3 Things to Do Instead of Waiting Around for Love

Have you been waiting for the ideal relationship? Sitting idle won’t do anything. You need to stop waiting for love and take action! The fact that most of us were brought up with an idyllic vision of love from books, stories, and movies with the phrase “Happily Ever After” has given us a false idea of love. Our idyllic vision of romance leads us on a roller coaster ride, complete with twists and turns, in an attempt to discover true love. After trying for a while, we find ourselves in relationships or marriages that aren’t perfect. We remain in the relationship that has no future or isn’t ideal. But, we don’t end it or express it to our partner because we fear getting hurt. We keep doing these things in the name of love, without any love or passion in our hearts.

We lose the power to sculpt our ideal relationship if we are busy trying to make our broken relationship work, trying to save a relationship that has no future, and trying to please your partner who cannot be pleased. But, you do have the power to create your own perfect relationship. Creating the love you truly desire is in your hands. Here are three direct and simple ways to build true love:

Step #1: Be authentic

Being authentic is all about being your true self. It’s about figuring out and knowing the core of who you are. It’s about discovering all the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing your true significance. Once you uncover it, you can develop a solid basis of thoughts and beliefs that will make you feel empowered to design the love you want. A good way to be authentic is to communicate and express your feelings from your true self which will help to establish a deeper connection and understanding between you and your spouse.

Step #2: Take actions that are inspiring

Being true to yourself paves the way for you to take inspired action once you have a clear vision of how you would like your ideal relationship to be. When you know who you really are, all the action you take comes from your heart, and doesn’t depend on what your partner does or says. If you take any action based on your partner, which includes gaining their approval or pleasing them, it means that you are doing something to get something in return. Always take inspired actions in your relationships when you have no mixed messages, no misunderstandings, and no second thoughts.

Step #3: Create real love

Being authentic and taking actions that are inspiring will lead you to perfect love. If your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions are all in alignment, it will enable you to move with ease, confidence, and clarity in creating your ideal relationship. You will know that your love is true and authentic when you feel open, expand and realize a deeper understanding that you are in true love. An easy way to remember these important steps is to understand who you are when you are in the relationship, which will make you realize what you are doing and lead to what you have.

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