3 Ways To Get Your Ex After Breaking Up

Get yourself out there and open up to the possibility of new love. Yes, it’s hard to get over someone we loved so deeply, and no matter how many times we tell ourselves, our thoughts and feelings for our exes can stay fresh in our hearts for a very long time.

Meanwhile, you’re missing out on a lot of romantic opportunities passing by your every day. Maybe you don’t seem to care about new potential partners, or perhaps when you’re trying to get into a new relationship, everything seems meaningless to you. Because you’re still “secretly” in love with your ex. Thinking about the love that got away is paralyzing and painful for your mind and soul. Unless you your take care of it will be tough for you to connect with someone new emotionally and will diminish your chances to be in love again.

There is no simple and quick way for fixing an ache like this, but these three steps will help to gain hope and move forward.

1. Get back to reality. Let’s admit it – when we date someone new, we only look at our partner through a magic filter, which makes us only see their most attractive qualities. We tend to oversee some of the bad traits that can cause some real problems in the relationship over time. We only remember the romantic candlelight dinners, while totally forget all the awful and hurtful arguments. All these leads to the question, why happened to our relationship that we had to break up? The truth is, you broke up for a reason. You found things in your partner that you decided you can’t live at that moment, or your spouse felt the same way about you. If this wasn’t the case, you did still be a happy couple. Acknowledging this reality is a big step in the right direction.

2. Set yourself free. There is nothing more liberating than letting go of something that was never meant for you. One way to forget your ex is by writing his or her name on a piece of paper, and then burning it. It isn't an act to vilify that person but saying goodbye to the relationship which has caused you so much pain. Secondly, get rid of all the fond memories of your past relationship such as gifts, photos, and letters. This may look harsh, but such things will only remind your previous relationship. Besides, getting rid of these keepsakes will help you break the emotional bonds.

3. Reflect on the possibilities. They say, “When one door closes, another opens.” Well, this might not work in most cases, but for love, it just might. So what, you lost someone you loved dearly, but there maybe someone even better waiting for you. We understand your ex was a great person, but the new person might be even better.

Relationships and break ups go hand-in-hand. Forgetting someone you loved with your life isn’t easy. But, when you try to make it happen, the potential of finding someone new to love becomes inevitable.

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