3 Ways To Make A Good First Impression On A Date

Most men probably won’t admit it, but most men find first dates nerve-wracking and feel nervous about it. And there’s a good reason for it. We all know very about making a good first impression when facing a job interview. The first date can be compared to a job interview because you won’t get a second date if you don’t make a good impression on the first date. The stakes are higher because the woman you will meet for the first time can become someone you might spend the rest of your life with, right?

So, it’s time you do all you can to make a great impression when meeting your match for the first time. Here are three proven ways you can do that:

1. Talk To A Woman Like It’s A Date
Guys who think too much and act overly polite at the first date are highly like to enjoy the date than guys who don’t get it seriously. Relax people; you’re going on a date, not a job interview. Don’t make it boring for you and your date. After finishing the greetings part, tell funny stories, compliment your date about how they are looking, what they are wearing, etc. Feel free to have the normal conversation about your careers, interests, hobbies, personal views and opinions, and so on. If she’s wearing or did something funny, tease her gently about it, but don’t be disrespectful. Treat her as if she’s a friend instead of a potential employer. Try to impress her, instead of trying to woo her to like you, and see the amazing results instantly.

2. Stop Asking Those Dreadful “Attraction Killing” Questions To Her
The thought process of a woman is different from men. If a woman you’ve just met starts to think of you in a certain way, it’s highly likely she will continue thinking of you like that way all the time. So, it’s important that you avoid those stereotypical first date questions at all costs such as, “do you like me?” or “Are we both a good match?”, And so forth. Questions like these are infamous for being “attraction-killers.” Besides, asking these questions to your date make you appear desperate, clingy, and needy, all of which are deal-breakers when it comes to dating and relationships. Instead, ask questions that make your date think that you’re interesting, exciting, aware, and inquisitive.

3. Focus On The Right Body Language
When you meet a woman for the first time, pay utmost attention to your body language. It’s vital as it’s like speaking to a woman without uttering a single word. Always make eye contact when you’re talking to her. But, remember to blink. You don’t want to intimidate her on the first date. Sit in an upright position. If she leans a little backward from, don’t lean in forward. Rather, follow her, and draw yourself back too. Speak in low, slow voice tone, and don’t talk fast. While conversing with your date, look around the room and other people sometimes to diffuse the tension.

There you go, some great tips for you to make that all important first impression when meeting your date for the first time. If you follow these tips and use them on your first date, you can be assured that you will get a second date!

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