

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