3 Tips for Choosing Someone You Can Grow With

Finally, you’ve met the right person. You’ve dated plenty of other people, but this is the person you’re feeling the most right. You’ve moved on from dating casually and ready to take the big leap forward. You’ve never felt so sure and confident to begin a relationship. But, you’re still having second thoughts about the whole thing.

Here are three tips on how you can assure yourself that you’re choosing the right partner:

1. What will the future be like?
First, find out what your partner want for themselves and their future. He or she has probably told you about it, but now it’s your turn to analyze it from your side. Did they inform you that he or she isn’t interested in having a serious relationship at the moment? Or, did they tell you that they want something more casual? Well, if they say that, believe it. This person isn’t someone who isn’t interested in being in the long-term. Did the same man or woman tell you that they aren’t interested to get married? Again, if they say that, believe it. One of the biggest mistakes most men and women make while choosing their partners is that they think the other person will change their mind when they start dating. Well, let’s be straight on one thing – people don’t change. When people say something they mean, and it’s tough to change their thoughts and opinions. If you keep dating men and women like them, be prepared for a big heartbreak down the road.

2. Ask them if they’re in the right place, just like you're
When you’re on a date with your partner for the third or fourth time, ask them, what kind of relationship they want in the future. If they feel uneasy or offended by this subtle question or tell you that it’s too soon to ask these types of questions to them than probably you got your answer there. They aren’t interested in being mature or growing up. Most people don’t ask enough questions about their partners, thinking that they’ll get offended and reject or break up with them. The truth is if you don’t ask, you won’t know. Curiosity is a key for growth in a relationship. The more you ask about a potential mate, the more you about him or her, and the better decision you’ll make. However, when asking these questions, don’t be confrontational or defensive, be respectful and subtlety curious. Besides, don’t forget to tell them about your position, too.

3. Trust your intuition
We always come across people telling that they’ve never dated this man or a woman if they could have known it earlier. This isn’t something new. A lot of men and women don’t trust their intuition enough, later finding themselves in a big mess. Some even had seen the red flags in their partner, but they didn’t have the courage or the guts to point it to their partners.

When you’re looking for someone to flirt or date, we suggest you always pay attention to that little voice in your head. You know about yourself better than anyone else. No one knows what’s best for you other than yourself. So, be careful not to choose the wrong person.

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