3 Things You Must Do to Win Your Ex Back

So you both are no longer a couple, but you are still in contact. By looking into her eyes you can tell that she still has feelings for you. She still finds you attractive and she still yearns for you. You also want her back. If your mindset is right, this separation can actually be a good thing. Why, you ask? Well, you being single for the time being is a good, fun, experimental ground for you to hone your seduction skills.

Your ex is a person with whom you shared a history with. She was seduced by you and fell in love with you. And it is most likely that, despite the arguments and disagreements, those feelings are still there. Those emotions will return once you try to win her love back. Let's be honest, if you are looking for a relationship, seducing or winning back an ex is much easier than luring in a new person. But you need to exciting, bold, and adventurous. You need to have that “you couldn’t care less” attitude. This will drive your ex crazy for you and this is how she will fall in love with you like she did the last time.

Here are three tips you should follow to win your ex back:

1. Learn a new skill.

Why? What is the point? How does it help to seduce your ex? When someone breaks up with you, your self-esteem takes a big hit. You need a lot of time to heal and get back to your former self. Because your self-esteem has already hit rock-bottom, it will take even more time. It’s your lack of self-esteem that made you end your relationship in the first place. One easy way to regain your self-esteem is by learning a new skill. Also, learning something new is a positive and soothing distraction from the pain of your breakup. It will make you think less about your ex, which doesn’t give you the chance to worry about what they are doing.

2. Treat them the way they treat you.

People will be affectionate to you when you are affectionate to them. Don't withhold affection, reciprocate it. Enjoy the passion and sweetness of each other's company. Don’t act ugly in any way, form, or shape. If they withdraw, do the same yourself. If they want space, give it to them. You will find that they will then begin to miss you. This behavior will make your ex latch on to you and never let go of you again.

3. Make yourself present in their life.

When you have restored your self-esteem and are ready to get back on the dating scene again, you can think about making a grand entrance into your ex’s life. And, what’s more interesting is that you don’t even have to try hard. They will invite you into their life with arms wide open. They will fantasize about you and will find you mesmerizing again. You will find yourself overly content after the breakup. Why is that? It’s because now they will feel that they have less power than previously. You have transformed yourself into a more desirable person who seems to have it all. So there’s nothing that’s stopping you.

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